Quick $4,000 in Cryptocurrency and I want to teach you the exact steps!

It’s crazy how people make real money in Cryptocurrency. It’s even mind blowing how we can make more. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to make money in Crytocurrency. Well, this is from my experience and I want to show you the exact steps.

I have made and lost money. But I have made more gains than any losses ever. Since my entry into the industry in 2015, I have been scammed a couple of times. I have invested in the wrong coins. On the other hand, I have also been blessed with some really profitable currencies.

My most recent deal got me $4,000 after $0,00 investment. The $4k is what I have converted into local currency and spent. As a matter of fact, $10,303 is what I still see hanging in my account. This is value of 562 mined coins (excluding 3,323 pieces to be mined)

This represents quite huge given a coin value currently at €14,9 (And this value will NEVER drop as the FMC algorithm only forces it upward).

As a matter of fact, I won’t give you details now how this Cryptocurrency made me $4k in less than 1 year and I still have tons of them in my account.

No it’s NOT affiliate. It’s NOT network commissions. It’s NOT day trading. It’s something I will reveal to you later.

My Upcoming Cryptocurrency Training Video Course

This is something I have been seriously thinking about. After announcing my recent achievement in Cryptocurrency, I have had quite some attention from the community worldwide.

FYI, I’m Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and I want to use this to your advantage as well. I do not intend to train and create full time traders or crypto experts though.

I’m looking for people who are busy. People who are doing their things but want to be able to invest a little and make big gains. Yes that’s what you get with cryptocurrency if well guided.

I will not teach you how to day-trade. If you just want to know which coin is very profitable and how to invest in it, you are my target.

Some of the things you will learn:

  1. Know more about Bitcoin
  2. Know more about Cryptocurrency
  3. Understanding Blockchain and how it disrupts societies.
  4. Blockchain technology and blockchain.info
  5. The different types of coins and which is more profitable
  6. What are the different ways to make  money in the industry
  7. Cryptocurrecny social media platforms to join
  8. How Exchanges work and how to buy coins
  9. Everything about CoinMarketCap
  10. CoinMarketCap Vs ForcedMarketCap
  11. Cryptocurrency Wallets (Hot and Cold)
  12. How to protect your coins (Why exchanges are not the ideal location to store coins)
  13. Initial Coin Offerings and how to get in
  14. How to quickly identify a very profitable coin
  15. Some highly recommended coins, how and why you should buy them.
  16. How to easily spot a scam coin
  17. How to buy cryptocurrency with your Credit Card
  18. How to convert cryptocurrency to fiat (USD, EURO,ETC)
  19. Some common crypto terms (FUD, FOMO, HODLE,ETC)
  20. Cryptocurrency and Affiliate Marketing.
  21. Etc

At the end of the video course, you should know all these points, basically. You should be able to buy your coins, store and resell them easily and make profit.


You don’t need to be an expert to succeed  in cryptocurrency. You just need someone to show you how to connect the dots.

This course should not exceed 2.5 hours but should hand over to you authentic materials to work with. This will be very practical, step-by-step, do this, do that, then go here kind of thing.

Course with One-on-One option

I will be having 2 packages. The first package is what I have explained above. The second package will be package one plus direct contact with me. You will get one-on-one coaching from me. Trust me the experience will be awesome and profitable.

How much?

I will be doing proper evaluation by the end of the course creation. But I’m foreseeing $47 for option A and $97 for option B with no monthly re-bills. Students will be allowed to take the course at their pace.

There will be a series of multiple choice questions at the end just to help your understanding.

Pre-selling the course

This is something I will do. I will open up to 20 students. They will get the following:

  • Buy the course cheaper. $27 down from $97
  • They will be granted priority access to platform
  • They will be given +10% on affiliate sales

If you are interested in being a pre-sale student, please contact me down and secure your spot. All payment will be made to paypal.

NB: There will be 100% refunds should the course fail to go live.


Definitely, I will be looking for a video course sales platform that allows me to recruit affiliates (or easily integrate an affiliate system). I will be paying 25 to 35% to affiliates. As mentioned above, pre-sale students who promote the course will get +10%.

That’s it!

Let me know in the comment box below what you think about the cryptocurrency training course. Are you excited about learning from me? What about jumping on the pre-sales list?


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