3 Steps To Make Extra Money from Your Blog This Month

Everyone with a blog can make money. Period! But if you’ve got a blog that has 100+ daily readers and you still aren’t making money, you have deliberately decided not to earn from blogging.

Your blog is a marketplace where you are the only one with the mandate to sell. Everyone else is a buyer, and you have the right to share in any income that’s generated from that blog of yours.

There are many ways bloggers make money on and off their blogs. As a matter of fact, I wrote a post on 15 ways bloggers make money. You may want to check that out to help turn your blogging into a real income-generating activity.

In this article, I’m going to show the exact three steps you need to take to make extra money from your blog this month. This is principally about Affiliate Marketing, but we are taking it to a level that will literally challenge traditional methods.

And I want you to be practical about it. Do these three things, and I’ll shoot myself in the leg if you don’t make money.

However, there are only four reasons these three steps won’t work for you:

  1. You don’t have a blog
  2. You have a blog that’s only read by you, your grandma, and other family members
  3. You don’t follow the steps correctly
  4. You currently reside in outer space

But if you’ve got a blog that’s read by a certain minimum, let’s start with step number one.

1. Get something you’ve bought and used with satisfaction

Taking photo

Firstly, I know you don’t live in outer space. And secondly, you have bought something on the Internet before. Maybe a camera, a computer program, or household items. Just look around you.

You’ll find something you are currently using:

  • A digital camera
  • A kitchen knife
  • Or maybe combat knife
  • Blenders
  • The wristwatch you have
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Maybe you should step into your kid’s room
  • Or step out to your garden

Did you just buy something from Amazon? Did you just buy a theme or a plugin for your blog?

You see, there is a long list, and if you’ve been around and you didn’t travel to the thick equatorial forest of Africa, you are certainly going to find something that was bought maybe a couple of months ago.

And that thing has been useful to you. That’s a wonderful money-making opportunity. Again, you don’t have to go far away. Just move around your home and pick something.

2. Find out if that item has an affiliate program online

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

If what you’ve found was bought from Amazon, you should have no problem at this point. That platform has an excellent affiliate program to leverage. First, signup for the Amazon affiliate program.

You can also sign up for a few referral programs. Just make sure you trust and enjoy the brand since, usually, to become a referral, you need to be an active user of the brand first. Take a referral program of the passive income app Honeygain as an example. When signed up, you can earn continuous profits from each person you bring in as long as both of you are active users.

Then type the product name in the search bar. If found, congratulations, you’re a winner already. Log in to your Amazon affiliate program and search for your affiliate link for that product. If the product isn’t found on amazon and you are not sure where it was bought, try using Google by simply typing Product name + affiliate program.

At this point, if you are still unable to get an affiliate program for the item you’ve chosen, drop it and pick another item. Keep searching until you’ve found an item around you that has an affiliate program.

3. Tell your readers about the product

Laptop Working

This is where it becomes more interesting. Listen. You don’t have to be a professional here. Rather be yourself. That’s where you connect more with your readers.

  • Tell your story about what got you into buying that item. If you inherited it from grandma, tell your readers.
  • Depending on the product and its uses, clearly show your readers how it’s used to solve problems.
  • Show your readers the exact ways you are using the product. For better results, use videos to demonstrate your usage of the product.
  • Share the results you’ve had over time. I know some results can not be clearly measured. But if you can pick a product that can help readers see its results, that will be great.
  • Show your readers where and for how much you bought that item. This is where you use your affiliate link to earn the commissions.

Wrapping Up

Making money online is not rocket science. It’s just about helping people solve their problems and live better lives. If you can’t create the products they need, you should be able to direct them where to get those products. And the product producers are ready to pay you for the new customer.

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