3 Foolproof Ways Bloggers Gain Leverage!

Bloggers Gain Leverage in their business by getting others to do the things they can’t.

Let’s face it.

There is only so much you can do as a blogger.

There is only so much time you can spend on building your blog into a successful business.

There are only so many things you can be good at.

There are only so many influencers you can follow.

You cannot build a blogging business all by yourself.

You need to get some help from somewhere, from someone, somehow.

That’s the best way to leverage all your hard work into a successful blogging business.

NB: Attention! Donna Merrill will help grow your business!

So where does the leverage come from?

1 – Delegate

One of the best ways to leverage your efforts is to delegate jobs to other people.

Don’t know how to code widgets on your WordPress site?

Maybe you’re not a great writer and would love to delegate some of your writing tasks to some more polished writers.

How good are you at writing sales pages?

Can you create a squeeze page, do an animated video or master keyword search?

This is just a tiny sample of things that you need to do if you’re running a blogging business.

Sure, you could take the time to learn each and every part of your business.

–Time Is Money

The problem is, you just don’t have enough time to learn all of these independent skills, and assume personal responsibility for each and every task necessary to build your business.

I’m sure there are many things you already know how to do.

Do those things yourself if you want, but there will still be many things you need to delegate.

If you consume all your time in tasks, you’ll never have the time to market your products, comment on blog, build up your social media sites and so many other essential things.

–Virtual Assistants

People you can turn to when you want to “outsource” work and responsibilities are virtual assistants.

There are individuals you can hire if you know them.

The quickest, and usually cheapest way to find good virtual assistants is to use a freelancer service.

Some of your best choices are Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru and Upwork (formerly Odesk).

How Bloggers Gain Leverage

You can hire people from these sites to do just about anything, at all different hourly or project rates.

Here are some of the things you will find on Upwork, for instance…

How Bloggers Gain Leverage

Having an outsourced or remote team is all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why. You can hire out different tasks to different people to ensure that you only pay for exactly the things you need.

It’s also extremely easy to put together a great group for various projects online. If you’re worried about monitoring each member’s diligence, you can always use a project management tool to check on the team’s progress. This will help create an air of transparency with regards to the tasks you assign and give an extra boost to the group’s productivity.

–Guest Posters

You can hire freelance writers to create blog content for you.

A better alternative, though, is to seek guest posters who will write blog posts for you.

There are lots of folks who are happy to do this, just so they can promote their own expertise and leadership.


Another way to get some things done is to barter your services for theirs.

Maybe you can create a squeeze page for another blogger who struggles with that.

In turn they could create an animated video or an infographic to meet your needs.

In a way, blogging communities are barter organizations.

All the members promote each other’s work by commenting on each other’s articles, and sharing them on their social sites.

Bartering is always a win-win method for both people to get something in return for giving something.

2 – Automate

Another great way that bloggers gain leverage is through automation.

There are WordPress plugins, software and app solutions for just about anything you struggle with.

If you don’t know how to create landing pages, there are plugins you can just plug into, and you’ve got more landing page templates than you would ever need.

It’s no longer necessary to “build” your landing page with a page editor, html coding and all the other hoops you would have to jump through.

Do you need to rotate your affiliate links for solo ad runs?

Do you want to get your blog posts and videos shared to as many social media sites as possible, every day?

Do you want a faster way to post Facebook ads?

Do you need to manage your email list, process payments for your products or create push notifications?

These and just about every other task you need to perform can be automated.

Make it your business to know what the latest automation tools are available to you.

Use them strategically to do the things you most need help with.

This is how bloggers gain leverage.

3 – Get Coaching

You may think that you’re all alone out there when you’re locked inside of your WordPress dashboard.

You’re not.

Blogging is a multi-faceted operation.

There are many moving parts, and a multitude of marketing, sales and authority branding strategies involved.

You don’t need to… you shouldn’t even try to do all these things alone.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do all this by yourself, or that coaching is too expensive or difficult to find.

A good blogging coach can be at your side to help you move forward each and every time you hit an obstacle.

A good blogging coach will help you move you business forward faster, and in a more focused way.

Why spend 6 years learning to do things that a coach can walk you through in 6 months?

This is true for newbie bloggers, but it’s equally true for experienced bloggers.

All bloggers have challenges and hurdles to clear.

Those challenges are different for new bloggers than they are for experienced or even pro bloggers.

But they are challenges that need to be dealt with, and there is NO better way to confront those challenges than with the professional guidance of a good blogging coach.

How Bloggers Gain Leverage

Bloggers gain leverage in their business by delegating authority to others and outsourcing tasks they cannot do well or don’t have the time to perform.

Bloggers gain leverage by automating parts of their business that would take them far too much time and know- how to perform without the help of software, apps, plugins and even automation services.

Applying delegation and automation solutions to their business, preferably with the guidance of a good coach, is how bloggers gain leverage.

If you’d like to see how I built my own blogging business, grab my FREE Guide… 4 Things I Did To Build My Blog Using Only Free Traffic.

I’d love have your comments and observations below.

39 thoughts on “3 Foolproof Ways Bloggers Gain Leverage!”

  1. Hi enstine,

    Another good post indeed. Your every post increase the encourage of newbie blogger. that is quality of your content.
    sometime some blogger forget their goal try some wrong way to be a pro blogger they adopt to short cuts.
    they 3 way are very informative to achieve goal and be a pro blogger like you.
    thanks to share your knowledge with us.
    Maqbool Azam

  2. You are right ma’am, one of the mistake I made during my early stage as a blogger is trying to do everything by myself. Once I started outsourcing some work, things get so easier and I can focus on other things.

  3. Hi Donna

    You are so right. Those who seek help from experience coaches gain the advantage. It is so hard to try and learn everything. Time and tide wait for no man.

    Thanks for sharing and a remainder of what is most important online.

  4. A great post! Very happy that I came across this useful blog! The points you have mentioned about delegated authority and automation is something new I have learnt and will surely implement it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  5. Great list. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you feel like you have to do everything yourself. You have identified a number of specific tasks that could be outsourced to leave time for the blogger to do what he or she does best, whether that be promotion, curating, or creating content.

  6. Hi Donna mam and Enstine
    Excited to read this post. I always think what is that I am doing but unable to make profits these days and that was the one thing, Automation.
    I was doing everything manually, even social sharing and posting in forums. Even while I knew many automation tools. Now I have started automation on my niche site. Let’s see how it goes.
    And definitely, delegating work to someone whom you know that he has expertise in that work is a great way to get the delegation in return for your area of expertise.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. thanks for this i love this post you have shared very helpful and most beneficial knowledge about Bloggers. After Read, this Article Really I have learned new and I like your explaining, Thanks a lot for shared helpful information.

  8. You nailed it.

    There are only so many things you can do yourself… and so many people to follow and build relationships with.

    After all, we are only given 24 hours in a day!

    These tips are spot-on for leveraging your time and growing your business!

    You can also use some apps to help you, too. 😉 In a recent post, I mention 26 apps that make life easier. Do you use any apps to help you?

  9. Hello Ensitne! What a pleasure to see Donna here today and what an Amazing Post! Of course I would have not expected anything else. Donna Rocks! I agree 100% YOU cannot run a blog or any kind of business for that matter by yourself!

    Great Share Donna!!
    Keep Up The Great Work You Two!!
    Chery :))

  10. Hi Donna,
    Strange you know like you buy a red car and you notice all the red cars on the high way.
    I ‘m looking at getting a business coach so your article caught my eye.
    This is true, “all bloggers have challenges and hurdles to clear.
    Those challenges are different for new bloggers than they are for experienced or even pro bloggers.” Every blogger has something different going on as regards to blogging.
    A coach has been there and knows how to do it more than you do. It pays to listen to them. Find one you like and start working it out. Great article

    But they are challenges that need to be dealt with, and there is NO better way to confront those challenges than with the professional guidance of a good blogging coach.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      I know what you mean by the red car lol. As bloggers and marketers we need to hire coaches along the way. When I first started doing a one to one a few years back it changed my entire business around. Then another … and another….each one for specific things I wanted to accomplish. Yes..they were pricey for sure, but I made the money back and then some.

      This is why “the rich get richer” kind of thing. We need that professional guidance of a good coach. Right now I am in the middle of being coached particularly with conversion rates to grow. It does take a lot of work on my part, but as I apply different strategies, and tweak some stuff….it is working already.


  11. Hey Donna,

    You’ve liberated some of us from the thorns in our flesh.

    Blogging demands a lot, especially, time.

    You’ve generously pointed out strategies bloggers with limited resources – like money to pay for services – may use to succeed. They’re…

    Reciprocity – that’s one of the ways one can get out of those thorns:

    We have…

    The barter you mentioned is something I haven’t practiced before, thanks for that great tip.

    Most newbies are looking for guest posts opportunities. They write for something. We all know that.

    Other ways are…

    Following influencers like Enstine.

    And automating your blogging system.

    Doing all these is delegation. Time saved.

    Thanks for sharing, Donna. Wonderful lessons taken.


    • Hi Francis,

      If one has to start without investing money, there are many free things out there to start with and of corse, following bloggers like Enstine is good practice.

      In my business I do have a broad spectrum of offers from free to paid. I do believe it is important to consider everyone on the planet to help. People with zero money to those that can afford thousands.

      Yes, the barter system can work so well. And reciprocity is the name of the game no matter what.


  12. Hi Donna Mam,
    Actually i am regular reader of your blog as well as Enstine and good to see you here btw this awesome great post indeed here.

    Basically Enstine always deliver great and helpful guide for bloggers so this is like a boost up charge for us thanks for writing and sharing 🙂

    • Hi Priya,

      Enstine is always helpful to others. From the moment I met him, he has always giving people great content. He knows not only blogging methods, but especially marketing. Enstine is one person to follow!

      Thank you for your kind words,


  13. Hey, Donna!

    The above was another awesome article as always you did.

    The first I knew related to blogging when I first started up my business is make money, but when I get into blogging, I change my mind.

    Blogging is a complete hard working and high competitive business which I ever knew. We need to do a lot of works, and it requires innocent skill and knowledge. Sure, I agree with you. We don’t to all of things which we not familiar with. There are many freelancers are available why don’t we think about hiring people to work for us.

    On the other hands, if we have limited budget for doing the business, it would be a great idea to hire some professional blogger to train what we don’t know. Honestly, I join a majority of training courses during this few years.

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Hi Kimsea,

      If we blog for the money, we never get far. On the other hand, when we blog for others, then we set up something for monetization.

      We all need mentors or coaches from the beginning and along the way. As long as we pick someone that we can trust, we can start free or at a lower price, then as we put money into our business, hire more expensive one-to one coaches.

      Good to know you have joined many training courses during the past few years. They help so much.

      To your success!


  14. Hi Donna,

    As always you share some great information and your success backs it up. You make it look so easy but I know you have worked very, very hard to perfect your business.

    You are absolutely right that one person cannot do it alone. You have to have help whether its directly or indirectly or a team effort.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    • Hi Monna,

      Great to see you here. Yes..I do simplify and try hard to make things easy to do when I write, but as you know…it is work involved. Especially that persistence part…Phew… It can bring up so many emotions to battle to stay on track.

      It is difficult to do it alone. There are many ways to get help, it all depends. But the main thing is not to give up.


  15. Hi, Donna Merrill
    I visit this blog regular, and I have got more ideas and most beneficial. Today you have shared very helpful and most beneficial knowledge about Bloggers. After Read, this Article Really I have learned new and I like your explaining, Thanks a lot for shared helpful information.

    • Hi Asif,

      Great to see you here on Enstine’s place! It is so great to know that you have more ideas from this article. I try so hard to keep things as simple as possible so that people can learn easily and put what they have just learned into action.

      Thank you so much!


  16. Donna,
    I like your comment about get coaching. I’m a new blogger of only 5 months and around every corner there is something new to learn. Always be the student, correct?!
    I’ve learned a lot from reading Enstine’s blog and by bringing guest bloggers; I am learning that much more.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Well you sure are in the right place here on Enstine’s blog! When you are new at something you can be spinning your wheels and jumping from one thing to another. The best advice I could ever give a new blogger is either get a coach or follow pro’s like Enstine.

      Also keep in mind that time is money. I say that because when I first started I didn’t hire a coach. Instead I was with a network marketing company that taught me how to market for them and not myself. Yes..I did have to change things up and sure glad I did.

      Indeed, Always be the student!


  17. Hi Donna,

    Love this read because delegating through the 3 tips saves you YEAR’S worth of time. Years.

    As for coaching I published a Facebook update this morning almost identical to your share above. Same wavelength. Few see the 6 months to 6 years analogy, refusing to spend $200 or $500 only to lose $10,000 or $100,000 a few years down the road. Or, the bloggers who pay 5 bills now make $10,000 or $50 K or even a few thousand dollars down the road.

    Leverage. Be smart. Use resources to make your life easier.

    I bartered many a deal during leaner times to give freelancers awesome benefits while receiving a valued service. Money is just 1 means of exchange…but when it comes time to pay, pay up. Gotta spend a few bucks at least to leverage intelligently.

    Thanks for the inspired read Donna.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Funny how we are on the same wave length these days lol. But oh so true. I say “you gotta pay to play” It doesn’t necessarily have to be a money exchange like you have mentioned. It can be a barter. That does the trick also.

      When it comes to numbers I stink. But when it comes to adding up money spent on money earned I can be a whiz lol. It is important to do. We cannot spend money to leverage and expect magical things to happen. They don’t unless we put the energy and action into it.



  18. You hit the major points and i agree with you… Nice write-up donna, it’s nice having you here on Enstine’s blog… would be expecting more of your updates.

  19. Hey Donna, Great to see you here and also a great post indeed, very practical and point to point ways you projected, you became one of my favorite bloggers.

    Thanks and Keep it up…Very informative article.

    • Hi Priyam,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It is an honor to be here on Enstine’s blog.

      Yes, I do try to keep things practical and simple so that everyone can get a take-away they just might want to put into action.


  20. Thank you so much Enstine for the opportunity to be a guest on your wonderful blog.

    I not only am honored to be here, but want you to know I appreciate the relationship we formed over the time we have known each other.

    This is the true essence of blogging buddies becoming friends.


  21. Hi Donna,

    Great post! I’m glad to hear you talk about delegating and hiring a Virtual Assistant. There are so many people out there, like myself, who are anxious to help bloggers and entrepreneurs. Whether it be writing content, creating blog images, commenting on blog posts, or social sharing. The only thing I would add, as I’ve been on some of those freelance sites, be very selective in choosing someone you delegate to. In the vast world of bloggers, asking a fellow blogger if they know anyone is even better.

    Sometimes, especially for pro-business bloggers, like yourself, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done. Outsource and save some time for yourself.

    Happy Wednesday, Donna!


    • Hi Bren,

      When it comes to delegating, we cannot just look at someone’s resume, but it goes further than that. It is so true…we have to be very selective and before we choose someone, ask a fellow blogger or marketer is the best thing to do.

      I can tell you by my own experience how I lost time and money hiring a VA about two years ago. The prices were high, but I felt like I was doing all the work… It was like something automated that I had to pay dearly for.

      Luckily for me, I do have a wonderful person come nearby that does come in to help us out. Quick learner and even plays with my dogs (you will love that lol)

      Happy Wednesday to you too!

  22. Hey Donna!

    Great article! It really hits home with me.

    There are so many of us that have type A personalities and find it very difficult to delegate.

    We feel like we need to be in control of everything because no one will do the work like we will.

    But the sooner we realize that we can’t do it all, the better off we are going to be.

    I learned this lesson long ago, and my life got much easier and much more enjoyable when I began to focus on my strengths, and use the strengths of others.

    Thanks again Donna for a timely and relevant article.


    • Hi John,

      I used to feel the same way. I couldn’t even explain to another person what I needed because I thought they couldn’t do it well enough.

      HA…I got over it and came to find out there are certain things in business that others can do so much better than I can. So why bother? Make them part of my team.

      Once we let go, the world gets so much easier.

      All the best to you,


  23. Hi Donna,
    It’s Really nice to see you on Enstine’s Blog. I like your third point a lot. You are right that self-learning would end up nowhere or wastage of time. Instead taking a course is a good idea.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week ahead.

    • Hi Robin,

      Nice to meet you here too. Self learning is great if that’s all you want to do. But once I started hiring coaches for specific reasons, business started blooming like crazy. Not only that, but when we pay the big bucks to someone, we sure pay attention lol.

      It is great to take courses… I have to all the time because the world – especially the marketing one- changes quickly. If we are not up to date and apply things we learn, we can get lost in the shuffle.


  24. Hey Donna,

    It’s good to see you here.:)

    You always bring something unique to use. The points of automation and delegating is something bloggers are using.

    They hire others to do the work they can’t do. Everyone is not tech savvy person.
    To show the presence on the social media platforms, the bloggers use automation tools.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope you are doing great.

    • Hi Ravi,

      When it comes to tech savvy, you are awesome! I have to admit when it comes to the technical side of my business, my partner and hubby…David handles that but he can only go so far.

      This is when it is important to delegate something to another. My blog is self-hosted and if there is a problem, the team I hire will usually fix it for me. Sometimes they message me that something is wrong, when I don’t even have a clue.

      That kind of thing one has to pay for but it is worth more than gold.


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