Integrating Paypal into Your E-Commerce Applications via ASP.NET

It is no longer news that Paypal is the largest and most secure Payment platform the world has today and so not having it as a payment option is directly keeping a larger portion of your visitors away.

When you have an e-commerce application, it is essential that you have a user-friendly mechanism for payment.

While e-commerce sites will typically use complete credit card processing gateways, when you offer PayPal as a payment option for customers it can be beneficial. For example, there are some who do not want to send their credit card info across the internet and this integration will eliminate the need for this.

If you have a website that utilizes direct credit card processing and you want to begin using PayPal, you will discover that using PayPal as your processing services is not as easy or straightforward as a typical payment gateway. As a result, an easier solution may be required.

Integrating Paypal into Your E-Commerce

When you utilize organized class library, you will find that it has never been easier to integrate your PayPal Systems with VB.Net and C#. The enhanced design time is complete with comprehensive controls and components, which makes this solution necessary for embedding the support in your e-commerce website in either your ASP.NET Web form or the ASP.NET MVC.

With this in place, you will be able to create encrypted payment buttons on the go. With a large number of methods you will be able to design a superior user experience quickly and efficiently all while reaping the rewards that are offered instantaneously.

Some of the challenges of integrating PayPal include:

  • The Buy Now button for PayPal has to be an HTML form that is placed on your web page. However, since ASP.NET already renders the HTML forms, you cannot nest another form inside.
  • There is not an ASP.NET oriented interface available for the PayPal website payments standard.
  • The concept of Payment Data Transfer and Payment Notification is extremely unclear to the majority of novice users.

And more ….

As a result, a new solution will be required. A new product has been developed, the Single DLL ASP.NET web Server control and ASP>NET MVC that is able to provide the necessary interface for PayPal integration on your e-commerce site.

The fact is that payment integration is a huge market and one that you need to research thoroughly in order to find the right solution. PayPal is the largest payment solution in the world and one that you need to offer in order to keep your clients satisfied. However, if you are using ASP.NET, you may find this more than challenging.

Finding and using the right tools will simplify the process and make using PayPal with your website easier than ever before. This will also mean happier customers and of course, an opening to a larger market and more sales and profit.

NB: There is so much information in PHP so I thought my readers with ASP.NET E-Commerce application will be excited about something that fits their technology.

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