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4 Reasons to Declutter Your Inbox with Unroll Me!

If you’ve ever checked your inbox and was bombarded by hundreds of emails at once, you’re not alone.

Most companies require you to sign up for regular emails that then clutter up your inbox, making it difficult and even impossible to find the messages that are most important.

Thankfully, a service known as is there to get rid of the clutter that you’re struggling to overcome. Unroll Me has been used for years by people who are tired of having to manually unsubscribe from bulk emails.


How Freelancers and Bloggers monetize their skills on job portals!

The Internet is opening more doors for bloggers and freelancers.

There are many more ways to make money online nowadays. I remember the ease during the early days of Affiliate Marketing. Things have become tougher today with growing competition.

Affiliate Marketing still remains an interesting way to generate income online. But it’s not as easy as it used to be. Driving targeted traffic from search engines now is no longer for the kids.

But that’s not really a problem because there are more money making channels.

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11 tips to build a popular blog in just 90 days or less!

One of the questions I get often is how to build a popular blog. I got a private message from one friend on Facebook 2 days ago who said “Enstine, your new blog is getting so popular. How do you do it?”

Many people all over wonder how others do things to work for them. If it works for me, it can work for you. That’s right!

Now, I often give two answers to this question on how to build a popular blog;

  • Work smart and work like an ant – Get it quick
  • Take your time and build it gradually

As expected, many bloggers want to build a popular blog so fast. That’s achievable but you have to be an ant 😉

There are two entities involved:


5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Blogging is a hugely popular thing to do, but the reasons why people start blogs (and why they continue to blog) are not always the same.

You can start a blog on pretty much any topic from keeping a diary about your activities or opinions on current affairs to specific pieces on films, fashion or travel.

Whether it’s merely for personal enjoyment, you’re hoping to get others to read and benefit from your articles, or you’re trying to promote a business, a blog can be the ideal project.

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Here are five great reasons to start a blog and how it could enhance your life or business.


P2P Bitcoin Marketplace vs Bitcoin Exchange

Although Bitcoin has been around for 10 years and has made major news headlines, there are still a lot of people that are unaware of what bitcoin is and how it works.

The blockchain cryptocurrency has seen an unprecedented rise in value and popularity over the last decade and continues to be one of the best options for investment and anonymous transactions. 

Bitcoins are not physical commodities; they exist only as code in a system. However, they cannot be manipulated or fabricated.

They are tracked through an online ledger that cannot be tampered with by individuals. As such, bitcoins are secure and anonymous, allowing people to trade goods and cash without the need of a bank.

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Best WhatsApp Plugin For WordPress – Experience another life with web chat

Recently, one of my clients wanted his WordPress WooCommerce shop visitors to be able to reach out to him directly on his mobile phone via WhatsApp.

I thought that wasn’t going to be possible without displaying his WhatsApp number on the contact page. That way, his visitors would first have to copy and safe the number on their phone list. Then try to reach out.

But I was wrong!


Because I found out a couple of hours later there was a cool WhatsApp plugin for WordPress that allows seamless integration of the WhatsApp chat system into any WordPress powered website.