How To Fool People Into Thinking You Are A Blogging Cyborg

I am human.

If you cut me, I bleed.

But some folks don’t believe me.

A growing collection of people believe I am a blogging cyborg. An unstoppable, mechanical robot with 1 purpose in mind: to create and connect so I can help lift up the blogosphere.

Appearing to be a blogging robot has its perks; my brand awareness has never been greater. Profits flow to me with increasing ease. My list grows steadily. I have saved money by not having to buy food (cyborg humor).

So even though I have proven I am not living human tissue over metal endoskeleton – or have I?  – I want to share tips with you to help you create the prospering illusion that you are a blogging cyborg, an inspiring cyber robot that is omnipresent in your niche.

1: Blog Mainly For Fun

I woke up from a late afternoon nap a few minutes ago.

2 minutes later I was writing this guest post.


I love what I do. I have fun blogging. So I make time to guest post, to comment on blogs, to publish posts to my blog and to have loads of fun on this journey.

Ever notice how those bloggers who seem to be robotic in their persistence and devotion to their craft have SO much fun blogging? This is the exact reason why they are persistent, boundless balls of energy. They blog mainly for fun so build their days around doing what they have fun doing, meaning they spend a great deal of time and energy blogging.

2: Take Care Of Your Body

The only way I appear to be “half-man/half-machine” to some admirers is because I take great care of my body. No way in Hades I could write 2-4 guest posts daily in addition to following my strict blog post reading and blog commenting schedule, work my businesses, promote my eBooks and audio books and still circle the globe unless I:

  • slept (or stayed in bed) for 8-10 hours daily
  • exercised for 30 to 60 minutes daily
  • meditated for 20 minutes daily
  • jumped into an icy cold shower daily
  • stretched daily
  • napped daily
  • took a short break from blogging every working hour
  • spent a significant amount of time offline daily

Take care of your meat suit. Keeping healthy and being fit are 2 prerequisites to slaying it online because if you don’t care for your home it will break down….quickly.

3: Guest Post

Guest post on top blogs from your niche to both increase your visibility online and to develop the rep of being….inhuman.

Some cyborg-like bloggers such as Christopher Jan Benitez do a fine job gobbling up guest posting opportunities left and right.

He is on point sharing helpful blogging insights on a wide array of blogging tips themed blogs. He also creates the perception of being everywhere while he inspires newbie and struggling bloggers to build rocking blogs.

  • build friendships with top bloggers
  • write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice
  • gain invites to guest post on top blogs

4: Publish Helpful Comments On Top Blogs

Publishing helpful comments on top blogs is one way to look like a cyber blogging organism.

I recall one German blogger who way back in the day said I was just like clockwork. Meaning he could pretty much set his watch to when I would show up and comment on his blog.

Blog commenting works well because there are virtually zero barriers to entry with good old BC. No gatekeepers to woo. No pitching. Just publishing a helpful, thoughtful, valuable comment that pops up on top blogs from your niche.

If your comments aren’t showing up after 2-3 days (wait a little because bloggers like myself moderate all comments) simply send a nice email to your fellow blogger asking if they can fish your comment out of the Spam folder.

  • address your fellow blogger by name
  • craft a 2-4 paragraph comment related to the post
  • read the post
  • comment on top blogs from your niche

5: Dive Into Your Fears Daily

Transparency Alert: This cyborg fears.

The Terminator was a mindless, fearless killing machine.

I am not so lucky.

I fear:

  • working too hard
  • not working enough
  • not being in enough places at once
  • not spending my time effectively

in little moments, for seconds, or maybe a bit longer, because I am human. But I feel the fear and do it anyway. Meaning, when these fears pop up in my mind, I feel the fear, embracing it and then move in the direction of my predominant intent: having fun.

If you want to appear to be an unstoppable blogging robot who appears to be all over the place you better cultivate the habit of diving into your deepest fears regularly.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list? How do you fool folks into thinking you are a blogging machine?


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