Ideas to Repurpose Your Content Reaching a Huge Audience

Are you struggling to come up with new contents? Fresh out of ideas?

Repurposing your old contents might be the answer that you were looking for. Sure, having unlimited access to good contents can definitely boost your traffic, strengthen your site’s reputation, and can even actively encourage your customers to convert.

The problem is, creating brand new content from scratch is never a real cakewalk. And in fact, it is one of the hardest things out there.

Content repurposing ideas – Recycle your content ideas.

To put it simply, crafting new a new content (that’s actually good, mind you) is never an easy process to do. Though there are loads of resources to gather blog post content ideas. Just think about it; with everything from research, gathering facts, loading images, shooting videos and manually writing, there is going to be a ton of things before you can actually have a good few worthy paragraphs on your hand.

This is exactly where content recycling is going to come in handy.

Content recycling – bane or brilliance? Let us tell you

Content is king” – over the last few decades, or so, this concept has been the clear-cut adage by which many marketers and webmasters were living by. In an age like today when content is produced and consumed in an endless stream through dozens of different ways and paths, this notion/concept is particularly more relevant than ever before.

So, this begs the question “why repurpose your old content?”

Let me put it this way, if the content on your site is not being read (despite being damn good), its more or less like dancing in the dark where nobody else but you going to is aware of your dancing endeavors. In my opinion, and as far as the web is concerned, if it didn’t happen on record, it didn’t happen at all.

Sure, this may seem unfair, and yes, this is mostly a mind over matter thing. However, if you can get your product – in this case, your old contents – in front of the right audiences and can get it the right level of exposure and push that you had wanted. Congratulations! My friend, you’ll be in this field for the long haul.

But, how to get your old content shine? Especially, if it’s a few years old? Well, as I said before, this where content recycling comes in to play.

5-awesome ways to better rehash your old content – reach further, wider and better

#1 Divide and conquer

It doesn’t really matter whether you are trying to promote new content or trying to extend the visibility of an old one, one of the easiest ways to rehash your old content is chop them up into bite-sized pieces and share them through that way. Say that you have a 3000-word content lying around gathering dust, you can easily cut it up into smaller pieces and share them through the new age media like Twitter, Quora, Facebook, and other social media channels.

#2 Rewrite the best to make it better

In every website, there will always go to be a post or article that still attracts tons of traffic even though it has been published months or even years ago. We, in the business usually tend to call them the “Golden goose”.

As far as content repurposing is concerned, their nature and quality can definitely make them the perfect candidates for the job. Provided that you make an effort to freshen it up with new factoids and tidbits for the dear sake of relevance.

#3 Try alternate channels of publishing

One of the many problems of content repurposing is that it can be a real hassle to find channels through which you can republish it. Sure, you can use your own blogs and sites, and yes, it may seem like the most obvious choices.

But, the one caveat to this particular option that if you are not super careful, this can badly reflect on your sites (or blogs) reputation as there is a chance that you may be labeled as an outdated content peddler or even worse, a copier.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways nowadays to get your old content out, and one of the better ways includes turning it into an E-book.

As you may know, EBooks are the rage nowadays, and I think the sheer number of great eBooks out there, which had begun its life as a set of blog posts or web articles, will surely amaze you. It’s going to be very, very important that you take the time to supply it with additional information’s and factoids before you start kicking out your blog posts as E-books through the door.

#4 Try turning it into a podcast or a video series

In this time and age where no one has time for anything, the chances are that a large chunk of your daily visitors will prefer having content that they don’t have to read. Sure, readable content still has its own charms. However, media options like Video, Audio and podcasts are more preferred to the former because of the sheer levels of conveniences that they tend to offer.

Opening up a ton of new ways to connect with the audiences, podcasts and videos are some of the most engaging and important repurposing methods out there. Sure, the transitioning is not going to be smooth, and yes, the whole concept might take some getting used to. But, in a business like this where everything is susceptible to change, you’ll find it better to go with the flow rather than try to swim against it.

#5 Use it for promotional purposes

Some old contents – either a short, in-depth article or a series of different posts on the same topic – are perfect for repurposing into chunks, which later you can use to promote your latest and greatest better.

Slicing up your content like this can also help make it more chewable, opening up newer and greater avenues to help you make better use of them. Take this post itself, for example, each of the five repurposing methods that I had described here could easily be turned in to an email or an advert itself – if you make an effort to fix it up with a few more additions, instructions, examples, and photos, that is.

Final Words about Content Repurposing Ideas

You don’t really need to be a rocket scientist to realize that having good content can get you good traffic. However, unless you are a guy who is having unlimited levels imagination, I think you’ll find creating good content on a regular basis to be a real hassle rich job.

With content repurposing, the key lies in thinking outside the box. For example, if you could say something that you had said earlier but in a different way or tone, that my friend is what this handy trick is all about.

Do be aware that there are only so many ways that you could repack your content. Sooner or later, you have to come up with brand new contents if you want to stay in this game. Think of content repurposing as a middle ground between you and your next new batch of contents. Don’t dwell too much in there, and try to get out as soon as possible.

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