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How to create a blog that makes money ~ The ultimate guide!

how to create a blog that makes money

Anybody (including you) can create a blog that makes money. Any blog that’s read by human beings can make money. It all revolves round the monetizing strategies in place and a money making blog can generate between $0 and $500 000+ a month. That’s right!

One of the ways to financial freedom and being your own boss is to create a money making blog which will literally open up many channels to make money online. Continue reading


Pogo Sticking is killing your SEO! Here’s how to fix it!

When it comes to SEO, there are only two things;

  1. Get to Search result page #1 and position #1
  2. Be there for as long as possible.

If you are doing any SEO and these two are not your top priorities, then you have to sit down, grab a cup of coffee and think!

NB: Take a look at this post on SEO for newbies

Now, if you are on Google page #1, position #1 for your hunted keyword, don’t celebrate yet. You still have work my dear friend. Pogo-Sticking may be your next enemy to deal with.

The battle for position #1 on page #1 is fierce – keyword research, competition analysis, creating great content, backlinks, etc. Continue reading


How to Get Rid of 404s on Your Site with 301 Redirection

404 lost

Let’s start by setting the scene right: You are in a bit of a time-pinch to find the information you desperately need at the moment.

You could be in a foreign city and you are lost. It’s raining heavily, and you’ve lost an umbrella. You Google your hostel, and it pops right on top of the Search Engine Results. You click on it, and then…

…you end up on a 404 error page.

Can you feel the frustration of this imaginary situation? Even though the situation around it isn’t so dire, whenever someone lands on a 404 page, the feeling is the same. Continue reading


3 ways to stop spammers from messing up your WP Contact forms

stop bots from wp contact form

These is nothing as annoying as having your email inbox filled up with unnecessary form submissions from your own website.

But we know at the same time that we need those contact forms to connect us with our visitors. My contact page is one of my most visited pages by both human and bot visitors.

While I login to my business email everyday expecting a new business message from my blog, unlike before, I expect less of spam messages. This is because I have taken steps to say stop the bots that try to submit my contact form. Continue reading


More than 30 best design and photography WordPress Themes for 2020

best design and photography WordPress Themes

Have you ever wondered what the most important features of a modern website are? You may have many options and we want to offer you ours. Of course, the first thing that everybody notices at once is the design. That is why, TemplateMonster.com is working hard on the products to satisfy every client. All the efforts are made to create an eye-candy website and attract more visitors.

As a separate section we are going to present a showcase of the best 30 design and photography themes. This one is special for us, because we put our heart and soul to the templates. We understand that these kind of sites require creative approach and here it is. Continue reading


Old time Bloggers & their blogs to follow and learn blogging!

20 top bloggers

Here are some old time bloggers I recommend you follow this year. I have followed some of them since 2012 and constantly, they deliver value. I have also featured some of these on my blog here before so I can tell you from my practical experience that dealing with them individually is worth every bit of your time.

Now, why do you have to care about who is featured here on the list of old time bloggers?

It’s important to to know and interact with people. I have said a couple of times that you can’t succeed as an Island. Show me any successful blogger and I’ll show you one that has a huge community of active members. Continue reading