Yaro Starak Live on SkyNews TV – Making money from your blog!

Yaro Starak is a great blogger and founder of Entrepreneur-Journey. He’s also a blogging coach and author of great products including blog traffic for beginners.

Early this morning, I received a mail from Yaro about him being interviewed on SkyNews TV by Heidi Armstrong. The 11 minutes, 58 seconds video is quite interesting and Yaro (being so relaxed) came up with quite impressive answers to the blogging questions asked by Heidi – focused on Making Money From Your Blog!

In this video, Yaro touched some points on starting a blog, making money blogging, content creation, social media, etc. I encourage you check out this interview as Yaro underlines the 2 main things he uses to make money online.

Yaro Starak Live on SkyNews TV!

Checkout the transcript of this video here on Yaro’s blog.

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