SEO Marketing Services for Cosmetic Surgeons (5 tips to boost SEO)

If you are a plastic surgeon then you might probably understand that it is quite difficult to attract new clients.

Most probably the best advertising of your service you have is through word of mouth from clients whom you had successfully performed procedures with. But many potential patients or clients would prefer self-refer.

When things like that happen and with the progress technology nowadays, the prospective patients will usually use the internet to search for plastic surgeons near them or the best plastic surgeons – or whatever their search would be like.

To ensure that you will appear in the top search results, you will need a good SEO. Start by taking a look at this SEO for newbie strategies.

SEO ensures that your website will appear in the top searches and will have increased traffic; this is discussed thoroughly in this Wikipedia article. To ensure a good SEO you will need to satisfy the necessary elements.

1 – Choose Your Keywords

Make a list of keywords that best describe the services you have to offer, such as, “tummy tuck”, “facelift”, and others. Think about what your keywords would be, phrases or words prospective clients would use to search for plastic surgeons with the services you offer.

Begin building your keywords by listing down your services and use a keyword planner to make a volume search for the keywords you listed down. Make sure your keywords are targeted and specific.

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  • Buyer Intent Keywords

For effective use of SEO, use keywords that are specific and relates to a buyer’s intent, like for example, “breast augmentation in Florida”, “breast implants in Florida”, and others. These should narrow down people who already have the intention to have these kinds of procedures and are already trying to find someone who can perform them. These are those who are already in the end of their journey in sales – they are ready to become your clients or your patients.

When you already have completed the list make sure that your intent-related list is prominently featured in your website – in your landing pages, headers, and homepage.

  • Prospects in the Middle of Their Sales Journey

There are also those prospective clients that are still undecided and in the middle of their journey. This is when they are still looking for possibilities and information. Keywords such as, “importance of breast implants”, “benefits of a tummy tuck”, “recover after a facelift”, and others.

Think of all the possible inquiries a client would have when she is still in between deciding and finally having the procedures done.  Always make sure though that in every landing page, a good content is readily present because not only keywords are important in SEOs but also quality content of the website.


2 – Enhance Your Listings

Use the targeted and specific keywords in all your platforms or all your internet presence. If you have Twitter or Facebook, for example, make sure that the keywords you listed are mentioned there – in the description, in headers, in posts, and even on comments.

3 – Links and Citations

Links: Rankings always depend on the backlinks from trusted and known websites. Building a relationship online and offline is important. The more authoritative website links you will have in your website the more trustworthy you website will be.


Citations: Citations are online directories where your business name, address, and phone (NAP) are listed. Make sure that your NAP is the same and identical in all listings.


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4 – Get Reviews

You ask patients to leave comments and feedback after you have done them the procedure they needed.  They can mention your care and how professional your staff is or even discuss their experiences and the results, if they would like to.

These reviews will inspire or encourage potential patients to try or avail your services. It will also make Google know that you are legit.

5 – Track Results

Find out if your SEO is working effectively for you and getting you the desired results, and identify areas of improvement. To be able to know this, you have to track your results.

Rankings: You can use a freeware to do this or a paid tool if you want to dig deep into your data.

Traffic: You can use Google search for this and look out for trends.

Conversions: How many of the searches resulted to actual clients? Keep track of these and incorporate changes or revisit and improve your keywords as necessary.

Take a leap ahead in this “online completion” by coming up with the cosmetic surgeon SEO services that is best for your kind of services. It will take a few months to see actual effects of these SEOs, but once traffic starts to come in, there is no stopping.

Eventually, you will have the results you expect and more new clients will find you and that would eventually result to increased sales.

I hope this has been a helpful article. Let me know what you think in the comment box