Better Than Aweber ~ Why I Quit AWeber For INinbox!

I seem to have found something better than AWeber!

I quit AWeber the other day for something more friendly for both beginners and starters in email marketing.

I think with this new option I found, everyone starting a blog can immediately start building a list even with zero investment. I know there are some options in the market that can get you going from a fresh start. MailChimp for example offers free service but you soon run into trouble if you start sending Affiliate Marketing mails.

INinbox is a perfect option for AWeber, MailChimp, Getresponse and a lot others. What seduces me with this Email Marketing software is the availability of features and its accessibility. You can start off today and build list of up to 2000 subscribers for free. You can send up to 20000 emails without worrying about any bills.

better than aweber

Quit AWeber for Ininbox, better than aweber!

AWeber is an excellent autoresponder but the price tag is what makes it unfriendly to many small business. $19/month for just 500 subscribers is not easily accessible especially given that many are starting off on very low budget. I will be looking at INinbox billing plans below but for a quick note, you pay just $3.95 a month for upto 5,000 contacts and send unlimited emails. Perfect for every growing business isn’t it?

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Why Ininbox?

In email marketing, the email service price is just a factor among many. While this is considered by many to be a strong factor, it is useless and stupid to pay cheap for a service that lacks the necessary ingredients. Let’s look at what makes Ininbox a result-driven solution perfect replacement for most Autoresponders out there -Ininbox features.

1 – Email Deliverability

This is one strong point. With a verified 99% delivery rate, INinbox stands to beat its competitors hands down. You have to ensure your subscribers get your messages by using a platform with proven success.

Having been sending out millions and millions of emails INinbox has built up a strong track record that ensures that the biggest ISP’s qualify the mails send through their platform as high quality emails, and therefore are not blocking them from reaching your subscribers inbox’s!

returnpath certified

INinbox is also Return Path Certified. If you are approved as Return Path Certified, the chances that your messages will be blocked as SPAM are dramatically reduced and your deliverability substantially increased.

2 – Free Email Templates

Another thing that makes the strength of INinbox is the availability of professional email templates. These templates have been designed by the best email template designers of the moment.

If you are designer, INinbox gives you the chance add your own templates to their pack. That’s a cool opportunity to gain more authority and establish yourself as a designer.

The INinbox email templates are downloadable for free. All you have to do is sign up for free.

quit aweber

3 – Split Testing

Split testing is an important element that helps you know what works and what doesn’t.

With INinbox, the split testing feature helps you optimize your campaigns more effectively.  It helps you compare the effectiveness of two or more versions of an email broadcast to find out which has better conversion.

INinbox will intelligently monitor which version shows the best results and automatically sends the broadcast to the it.

There are two elements of each campaign that can  be tested:

  1. Open rate: This helps you to know which of the campaigns has more opens than the other.
  2. Click Through Rate: This test shows you which campaign generates more clicks.

Split testing with INinbox is a very easy exercise. Follow the wizard and split-test up to 5 different versions of your campaign.

split testing campaigns

4 – Broadcast & Autoresponder

The INinbox Broadcast Wizard is excellent and simple. You have the possibility to choose from the great email templates that are tested for the best deliverability possible or simply create your own template with the simple-to-use rich text editor – choose your colors, fonts and images, etc. also available is the possibility to personalize your email by choosing from a wide range of pre-set tags like name, date, day, signup date etc.

How to create HTML Autoresponder Video

With the autoresponder facility, you can fully automate your email marketing campaigns by creating automated mailings. Schedule as many autoresponder emails as you want for each of your lists and make your automated campaigns.

5 – Email Tracking Analytics

This is an important feature that helps you look deeper into your campaigns. Collecting subscriber activity such as opens, views, clicks, bounces, and forwards helps you keep track of your stats so you can improve and optimize your email campaigns.

better than aweber

6 – Team Management

This is one excellent feature with INinbox. Your account can be managed by as many employees as possible with different access levels.

For instance, you may want one of your workers or partners to be able to create a new list, import some contacts and start making a new autoresponders without having access to other areas of the account like account details, previous broadcasts, current statistics. 

You can grant teams access to view and alter the following features:

  • Account settings
    • Edit profile
    • Change password
    • Email from files and email reply field
    • My signature
  • Overview
    • Add credits
    • Payments
    • Conversion tracking
  • Create broadcasts
    • Import their own designs
    • Build or import their own templates
    • Run design and spam tests
    • Sent campaigns
  • Manage lists
  • See reports

7 – List Segmentation

List segmentation makes it possible to send a mail to specific subscribers that meet certain conditions. This is one feature that makes email marketing very exciting.

With INinbox, you may want to re -mail a portion of your list that is made up of subscribers who did not open a certain campaign. It also gives you the possibility to mail subscribers who joined your list from a certain country, specific dates, etc.

The options to create different segments are in their numbers, making it a perfect email marketing tool.

8 – Integration

ininbox partners

There are different ways you can collect contacts from visitors and customers. With the facility to integrate with a huge number of platforms, INinbox makes it possible to expand your business breaking any barriers that may arise from collecting leads and contacting them at the right time.

You can easily integrate your Eventbrite Events into your emails, add surveys to your emails with SurveyMonkey, integrate perfectly with Magento e-commerce solution and a host of other popular platforms.

How much?

Email marketing doesn’t have to cost your let. Don’t pay $1000’s per month if you can do it for a fraction with INinbox.

autoresponder price

Don’t want to nail yourself to a billing plan? Well, INinbox still gets you covered with the pay-as-you-go feature where you pay per mail. This shocking truth here is this is the cheapest I have even seen – $0.0008 per recipient. That means if you have 5000 contacts, it takes you just $4 to reach them. That’s hell cheap isn’t it?

 Give INinbox a try today!

There is much more in INinbox than I can write in a single post. Give it a try. No credit cards, no  commitment.

Sign up today for a free account and send up to 20000 mails. Export your list from elsewhere and import with ease. Get the excellent support of support staff.

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