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January 2020 Commenting Report: 150 readers made 201 comments!

January 2020 is over. That means we are beginning to feel the new year.

It’s really been a busy month for me. There has also been an increase in my natural traffic too. I will soon be publishing a report on the exact things I did to get those results.

150 readers took their time to drop 201 comments which is great. Many of these comment authors are new timers and I do highly appreciate the engagement.

One thing that happened was Neil Patel’s post mentioning CommentLuv plugin. As a result of the post, I had a little more engagement on this blog and on this post. You know I have Commentluv premium enabled, giving you dofollow links from the comment section of this blog.

Another thing that happened (my bad) was that I didn’t reply to all these comments. My apologies my friend. Some of you know my dear mom passed away on the 31 of December 2019. So January wasn’t easy, having to handle funerals and other stuffs. But I’m out of it already.

Thank you for the engagement

150 readers dropping 201 is reason to celebrate. I do say a big Thank You. Here below is the simple list of the comment authors. I used MyCommentAuthors, one of the free plugins I developed some few years back.

Make sure to drop a comment so the next list carries your name and a dofollow link.

Total Comments on this blog in January 2020
  1. Tom made 6 comments
  2. Nikola Roza made 5 comments
  3. Bintang F dropped 5 comments
  4. Ryan Biddulph dropped 5 comments
  5. Banknilami made 4 comments
  6. ndongmanji made 3 comments
  7. Amos Struck dropped 3 comments
  8. Anna C. made 3 comments
  9. swain made 2 comments
  10. Jessica Jones made 2 comments
  11. Sathish E made 2 comments
  12. Roswitha Herman dropped 2 comments
  13. Jo Boyne dropped 2 comments
  14. Jumma dropped 2 comments
  15. lakshit made 2 comments
  16. Malik Mubashir made 2 comments
  17. tumpatumpa dropped 2 comments
  18. vashishtha kapoor made 2 comments
  19. MOHD FAIZ made 2 comments
  20. Reddensoft made 2 comments
  21. tumpa dropped 2 comments
  22. cheryl manve dropped 2 comments
  23. Ravi Kumar dropped 2 comments
  24. emma made 2 comments
  25. rohan made 2 comments
  26. Annelise dropped 2 comments
  27. Mahmudul Rubel made 2 comments
  28. Bella D. dropped 2 comments
  29. magnus dropped 2 comments
  30. Amit Garg made 2 comments
  31. shaqib malik made 2 comments
  32. Aderemi Dare dropped 2 comments
  33. Darshan made 2 comments
  34. Sakthi Kumaran dropped 1 comment
  35. Bikram Barman made 1 comment
  36. Ryan K Biddulph dropped 1 comment
  37. Shamsudeen Adeshokan made 1 comment
  38. Shweta Goel dropped 1 comment
  39. Arumugam Rangasamy made 1 comment
  40. Gurdev Kumar made 1 comment
  41. Dan Decker dropped 1 comment
  42. Spark dropped 1 comment
  43. Rizwan Shan dropped 1 comment
  44. Arjun made 1 comment
  45. Naven Pillai made 1 comment
  46. osama made 1 comment
  47. Fakeye Olamide made 1 comment
  48. Alicia dropped 1 comment
  49. Jessica Randhawa dropped 1 comment
  50. Stephan Moerman made 1 comment
  51. Andy Marsh dropped 1 comment
  52. mikkel dropped 1 comment
  53. Amir made 1 comment
  54. aayan dropped 1 comment
  55. Rohit Yadav dropped 1 comment
  56. Gaurav Kumar made 1 comment
  57. Angel’s dropped 1 comment
  58. Anuj Kumar made 1 comment
  59. Santtu made 1 comment
  60. Michael Lonfeldt dropped 1 comment
  61. Sagar Chauhan dropped 1 comment
  62. John Schmitz made 1 comment
  63. Janice Wald made 1 comment
  64. Daniel made 1 comment
  65. Hope Mullinax dropped 1 comment
  66. Riya made 1 comment
  67. Donna Merrill dropped 1 comment
  68. harshal parmar dropped 1 comment
  69. deepanshu made 1 comment
  70. Priya dropped 1 comment
  71. Himanshu Mavani made 1 comment
  72. Uttam S. made 1 comment
  73. Emmanuel Uzoezie dropped 1 comment
  74. Funny Jokes made 1 comment
  75. Sumit dropped 1 comment
  76. makemelive made 1 comment
  77. Phillip Dews made 1 comment
  78. Chloe made 1 comment
  79. Moss Clement made 1 comment
  80. Muhammad Adnan made 1 comment
  81. akinduyo eniola dropped 1 comment
  82. Helen Clarke dropped 1 comment
  83. selim dropped 1 comment
  84. Trevor dropped 1 comment
  85. Samantha McKinney dropped 1 comment
  86. Mahaveer dropped 1 comment
  87. Ellie Warner made 1 comment
  88. Findanems dropped 1 comment
  89. Tracey-Jane Hughes dropped 1 comment
  90. Bhagesh made 1 comment
  91. MoneyMake dropped 1 comment
  92. BG dropped 1 comment
  93. Anahita Irani made 1 comment
  94. Adeleke made 1 comment
  95. mohamed amroug dropped 1 comment
  96. DawnJGranteson made 1 comment
  97. Lorraine Reguly made 1 comment
  98. Chayan Chakrabarti dropped 1 comment
  99. Amanda (Evolve Digital) dropped 1 comment
  100. Deepanker Verma dropped 1 comment
  101. Kiran made 1 comment
  102. Ludiah Onami dropped 1 comment
  103. Claire made 1 comment
  104. justin alison made 1 comment
  105. Mudassir made 1 comment
  106. Karam dropped 1 comment
  107. Manish made 1 comment
  108. Ravi dropped 1 comment
  109. AssureShift Kukatpally made 1 comment
  110. shadab dropped 1 comment
  111. ragasharma made 1 comment
  112. Mark Joseph Anonas made 1 comment
  113. Kharim Tomlinson made 1 comment
  114. Gale L. dropped 1 comment
  115. Dip made 1 comment
  116. Jason made 1 comment
  117. Siju George dropped 1 comment
  118. Aditya dropped 1 comment
  119. william johnson dropped 1 comment
  120. Raman Kumar made 1 comment
  121. AstroTalk dropped 1 comment
  122. sonam dropped 1 comment
  123. Philip Verghese Ariel made 1 comment
  124. Mekal John made 1 comment
  125. Joy Healey made 1 comment
  126. Amar Kumar made 1 comment
  127. William N. Brandt dropped 1 comment
  128. Nimesh made 1 comment
  129. Barbecue chicken dropped 1 comment
  130. Jasa Pembuatan Website dropped 1 comment
  131. Francis yinka made 1 comment
  132. Simon Sinigoj dropped 1 comment
  133. Aadarsh Roy dropped 1 comment
  134. Adeyemi Adetilewa made 1 comment
  135. Shamira Reddy made 1 comment
  136. Jack Shawn made 1 comment
  137. Oworock made 1 comment
  138. Vlad made 1 comment
  139. Folajomi, blogging tips made 1 comment
  140. Deven dropped 1 comment
  141. Sumit kapoor dropped 1 comment
  142. Jai Shaikh made 1 comment
  143. Limba Lobo made 1 comment
  144. Vikram John made 1 comment
  145. Kyonce made 1 comment
  146. Promax made 1 comment
  147. Taylor Coates made 1 comment
  148. Jay Duncan made 1 comment
  149. Shakil Shaharia made 1 comment
  150. Ahsan made 1 comment

150 comment authors with 201 comments in the month of January 2020

This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

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Ludiah Onami

Thanks for the mention. I love this plugin and I will check it out. Your blog is a great resource for me.
Again, you may not reply to all comments and I understand this. Continue sharing the good information.


It looks as if you really found the way to generate comments on your blog! Well done!

You are providing valuable tips for other people!


I’ve not been mentioned like this before. Thank you.
Hope you feel better now. I wish you all the best, Enstine.
I will keep coming back to your site and enjoy the upcoming posts.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Chloe,
    i’m doing good now and set for more awesomeness.
    On the next list, you will feature by way of this comment.

Perth WM

i have used your plugin and its really amazing thanks or creating it.. its very easy to use and handy plugin and also for free thanks man for creating the plugin for free and also an effective and result oriented plugin that actually works.

Vashishtha Kapoor

You’re awesome man. Thanks for creating such a great plugin. I used it 4 years back.
I will install it on some of my blogs again.

Nikola Roza

Hey, Enstine,
your comment lists are back! I always liked those as they seem like such a unique feature and such a unique plugin.
And a great idea too, thanking the folks who supported you with their commenting efforts.
Anyway I was the second most active last month, let’s see if i can beat that score in the month ahead

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for being that active bro.
    I hope to see you on top of the list this time again. This month is certainly going to see me more active on blogs including yours as well

Amos Struck

Hey Enstine,

Thanks for the mention in your post.

Sorry to hear about your mother. It’s always tough to lose someone so close.
Best of luck for the remainder of 2020 and I expect to see some fantastic posts on your blog this year.

Stay Blessed,

Amos Struck recently posted…100 + WordPress Statistics (The Complete Picture) โ€“ 2020My Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Thank you for your kind words Amos,
    We definitely are going to be more fantastic this year.
    Let’s keep in touch

Shivam Vaid

Hey Enstine,

First, Iโ€™m so sorry to hear the loss happened for you. God bless you!

This is so beautiful and encouraging gesture which is something new Iโ€™m finding in the community as of now.

I look forward to learn from you and contribute more thoughtful comments.

Thanks for adding me in the list.

    Enstine Muki

    Good to have you around Shivam and thanks for the beautiful comment.
    We certainly are going to have more good stuffs ahead so let’s keep giving

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Enstine, Thanks for the shout out bro. What a fun time chatting here. Keep the commenting train going all ๐Ÿ™‚


Jessica Jones


May her soul rest in peace. Let her wishes and blessings be with you forever. By the way, thanks for valuing our efforts in commenting on your blog.
Jessica Jones recently posted…WordPress Speed Optimization Hacks โ€“ Speed Up Your Site To Load Within A SecondMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for your kind words and for making it another appointment.
    You’ll certainly be on the next list ๐Ÿ˜‰


Iโ€™m so sorry to hear about your Mother. It is horrible to lose someone you care about.

I know she is in a better place, but that doesnโ€™t mean you still canโ€™t miss her.

Thanks for the mention here on the post.

I just noticed that your bio says you are a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. Would love to hear your latest opinions.

Have a great one!

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your kind words. Yes of course it’s consoling to know she’s resting though I do miss her a lot.

    Yes i’m into cryptos as well. If you have any questions, feel free to send mail ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hey Enstine,

First, I’m so sorry to hear the loss happened for you. God bless you!

This is so beautiful and encouraging gesture which is something new I’m finding in the community as of now.

I look forward to learn from you and contribute more thoughtful comments.

Thanks for adding me in the list.

Gale L.

I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother. It is horrible to lose someone you care about.

I know she is in a better place, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t miss her.

Thanks for the mention here on the post.

I just noticed that your bio says you are a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. Would love to hear your latest opinions.

Have a great one!

Philip Verghese Ariel

Hi Enstine,
What an amazing share?
Good to see my name in the list.
Happy tho Associate with you and your Amazing plugin since it’s inception. I am using it and creating a post like this one every first week รฒf the month.
I appreciate your efforts in making this possible.
~ Phil

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for being consistent with the plugin.
    I just updated to make it compatible with latest version of wp.

    Please check


Thanks for your swift response, I have installed the plugin on my blog and I hope it will increase my engagement too. I will love to learn more from you and also I’m open to collaborations too.

Lastly, I saw a post on making $100 per guest post on your blog, but the link is not clickable despite sharing it.

    Enstine Muki

    Apologies bro.
    I think the guy took down his blog and the link became broken. It’s an old post so I will get to him for update on the service

    Thanks again

Mark Joseph Anonas

Thank you. I will continue to follow your blog as I learn lots of tips about seo and making money online.

Best regards,
Mark Joseph Anonas
Mark Joseph Anonas recently posted…What is Wuhan CoronavirusMy Profile

Amar Kumar

Hey Enstine,

Your #MyCommentAuthors plugin sounds cool with amazing features. Doing valuable comment on blog post is also nice way to explore your opinion regarding subject and I love to explore.

Really sorry to hear that your mom passed away but you know you are doing well in blogging ecosystem. Eventually, thanks for sharing.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for your kind words Amar.We have to keep living ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did you get the plugin?

Ashish Sharma

Informative post about commenting thanks for the post. I also think that you will be featuring me on the next blog love from India.


I’m impressed with this. I will love to use same logic on my blog. Thanks for this.

I don’t know if there is simple way to gather the gravatar above and if there is a plug-in you are using to get the full information above. I really love it.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I use my plugin called MyCommentAuthors to create the list with a single click.
    It’s linked in the post


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