Making Money Online In Japan

Japan is a fantastic country for making money online due to its high internet penetration. It has an affluent population with a large proportion of online shoppers. Japanese people are also among the most digitally savvy on Earth, meaning promoting products and services to them through the web is easy.

And because Japan is so densely populated, you’ll always have plenty of potential customers around, too.

Profitable Money-Making Schemes in Japan

Everyone has a skill. That’s something you should never forget. What can you do that will help you make money online in Japan?

Create an Online Store or Website

Person doing online shopping

Creating an online store to sell your niche products is a straightforward way to make money in Japan. Many Japanese people are starting businesses online to sell their handmade crafts or unique homemade food items. If you have any passion for creating something, it doesn’t matter what it is; there will always be people who will buy it from you.

If you are a photographer or artist, you can develop online shops to sell your pieces. Start small and ensure that you are passionate about what you’re doing. That way, it will be relatively inexpensive to start, and you’ll never run out of ideas for content.

If you already have experience developing websites, use that skill to make some money online. In Japan, many people use their hobbies as subject matter for their websites. For example, the Japanese use their knowledge of manga and anime to create sites where they talk about the latest trends in those areas.

Write Articles

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One of the easiest ways to earn income online in Japan is by writing interesting articles. You can write about anything relevant to the Japanese society and then offer it to websites or magazines for a fee. You can solicit offers from sites like Fiverr and Upwork to build a strong client base.

Promote Products Through Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you have a website with a solid readership base, you can use that in conjunction with affiliate marketing programs to earn a living. You can promote products and services as long as they are legal and within the standards of your website.

You can also begin marketing products on YouTube by creating original content for your channel. This way, you’ll earn a healthy commission when people consume your articles and videos and buy products and services from your affiliate links.

Make Money Translating Content

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Translating documents and audio is another excellent way to make money online in Japan. You could use this method to earn extra cash if you are a fluent bilingual. If you have the skills to translate something accurately, there will always be clients at your doorstep. Just like the article writing business, if you can apply yourself and write intelligently, you will find that people always need your services.

Create Videos

Man filming video on smartphone

Videos are everywhere on the internet now, and you might as well make some money from them. If you have a knack for creating video content, you will always have an audience. Suppose you have a blog. You can start creating videos that discuss things that relate to your site’s content.

Do you have a YouTube channel? How about creating videos and profiting from their views? As long as you have some creative skills, you can create videos to share on YouTube. Come up with a good idea, shoot your video with a suitable camera, and upload it onto the site. You’ll be earning from ads in no time.

Write Reviews

If you can write in a clear, concise, and informative way, you should be able to get paid to review products or services. Companies will pay you for reviewing their products. Search for brands that will give you free merchandise to review. Companies will be willing to pay you if you are honest with your opinions and can write an engaging article while you’re at it.


Japan is a wonderful place for making money online. With such an affluent population and a high internet usage rate, you can find more than enough customers for any skill you offer. It takes a lot of research and investment, but you’ll find it manageable if you are patient enough.