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3 unavoidable Affiliate Marketing Pillars to make $10,000 and more.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways bloggers make money blogging. It’s simply about recommending products, generating sales and earning commissions.

While thousands of bloggers are making 1000s of US Dollars monthly, Affiliate Marketing isn’t easy at all.

If you are new in the industry or you just want to scale your Affiliate Marketing income, you may want to download a copy of my ebook “Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

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Whether you are an expert, intermediary or a beginner, you need to know and work on these pillars to increase your affiliate marketing earnings to $10,000 and more.


Top 6 Freelance Writers for your Writing Jobs! {They can teach you to write too}

In this information age, Freelance Writing has rapidly grown to being a very lucrative business on the Internet. Content Marketing is topping the list of promotion strategies in different industries. Over time, Inbound Marketing has shown proof of positive results, inducing a growing demand for proficient freelance writers.

You may not be a good writer to produce epic content to promote your business. That’s absolutely not an issue. Gone are the days when folks spent thousands of dollars on sales copies or blog post copies. Whether you are in the ant niche or drone production business, no matter how rare and hidden your niche is, there are freelance writers ready to produce for you the quality content you need to boost your business online.


How to Pin to Profit: Featuring McKinzie Bean

It’s new year and I’m excited to be here again to feature another problogger, someone with something for you. Someone with some solid material to help you pin to profit.

This is our first featured blogger post of the year and trust me, I have a long list of awesome persons. The reason I’m doing this is to give you the opportunity to connect with yet another savvy blogger.

Don’t just read or skim this article. Treat is as a business piece. Read carefully, contact the blogger featured and engage.

In the past, we’v had Lily UgbajaTanyi Melvis, Amber Temerity and many others

If you want to be featured, find details here. Find me on Pinterest here

As the awesomeness continues, today, I have a huge dose of excitement to bring McKinzie to the scene.


How much does it cost to start a money making blog?

That’s one of the questions I get so often.

Some folks think it’s going to cost their leg. I don’t know who is deceiving them. But the simple truth is, with less than $100, you can start a powerfully prosperous blog.

Note however that growing the blog up and maintaining it (through content production and distribution) are different phases and I won’t be talking about that in this post.

But what does it cost to start?

I’m going to walk you through. And I promise it’s going to be very simple. However, before we get into those steps, you may want to checkout this ultimate guide on creating a blog that makes money

What you are going to need to start your money blog

  1. A blogging topic
  2. A domain name
  3. A web hosting


How to Improve Your Content Readability For Higher SEO Results

How You Can Write Awesome Readable Content Your Readers and Search Engines Will Love!

It really surprises me on the number of content and article writers out there that have never heard the word “readability”. Wait a minute…actually, I am not surprised by this at all!

As for myself, I really didn’t start to take notice of this until my all time favorite WordPress plugin Yoast Seo integrated readability as a core function.

I didn’t pay much attention to my Yoast readability scores for a good long while. But after some time, I really just got tired of those ominous glaring red dots staring at me!


How to Make Money Blogging in Your First Month: Featuring Lily Ugbaja


I’m really excited today. Why?

Well simple. I’m reviving my weekly show – featuring bloggers on this blog. And this time, I will be very much inclined to Pinterest bloggers.

So if you are on Pinterest with 100k monthly viewers, you are half-way in. I reserve the right to break this rule though.

Basically, I will be featuring bloggers in my industry:  Blogging tips, SEO, Make money stuffs, WordPress tips and related topics.

I will also feature food bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, etc. Porn and related topics please I will not deal with such. To know more about being featured, click here.