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In the month of January this year 2014, I got a pleasant email from Harleena Singh, the brain behind Aha-now, to guest post on aha-now. That was a huge opportunity at the beginning of the year. I know posting content to a site like this will not be easy – why? The reason simply is that this site features exceptional content so if my post has to go through the screening wall, it has to have a lot of meat 😉

Of course, from the feedback I constantly get from my readers, I knew I was up to the task. I finally cooked a unique and meaty article that got published on the 17th of January 2014. Here is the guest post.

There are 4 main things I have gotten from this post since it went live I want to share with you. These 4 points are also the reasons you should start guest posting. You have to submit top quality articles to top blogs in your niche.

I know with the recent update from Google, there is been a lot of mixed understanding about guest posting.  Yes! While guest posting purely for SEO is facing a downward move, there are other attractive reasons this activity will not die.

In one of my posts, I made a bold statement that guest posting for SEO is dead’. Quite a good number of my readers have reacted with different views. You may want to check out the article and share your own views too.

4 reasons guest posting is still important

My practical experience on Aha-now

1 ->  Referral Traffic

This is traffic that comes to your site from other sites. People read your guest article and click on links to your blog. In most cases, you will be allowed one link within the guest article and 2 links within your bio area. For the maximum use of these resources, link from within your guest article to another related article on your blog. While in your bio zone, link directly to your home page.

Below is Google Analytics showing direct traffic to my blog from Aha-now in the second week after the post went live. Take note of how targeted this traffic is – from the average number of minutes spent on my blog which is 5.45 minutes.

guest posting on aha-now

2 ->  Networking

Networking (hooking up with other bloggers) is fast becoming the backbone of blogging. One of the ways to have solid bloggers in your network is to submit excellent articles to their blogs. While you will be building long lasting relationship with blog owners, you also go beyond their blogs and connect with their readers.

On aha-now, I got quite handsome exposure. As a result of that guest article and the interaction I had with readers there, I had to do a follow-up post about writing business letters on this blog. Some of the visitors that linked to my blog from aha-now have become loyal readers, commentators, sharers, list subscribers, etc.

3 -> Business

The truth is if you do it the right way, you get business. In that guest article, I explained how to create irresistible packages and make money with your blogging. As a follow up, here is screenshot of a mail I got from one of the readers on Feb. 18 2014, that’s one month after the post went live.  That tells me that article can keep bringing me business for a long time;

guest postThis guest (Jones) has $200 for a start but I can use the powerful of negotiation to offer more and get more from him.

4 -> Branding

In the blogging industry, a brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify your blog and differentiate it from other blogs. Branding is the image you create within the hearts and minds of customers or readers.

To promote your brand through guest posting, you don’t just submit articles. You must come out with serious ‘concoction’ that will impress your readers and leave an image within their minds.  If your guest articles are unique, you will be succeeding in promoting your brand.


If you are invited to guest post on a blog, don’t be in a hurry to submit traditional content. Do something out of the box and create a positive image.

While I still continue to benefit from the article on aha-now, I thought it will be good thing to dish out some reports 1 month after the post went live.

So what results have you had from guest posting? Let me hear you out in the comment box below.

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39 thoughts on “Guest Posting on ~ Traffic and Growth Reports”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Guest post are really an awesome way to increase traffic + you can get free do follow backlinks too.

    Just select authorative blogs in your niche and start writing guest post for them.

    I ranked for Hack WiFi Password for couple of years without single backlink.

    Thanks once again,

  2. read your guest post on and it was really unique and exceptionally helpful to mint some more money from our own blog. Keep writing such wonderful articles. Even you could also consider my blog for your guest post Enstine

  3. The power of guest post is not DEAD but still going stronger… I can tell you that from what am doing on one of my niche site were i get opportunity to published on authority site with big DA.

    Congratulations and you are always succeeding no matter what. Kudos!

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Well, you know. I had never done a guest post before. I know and I also know that website it was amazing 🙂

    I would make this article as a reference for me for the future if I’ll do guest posts, just in case 😉

    Thanks for sharing these, Enstine. Nice share!
    Hoping you have a nice weekend ahead.


  5. Hiii Enstine Muki sir,
    you are just mind-blowing and i am big fan of your writing style and your Blog.
    I love one most important thing about you is – you never hide anything from your readers. you share each and everything, all your experiences with your readers. I think this is the most effective thing that people don’t want to leave you and want to always stay in touch.

    In this post you shared about Aha-now that is also an amazing truth of you. thank you so much sir for sharing this awesome piece of article with us. I thoroughly enjoy your articles.

    I got this article on and forced to read complete article because this article was shared by you.

    • Hi Amit,
      Thanks for linking over from kingged and thanks for being loyal.
      I think it’s a good thing to be transparent and show your readers a lot of things. That attracts trust from them. I have more things to reveal as time goes on

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being part of me today

  6. Hi Enstine,

    Its not easy to produce the content for such high authority blog, you deserved by your unique writings.

    I read the post on there, its filled with tons of shares and comments that proved that people love what you’ve written.

    Next, from your Analytics report not only shows you got decent traffic, but you get new readers trust, subscriptions to your updates, and of course a good conversion rate.

    Thanking you.

  7. Who can deny Harleena is the queen blogger and she attracts a lot of bee around her. Nice report on where you’re traffic is coming from. I see kingged is just above it, what is that website about?

  8. This is exactly the reason why i said that guest blogging is not dead. I hear people say that guest blogging is dead after Matt Cutt said Google will penalize anyone who used guest blogging for link building and i have always maintained that guest blogging has a lot of benefits far more better than link building.

    here you have explained 4 things you benefited from publishing a guest post on Aha-now. Looking at the Stats of the referral traffic you will see that it is just not about the number of people that overflowed into your site but also the quality of traffic shown by the number of mins they spent on your site.

    With such success you have built a good blogging relationship with Harleena Singh and can get an easy pass to publishing another post in the future. The business opportunities of this guest blog definitely didn’t end with just the example you showed here.

    This even goes further to boosting your brand name, now you can be easily identified as that Enstine that published that awesome guest blog on Aha-now. The benefits of guest blogging is enormous.

    But all these came as a result of the quality of blog where you published the post, this is one place most guest authors get it wrong. You don’t just publish anywhere. You have to take your time and research the site you want to publish on, ensure it is a site with good reputation and quality traffic and engagements.

    Ensure the owner also has good reputation just as Harleena Singh does, ensure the owner wills a lot of influence in his/her niche and has a good relationship with his/her audience and other bloggers. This is indeed an insightful article, one i find very resourceful as it will encourage me to engage on guest posts with quality sites.

    I found this post on and also left a comment on it.

    • Hi Desmond,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the insightful comment.
      One mistake bloggers do (which you highlight) is that they don’t investigate blogs to guest post on. You don’t just go out trying to post on any blog. You have to be sure you are submitting to a blog that will generate benefits for your effort and aha-now is one of such blogs 😉

      Thanks for kingging and hope to see you around again

  9. Hi Enstine,

    Guest posting on any blog doesn’t work, you have to choose the best one to get the most out of it. Plus if your article is amazing then you’re certainly going to receive positive response even later on. I just read that article, and I can say you shared an amazing work there and that’s why you were able to receive that must positive response.

  10. It is really good that your exceptional post benefited the readers of Aha now Enstine and nice to see that you’ve drive traffic with it 🙂

    Yeah, guest blogging is not dead for the bloggers who are seeking some valuable stuffs other than back-links.

    To stay safe from Google animals, it is good to have the referral traffic and networking is most important of a blog success.

    Thanks for writing this nice post for us 🙂

  11. Sure, these are good reasons to guest post! Apart from the benefits highlighted in this post, a blogger should takeaway the fact that building and offering “value” is fundamental before getting writing “gigs”.

    Obviously, if Enstine Muki has not being providing value, a trendy blog like Aha-Now would never look his way for guest blogging.

    So, I suppose we should understand that learning how to cook “meaty and unique” articles 🙂 would do the magic of guest post approval for us!

  12. Hello Enstine,

    While guest blogging for SEO is gradually going down, it was my belief that guest blogging for connections and establishment of special relationships amongst bloggers was just being given birth to! Your article clearly proves that!

    I did an article about 3 weeks ago on Comluv (a highly authoritative blog too) and was surprised that I got offers to draft such awesome content for a few clients. Ironically, when I was writing that article, I never imagined I could reap such benefits! But believe me too, because it was properly written, Andy had to make it the featured article and even included it in his newsletter to his list!

    Keep doing what you enjoy doing and always ensure you give your best…that way, you would never lack either clients or money.


    • Hey bro,
      What’s up?
      There is a lot to reap from guest posting if done on the right blogs. I have gotten a couple of posts featured on comluv last year. Here is my profile. I’m still to submit some more this year but I want to go above traditional content so I’m not in a hurry 😉

      BTW how have you been doing? Hope all is well

      • Enstine,

        I have been doing very great and I must say its super smart that you really desire to go above the traditional ‘garbage’ that really has no impact. Excellent and smart thinking I must admit.


      • So true Enstine, it is all about choosing the right blogs to guest post on. Guest blogging is very much alive and well as long as you are not just doing it for links.

        • Hey Kostas,
          Good to see you here and thanks for the engagement
          You are also very correct.We have to publish on the right blogs for results

          Hope to see you around again dear friend

  13. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this follow-up post of your guest post on my blog. It’s really good to know that you benefited in so many ways. I’m really happy for you. 🙂

    And why not, your post was a special one – as soon as I set my eyes on it, I knew it’s going to create ripples! And the other good thing was that you followed all of my guest posting rules and promptly replied to all the comments – I’d say that you’re an ideal guest blogger for anyone to have. 🙂

    I believe guest posting will never die, it’s sort of a basic right of a blogger. You just need to take care of the links and the anchor texts. I read Neil Patel stating that co-citations are now more worth than the links. More than anything else, I’m happy that your guest post indirectly helped you increase your network and get business, so in that way your efforts paid off! 🙂

    Thanks once again for being my guest and helping my blog community. Do have a great rest of the week! 🙂

    • It was an honored being your first guest author this year Harleena and as a matter of fact and from the stats, this was an awesome exposure for me 😉

      while these few past days have taken much of my time off line, I’m still a huge fan of your blog. I have seen the other guest article by my good friend Theodore. I’m still to read it word for word. I’m sure he has shared a wonderful post too 😉

      Thanks for giving us the opportunity and do have a pleasant week

  14. I agree with Daniel in the comments, Enstine.
    Your article was unique and helpful to the Aha-now readers.
    This explains your success.

    Great demostration on how guest posting really should working.
    Keep up the great efforts.
    And congratulations Enstine. 🙂

    • Hey Erik,
      How has Klinkked been doing? It’s on my list for a review too. I’ve been getting quite good clicks from it 😉

      BTW, thanks for the comment. I have been busy with my partners who flew in. They just left giving me some time to bounce back online (Well after changing my PC RAM that went dead yesterday 😉 )

      Hope to see you around again bro and do have a wonderful week

      • Klinkk is going great, thanks for asking Enstine!

        I am working on it in order to improve functionality and user experience.
        The last contest that gives money is a motivation for users to stay active on the site.

        I would really appreciate your review,it will give great visibility.

        I am glad you are receiving some good clicks with Klinkk,
        above all because you won an ad on the top sidebar for a whole month!

        Thanks for your reply and have a fantastic rest of the week! 🙂

        P.S. Klinkked could be a interesting idea for the next blogging community!
        A mixed name between Klinkk and Kingged. 😉

  15. hi Enstine,
    its probably going to be my first comment on your blog post. really Guest Posting on Harleena’s Blog is not an easy task to accomplish. She is a very talented writer and ofcourse she is going to be very strict when you are going to guest post with her.
    Yes you are very right Enstine that guest blogging is dead. But I am having a different opinion in this and that is Blogging means sharing of knowledge and making networks with fellow bloggers. if you write a blog post on any blog and the publisher of the blog accepts, it shows the respect of both the guys towards each other. Also it helps to get you traffic.
    Thanks for sharing such an encouraging post Enstine

    • Hey Rohit,
      Good to see you here and thanks for dropping your first comment 😉
      It’s always a good thing to welcome someone for his/her first time. Thanks too for making a great contribution. I’ll be on your blog too to reciprocate

      Hope to see you around so soon

  16. Your success is LIKE THIS because your article was one of a kind, like those who give answers to visitors FOR problems they have and they are happy READING.

    That’s ANOTHER truth behind guest posting, and in case you submit a low quality article no one would connect with you, o traffic, not mention this hurt you brand and so on.

    Thanks for sharing these insights, see you next time Enstine!

    • Hey Daniel,
      Good to see you again around and thanks for making a great contribution!
      Yes. Low quality articles (on your blog or others’) will only end up hurting your brand 😉

      Thanks for that educative conclusion man 😉

  17. Hello Sir,
    I am regular reader of your blog and you always comes up with unique and different idea and way to generate some effective results.This article you have provided good way I will surly give it try.
    Thank you.

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