How Does A Designer Find Inspiration?

In blogging, we face the big issue of content ideas. One big issues designers face is that of inspiration.

Any powerful creative work you find out there is a result of a powerful inspiration. Any mediocre piece of work you see around is a product of poor inspiration.

What if you want to come up with a mind-blowing website template and your mind is as blank as a virgin sheet of paper?

As a web designer, where do you find fresh designer ideas to keep your works always appealing to the ears of the beholder? We will be getting into some useful tips below.

How to find inspirations as a designer

First of all, it’s worth saying that you can come up with any ideas for site development from scratch. We all have some experiences. We have lived on this planet for some years, we have seen something, heard something, we like something, we don’t like something. And based on that experience, we’re are able to take a step forward in creating something unique

I know it’s hard to start with a completely blank sheet. There leaning on someone else’s experience would mean you do not reinvent the wheels while avoiding some possible costly mistakes.

That’s why it’s important to conduct research, get some more refined inspirations prior to starting any design as a web designer. Most of them don’t start professionally, they start off their career as a freelance graphic designer, and go professional later on.

To help you in your research, here are some points to focus on:

1. Functional sense

This is when you look at a piece of work or project and evaluate them from the point of view of convenience or non convenience.

Website designers, poster designers, business card designers, logo designers, etc, will always have need to carry out some research and get inspired by the works of others.

Thousands of different designs are bound on the Internet to get inspiration. If you are looking for inspirations to come up with professional business cards for your clients, you may want to try out this free business card mockup.

This in my opinion is a quick way to tap into the works and wealth of Artificial Intelligence and produce results that will keep your clients satisfied.

2. Graphic meaning

Evaluated in terms of fit or not fit. This is not about beauty, even beautiful (in terms of graphic design) may be inappropriate for your target audience.

What is important here is what we want to show in this graphic way, with tools. The inspiration for the designer lies also in the area of finding a relevant solution to the problems of the target audience.

3. Emotional sense

Cool or not cool. It’s hard to explain, but there are still sites/projects that you may want to get inspired from. As a designer, it’s good to be creative, beautiful and emotional in your works.

If there are some prominent works in your industry, it may be very useful to inspire you. Personally, I think Mac products are very cool examples from a multi-functional point of view if you want to create designs in that industry.

Steps in search of web designer inspiration

I want to give you a few steps to follow when searching for inspiration as a graphics designer:

  • Search in a niche (examples, professionals) and beyond: Search for sites to inspire designers.
  • Logical analysis: 10 pros and 10 cons. Directly take and write a specific +/- for each meaning.
  • Conclusions for each meaning: It is important to make the final conclusions as a result of the analysis.

And talking about dealing with examples and professional, there is a living case when Apple paid the Swiss railway company Schweizerische Bundesbahnen $21 million for the right to use in IOS design of their public watch.

The railway company came up with the design, and Apple simply bought the right to use it. Obviously, $21 million is not the amount we are willing to pay for copyright but it’s a good example.


Coming up with design inspirations is sometimes a daunting task. But doing some research around, looking at sample works or talking with fellow designers may help spark the creative ideas. Sometimes, you may just want to buy someone’s works for your audience.

I hope this short piece has helped you with useful tips to always come up with inspirations for your design works.

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