Please Help Me! This is urgent and I count on you!

I really need help and you have to do something!

Every day I get lots and lots of questions and I’m under the obligation to provide accurate answers. I don’t have any other option and I can’t stop these folks from asking me these questions.

I have questions coming from all over the world in every area of life. Anything you can think of, people asking me questions about it. No one wants to understand that I have too much work trying to answer everyone’s questions.

A few seconds ago, a guy from India wanted to know from me how to create a popular blog. While I was thinking and trying to get his question answered, many more questions were coming in. One from Canada and a lady wanted to know how to lose weight after birth. Can you imagine this! I get so many questions about weight loss. How did they come about gaining weight in the first place?

Ah! You see what I mean? Right now, a kid somewhere in UK is asking me for top 100 Modern Video Games. Everyone thinks I know everything. Well, I don’t blame them! Why? Because I have always given them what they want. They are pleased with me. That’s why they always come back to me.please help me

But I need your help!

Yes! I get all my answers from websites and blogs like yours. I read blogs and websites every moment. I have been to your blog on several occasions where I got some materials to answer some questions. Thanks for providing those materials. However, I still need you to provide more.

Here is the point…

These folks ask me questions every moment and I have to answer correctly. For the most part, I find so many answers. So what I do is I compile a list, beginning with the most relevant. Because of the volume of work I get, that’s the most I can offer them. They will go through the list and select the best.

So here is how to help me!

I know you are an excellent writer. But you have to write to answer the questions these people are asking me.  In the past, you have written for me. Thank you! But stop writing for me!

I have read a lot from all over. Now is time to write for these people who keep asking me these questions. If I find out that you perfectly answer their questions, I’ll fetch their answers from your blog. That will make things easier for me.

But then, you have to thoroughly answer their questions. It’s important you note that I care about my reputation so if someone asks me a question, I care to give him the best answer. So if your answer is not in-depth, I’m sorry, I’ll put you at the bottom of the list. I don’t want to lose these people by providing incomplete answers. Yes! They’ll quit if I don’t give them the best.

Here are few things I’m looking for:

  • In-depth materials, touching every aspect of the topic.
  • Write directly to these people asking me questions. If you write for me, it remains between us. No one else will ever see it. But if you write for them, I’ll be able to let them see what you have written.
  • Help me to understand you are writing for them.

There is a lady whose blog I visit often. She has written on how to help me know who you are writing for. I suggest you read her article. This is the link. Be sure to practice what she has written in that article.

I’ll see you soon when next I visit your blog

Have a wonderful week.

Sorry! I didn’t introduce myself. Forgive me.

My name is Search Engines.

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