How to Created a Self-Hosted Blog With Less Than $60

How To Create a Self-Hosted Blog

Thousands of blogs are created every day but trust me, many of them see their end too soon. The reasons for their ‘quick death’ are as varied and as many as the reasons for their initial creation. By simply doing a quick Google search, you will find that most of these blogs are hosted on free platforms.

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What Are the Top 3 Ways You Make Money Blogging

What Are The Top Three Ways You Make Money Blogging

One of the reasons many bloggers blog is to make money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as this has grown into a full-time business for many. But making money blogging isn’t easy at all. There is a lot of work that’s involved. Sometimes, we go by the popular deception that once you’ve bought your domain name and hosting, you can start making the money.

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