Argument ~ Newer or Older Comments! Which should be displayed first?

Last week, I came up with this post in which we discussed about the position of the comment form – Above or Below comments.

NB: I show you below exactly how to display newer comments first

I had interesting arguments from readers but a majority augured in favor of placing the form above comments. Whatever the result is, I recommend doing test on your blog in order to make an informed decision.

Today, I have another interesting argument and I’m so excited to hear your point.

We all know know blog commenting is a serious traffic and engagement factor. As a matter of fact, I have had businesses because of comment counts on my blog.

We want real comments right? But does the comment listing order have anything to do with the number of comments you get?

Newer or Older Comments! Which should be on top of the list?

Think of it this way…

You are reading an interesting ‘older comments first’ post that has 50+ comments. Traditionally, dropping a comment on such a post means yours is pushed down the page.

What if you are the first to drop a comment on a blog with this traditional listing order (older comments first)?

That means yours will remain on top of the list for as long as that article is online.

This ordering type will encourage ‘early birds’ to drop their comments knowing they will be on top ‘forever’.

But with this traditional listing order, once you have a long list of comments, do you think that will have a negative effect on the number of comments you get with time?

Now, if you are on a blog that puts newer comments on top of the list, does it excite you to drop yours knowing that once approved, you’ll be on top of the list?

Personally, I love being the first to drop comments on blogs with older comments first simply because I’ll be on top of the list.

For blogs with reverse listing order, definitely, I like to be the last reader to comment before comments are closed. The reason is simple – I’ll be on top!

Some of my favorite blogs that display newer comments first;

But I want really to hear from you…

Does listing order really matter?

For the past 2 weeks, I changed my order, putting newer comments first. This definitely has a positive impact on the comments I get on old posts. Late comers are actively commenting now as this keeps them on top 😉

How to display newer comments first!

Before you jump to the comment box to share your opinion, here is how to change the display order of your comments in WordPress…

In  your WordPress Dashboard,  go to Settings > Discussion and under “Other comment settings“, change the settings from older to newer and click to save changes

how to display newer comments first

If you are blogging on WordPress, that’s quite simple to do. You may want to change that right now to see what effect it has on your blog.

Time to discuss…

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think about which display order. You can drop a comment now, come back again to reply to comment from other readers.

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