5 Monetization Options for Blog Owners!

Are you looking for ways to monetize your blog? A blog is the perfect platform for people who want to add to their income or even make a living online. If you own a busy blog and you’re not making money, it’s time to read on and find out how you can monetize your blog using any of these 5 website monetization options.

1 – Product Reviews

Most blogs focus on a particular topic or niche. A wide range of products are available to satisfy the needs of people who are interested in each topic or niche. As a blog owner, you have a unique opportunity to write product reviews and recommend certain products to people who read your blog.

Many of the businesses that supply a product are willing to pay a commission every time you make a product recommendation and it results in a sale. This is what we call Affiliate Marketing

2 – Premium Content and Membership Sites

When you monetize your blog, you have the potential to create an extremely valuable asset. Blogging on a regular basis gives your audience a feel for what you have to offer and how you interact with your shoppers and potential customers. Some blog owners are happy to give away some of their content for free, but charge for more valuable content.

This is usually done by creating a membership area on a blog where you have to pay to become a member so that you can access premium content. This can be an excellent way to generate a steady, recurring income, especially if your members have to pay a membership fee every month, every quarter or every year.

3 – Rent Advertising Space

Advertisers are always on the lookout for busy places to promote their products and services. If a lot of people visit your blog, this is certain to grab the attention of these advertisers. Many businesses are willing to pay you a weekly, monthly or yearly fee to rent advertising space on your blog. The busier your blog becomes, the more you can charge for this advertising space.

4 – Sell Your Own Products and Services

A lot of blog owners don’t like to depend on other businesses to make money from their blogs. Instead, they prefer to create their own products. Once they have created a high quality product or products, they can then use their blog to promote their products in an effective way.

This approach works well when you are promoting your services too. For instance, if you’re a freelance writer you can add writing samples to your blog and publish tips and news that also promote your writing services.

5 – Email Marketing

Your blog is the perfect place to introduce yourself to people who are interested in the topics you blog about. However, you can go one step further and build a relationship with your visitors through email marketing.

You simply need to add an opt-in box and start collecting the contact details of your blog visitors. Once a blog visitor subscribes to your email list, you can inform them about your latest offers, recommend other people’s products for a commission and much more.

As you can see, your blog could become an extremely valuable asset. The monetization methods mentioned above are not difficult to implement and could turn your blog into a money making machine.

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  1. awesome content monetization strategies!

    Selling ads and sponsored posts are best way to monetize blogs but i m now working on getting traffic .

    Because traffic=money

  2. Nice list bro,
    making money online is real if you practice it well. Its not that easy – its soft work.

    I makes money rendering services , which I got deals from forums and social media.

    Other ways are renting ad space and PPC networks. Though, its not on your list, it helps me a lot!

    After tweaking my blog, I do make tens of dollar with few thousands of PV (not visitors I mean)

    Thanks for this bro

  3. Thanks Enstine for sharing.

    At the moment I’m only using the last method of selling my product and services. But soon, I will start integrating all other methods you mentioned. However, I have one challenge about Affiliate Marketing, and that’s : most Affiliat Network don’t accept people from my country. What do you suggest I do?

  4. Hi Enstine Sir,

    Yes of course, Every one have only one purpose of making blog and that is income. Every one want to earn awesome money from their blog.

    All these 5 option are good but for me, Google adsense is best because I am earning awesome money from Google adsense.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great tips for us.

    Areesha Noor!

  5. Hi Enstine,
    Great article you have written, thanks for the great info.
    I have a movies blog. Please tell me how can I monetize my blog?

  6. If we Use other monetization then there is problem for my Google Adsense account?
    thankyou so much
    This is rAVi Prakash Singh

    The product review is one of the best options here. Affiliate marketing is always good to monetize your blog.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Hi Enstine!! Great info to monetize the blog thanks for sharing,Here all information’s are very useful to everyone. Thanks for all these information:):):)

  8. Thanks for the useful article.

    The given points are the best monetization options ever. It was the best method to earn money.

    I think “E-mail marketing” is the best one.

    By utilizing these five points, one can become the best blogger. Even a beginner can make use of it.

    It was an excellent article I got more ideas from your article.

    Thanks for sharing keep doing it.

  9. Thank you for the monetizing options you have shared. Selling affiliate products is the best because the pay check is very high and the feeling is so great. Premium content should be what i will try next. Thanks for the post

  10. Hi enstine,

    Choosing the monetization methods is as tough as generating high quality traffic to your blog.Here in this blog post,you have covered five great monetization tips for a blog to earn money.My choice is “Product reviews” and “Advertisement space”..For high search volume blogs i use google adsense as my main source and for product oriented blogs i choose product reviews.

  11. Hi Enstine,

    I marvel at how succinctly you’ve been able to give an entire course on making money with your blog.

    I understand it’s only in outline form, but way too many bloggers never have an outline this to work from.

    They just shoot in the dark and take way too much time to finally realize what you’ve taught us all here.

    Excellent, my friend!

    You certainly are a leader in this realm.


  12. Hi Enstine,

    I like the five monetization options you listed above, they are the real method to earn money from a blog.

    I prefer product reviews and renting advertise space.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Enstine,
    Great article you have written, thanks for the great info.
    I have a movies blog. Please tell me how can I monetize my blog?

  14. Hi Enstine,
    Great share,
    First off all let me say that I really like the new design of your blog. It is really eye soothing and elegant.
    Now coming back to the post, You have covered the basics of monetization for blog owners to make money from blogging.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hey Enstine, I just read another post on how having your own products is helpful for bloggers. I’m happy to see this again right away on this post too. Affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize, but consider this – you can get 100% of the revenue from your own product, but only 5 or 10% as an affiliate selling products for a third-party.

    I also like that you mention other ways such as premium memberships, email marketing, etc. Bloggers should consider everything they can do in terms of digital marketing, and I hope to be able to learn more about this in your future posts.

  16. Email marketing is definitely a great way to generate an income, however, the fastest way to generate an income with email marketing would need to use something we called, use money to make money.

  17. Hi Enstine,

    All are REALLY smart methods. Love the list building add too. I grow my income steadily by just collecting emails; people may read social updates but you betcha they are reading every single email they receive, until they become super famous 😉 But really, grow that list, share value, build connections and keep opening income streams.

    I just released my 2nd blogging course today after waiting around for way too long. That makes 126 eBooks, 20 audio books, 2 blogging courses, a few affiliate streams, my freelance writing services, blog coaching services and a few other streams I’m always opening up to. Open ’em!

    Great post bro. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  18. Hi Enstine!

    Great Post. this is the post everyone should read who have blog and want to earn money fot that,A perfect guide from a perfect blogger. i really love reading your post, keep up the good work

    Thanks for sharing

  19. Hi Enstine,

    You listed several content monetization strategies!

    Selling ads and Email marketing are what works best for my main blog.

    Thanks for the share!

  20. Hi Enstine,

    Seems like you have revamped this blog with an amazing design and also looks like you have shared lot of amazing posts. Well I have visited this blog after a long time and seems like I missed so much.

    Now about monetization options I guess adsense has been a great and first option for me I guess. But you have shared really great points here.


  21. Hi ensitine,

    It is another great post indeed.Yes affiliate marketing is a easy way to earn money instead of put adds on website.If you have a more visitor website then you earn money through rent space for advertiser and by the sell your own product and Email Marketing are best way to monetizations your blog.
    thanks to sharing to experience with us.
    Maqbool Azam

  22. Hi Enstine,

    I’m still loving what you did with your website! Bravo, my friend! These are some awesome ways to monetize your blog. I think too many people think it’s easy to throw some ads up or links, and make money. It takes time and a lot of effort. Products are about one of the biggest and affiliate marketing for me.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


    • Hi Bren,
      So good to see you here and thanks for your contribution 😉
      I’m actually loving the new look and receiving exciting feedback 😉

      Ads are great especially if one has good targeted traffic. That’s what we seek to increase.

      Yes I had a wonderful weekend and trust you too did.

      New week just started so let’s work towards making it a big success 😉

  23. Hi Enstine,

    Nice to be back here after a very long time off.

    Like I told you in one of our FB chats, I’m starting all over from scratch with my blog (cybernaira).

    Well, I think is a blessing in disguise. I have put the sad event behind and determine to see that blog a successful one.

    Back to your post, while most of the monetization methods mentioned are good to try, and with great potentials, it must be pointed out that without quality traffic that takes positive actions on your blog…every known monetization methods out there is a waste.

    I believe this must be taught along with monetization tactics, especially when we are giving advice to beginner’s online marketers.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you here man.

      It was really sad what happened to your blog. However, good to hear you’ve got it completely revamped.

      More success is ahead so let’s keep working hard.

      Thanks also for sharing your expertise with us.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead

  24. Hello Enstine Muki,

    After a long time coming here and reading your post bro!

    No doubt, Post is awesome but I love the 2:
    1. Product Reviews
    2. Email Marketing
    These two are working and best for me!

    Hope you’re doing well buddy 😉

    See you soon on next topic for sure <3

    Bye for now!

    • Hey Abdul,
      Thanks for coming back and adding to the post.
      Oh yeah these 2 you have mentioned also work well for me. Combining reviews and email marketing works powerfully well.

      Hope to see you here again bro.

  25. Hello Enstine,

    I’ve tried out the product review and advertising space option and they have been more than helpful to me.

    Like Karan mentioned above, you didn’t mention CPC and CPM based network – I use that too, for my multi-niche blog.

    Thanks for mentioning these tips Enstine but I am yet to go into Email Marketing because there are thing I haven’t understand about it yet.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hey Sami,
      Thanks for being part of this and sharing your experience.
      Just scale your traffic and you’ll certainly see more results.

      Adding Email Marketing to your blogging is an excellent move. Though it’s tricky, you won’t need a huge course to begin. Start with building your list and you’ll gradually get into it.

      Let me know if I can help more.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead

  26. Hey Enstine,

    I wonder why you haven’t mentioned CPC and CPM based networks, those are really good. For CPC, high search volume, high CPC and less competition works the best and for CPM you need a massive traffic.

    I agree with Ravi Chahar’s comment, bloggers are after making money, that’s good though since everybody needs to earn their bread and butter but running after money making without knowing the basics and following other people is foolish, like I came across some wanna be bloggers and the reason they gave me for starting a blog was “They heard of Google adsense somewhere”. People think it is easy to earn online, yes it is but only if you know about the industry and it’s rules.

    Nice of you to share these straight ways to make money online.


    • Hey Karan,
      CPC/CPM of course is another way for high traffic blogs to make money. Well, I had to publish this based on my experience. However, thanks for bringing this and adding to this post.

      Many people who start blogging for the money aspect often end up abandoning. It’s not a bad motive though but the way they go about it is where the problem lies.

      Well, thanks for adding this value to the post and getting involved in the conversation.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead bro

  27. Hey Enstine,

    Nowadays bloggers are after money making and they jump into blog monetization. They should know the proper ways to make the cash.

    The product review is one of the best options here. Affiliate marketing is always good to monetize your blog.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hi Ravi,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for adding to this conversation.

      Yes those 2 models are working great for me and with more traffic, you can really make more money.

      I hope you are doing well this week

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