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  1. The topic is great. As per my opinion Guest Posting for SEO is still in an active position and it is yet not dead.thanks for sharing this topic

  2. I don’t think that Guest Posting is Dead. If the Blog is Offering Do follow backlinks then the Guest Posting SEO is not Dead. It will Help us to get Traffic and Get Indexed by Search Engines.

  3. Informative! Those are nice tips. SEO is not dead for as long as you know the policy and the like. additional reading

  4. Great news for those of us that are not too into the whole guest posting arena. With sites like yours, I feel like there is much value for reading about your trials and tribulations regarding all things SEO and traffic related.

    Be careful with the use of commentluv. I think I’ve heard a few things that google is trying to do to devalue the use of it.

  5. LOL, I see what you did there…

    I just did my thoughts about the whole thing. The issue is that Matt Cutts says one thing and bloggers freak out and think another. I see the issue Matt is talking about. It’s been getting worse as I get about a half dozen emails from “Content Writers” hoping I’ll take their 300-500 word article with some link spam to some non-related site. Hell, I’ve even taken money to do it. But at the end of 2013 (before his article) I decided I needed to step back and review how I really wanted to do things. I took down my Guest Blog link on the front page. And I’ll be re-writing it to reflect my own business plan.

    But Guest Blogging isn’t Dead.. not for SEO, not for anything. As long as you are Guest Blogging “in the spirit it was intended for” and on sites that are reputable and are relevant to what you do on your own blog you’ll be fine.

    Unfortunately as an aftermath of his article? I’m sure a lot of bloggers (myself included) will start ‘no-follow’ any type of links back to the author’s blog to stay away from any potential algorithm updates or the potential for getting hit by Google with a manual penalty.

    • LOL welcome Jason! I hate seeing cockroaches πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for sharing your experiences and your views. I’m sure others are loving the knowledge shared.
      Let’s keep hanging around for what others will have to share πŸ˜‰

  6. HI Enstine,
    Nice discussion. I dont think its dead every thing will be there…. if done cleverly it will give results for sure. It should be relevant, not just adding links in author bios will help you. We have to be careful about the upper cap of everything. If linkbuilding will be done carefully,tactfully then no update can harm us.

  7. I think Google have their reason to eliminate guest posting due to lacks of information of post. We used to have benefit from Guest posting but now it’s all crap and spam.
    But honestly i don’t think it;s totally dead. Perhaps it be back in the near future.
    thanks for your sharing


    • Hey Stephan,
      Thanks for sharing your views πŸ˜‰ It’s really exciting how we can come together and share our different minds
      Please hang around and let’s hear what others have

  8. Yeah it’s not dead… Matt Cutts is just trying to make a bold statement so the spammers listen. What will be dead is low quality guest blogging on low quality/spammy blogs. If the site is relevant and can send you good referral traffic then do it… but don’t do it for the keyword anchor text.

  9. I don’t quite agree with the whole “guest posting is dead” thing. If you’re genuinely trying to reach out to another person/blog’s audience and you’re posting interesting and relevant content, I don’t see why the “link juice” wouldn’t count. Plus you might get links from the blog’s readers!

  10. Indeed the shortest blog post I have ever seen Enstine. Good trick, huh! πŸ˜€

    I will not believe that guest posting is dead. And it will never, ever gonna happen, I must say. The rapid paced of guest blogging is very visible, stronger and more powerful.

    Bloggers become very strict, some diminished the tactic of asking guests. The unsolicited once too.

    This comment was left in kingged.com where this post was already β€œkingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    • He Metz,
      I’m excited how this very short blog post is attracting attention from around
      Thanks for sharing your understanding of the subject

      Do hang around for more opinions

  11. According to Matt Cutt a lot of people have abused guest posting and the aim of guest posting for SEO has been defeated so Google has decided to penalize and site that builds link with guest posting alone as it is now considered spammy.

    That doesn’t mean people can not engage on guest posting. Guest posting has a lot of other benefits other than the free backlink you can gain. You can still use guest posting to reach a wider audience for your blog, connect with bloggers etc. So while guest posting for SEO may be dead, guest posting is still very relevant in blogging.

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Great discussion, and a great idea for a post πŸ˜€ !

    I was really surprised to see all this racket about something that was common sense. Google has been fighting spam on all fronts for the last couple of years, Matt’s post just confirmed that guest blogging will be no exception.

    It still surprises me to see how many people have their whole business strategies based only on seo and backlinks. If they would spend half that time on their content and on relationship building, they would see far greater benefits. Don’t they know that natural backlinks DO happen, that if you write a great piece people will NATURALLY link to you? That if you nurture your relationship with other bloggers they will return the favor….

    I think people have to regain trust in people and stop calculating, analyzing.. and try to focus on what truly matters – the content you provide and the relationships you build!

    Cheers πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Ivana,
      I’m so excited to have you around and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I love the engagement from my readers. It’s good to know what people understand from Matt’s publications. Please let’s stick around and read what others are sharing πŸ˜‰ the debate goes on

  13. I don’t think guest posting for SEO is dead, Enstine. What’s dead is spammy link building. Remember, SEO has two faces: white hat and black hat. (Some even say there’s gray hat, but that’s not the point.) Google encourages white hat SEO, which is essentially to create content for humans and not the search engines. Categorically declaring that guest posting for SEO is dead is not accurate.

    • Hey Maricel,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for your awesome contribution. The debate is on and I like the participation. Please keep an eye on this post for what others have to share too πŸ˜‰

      Do have a wonderful week

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Wow, just the photo and nothing else? haha…

    Anyway, here is my opinion on Guest Posting for SEO…I don’t believe that SEO will ever die because this is what makes Google the search engine that it is – keywords. I actually just purchase SEOPressor for my blog and loved it. Different from Yoast. But I do love this plugin because it tells me if I’m over optimizing my article.

    So my opinion on Guest Posting for SEO…despite of what Matt Cutt said…in fact I don’t even know what he said but I based my opinion from my experience and what other professional SEO friends have told me about this. Guest Posting (if it’s done right) can really do AMAZING things for your blog.

    Since Google started encrypting their keywords, I used Market Samurai instead. Google, Yahoo, Bing…still operates on keywords but it is NO LONGER the source to get higher PR (specially on Google). People are still doing their SEARCH via keywords or long-tail keywords. SEO will never die.


  15. Is not dead yet, I think is a warning. Pretty interesting this post, one word, however is like a regular article because I read comments. See you next time buddy, just subscribed!

    • Hey Daniel,
      Good to see you around today and thanks for taking time to share your views.
      This is actually the shortest blog post I have ever done. I’m glad my readers are actively taking part in the discussion

      Do stick around and let’s hear from others Daniel πŸ˜‰

  16. Lol, Enstine, shortest blog post ever! πŸ™‚

    You know, before being an entrepreneur and even before working as export manager,
    I was a financial advisor, in bank, during my twenty years.

    Let me make this analogy.
    Trying to understand how Google really works (and therefore fully understand SEO) is like thinking you know how the stock market works.

    Nobody knows if the stock market will grow tomorrow or go down.
    No one EXACTLY knows, except for a few TOP investors in the world, I guess.
    Because actually with their huge amount of money, they move the stock market.

    Same thing with Google.
    (I suppose the friends of Matt Cutts have online sites excellently placed in the SERPs).

    Well, I think that guest posting for SEO is dead, but only under certain points of view.

    Bad quality articles or too many links within the posts are just some of the indicators that you should not accept every guest post request you receive.

    But I would be more than happy to let one of my friends bloggers write one or more articles for my site.

    Google may keep changing cards on the table for years and years, but good friendships last forever. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Erik,
      That’s an interesting analogy man πŸ˜‰ and thanks for sharing the lesson
      I hope others are reading your views as you read theirs

      Let’s stick around for more views from other readers πŸ˜‰

    • True talk, Erik. Nobody can completely predict Google. The day people begin to predict them with accuracy is the day they would start to lose their influence and respect. So they try as much as possible toremain a mystery.

      They want to also protect their interest. Advertisers are paying them, so they do some things to maintain their strong hold on the advertisement business and keep making their money.

      You are quite right. the quality of posts we accept matters. Links in the article body must be limited and also look natural in the eyes of Google.

      I also believe so much in making new friends. Google may keep ranting, but my friends are important. Guest posting is one way to get those new friends.

  17. Sometimes the terminology totally loses me and I’m lglad you got this thread going Enstine because it got me to sort through a silent panic I was experiencing,
    I blog about books and authors and it goes without saying that guest posts are part of the package. We invite authors to share of themselves, their books and expertise through our blogs. Since there;s been this buzz term in the last couple of weeks i’ve been silently panicking about how this affects us book bloggers.

    From wat I understand, there is nothing to worry about as long as you are guest posting for purposes other than SEO, do I have this correct?

    • Hi Wendy
      So glad to see you around and thanks for taking the time to share your views. I think from your conclusion, there is no need for fears if we guest post for direct traffic and networking. That means we do in-depth article with the nofollow link attribute.

      Plese hang around and let’s hear others out too

  18. Yes, guest posting for links and seo is dead – and so is directory submissions, press release, infographics, blog commenting, article directory submissions, paid posts, widgets, theme sponsorships etc.

    and yet – everything still works!

  19. Hello enstinemuki,
    This is my first visit in your blog site. I am really thankful you add such kind of post here and provide a great platform other to share your own opinions.
    As personally I am not say that guest posting for SEO is dead. Especially, Google is smarter, but while you post a guest post under specific site must check their Domain Authority rather than its Page Rank. Page Rank no longer matter in the eyes of Google, or your post must we relevant and not be promotional. As many webmaster hire peoples for paid posting who’s use more promotional text in the post that is not really a great idea.
    If your content is good and unique in the eyes of Google, you never say that guest post is dead for SEO. So here I am say that its not dead, number of affiliate marketer and online business owners use this trick and optimized their sites inn the search engines.
    Thanks nice weekend !!!!

    • Hey Manu,
      Thanks for visiting for your first time and dropping a comment πŸ˜‰ I’m sure others have read your views. Do hang around to read what they too have to share

      Do have a wonderful week as I hope to see you often

  20. Hi Enstine,

    I though you’ve missed to upload the content. Lol.

    Ok, over the years people used every strategies at its peak level and then spam it by what ever ways that quickly gain the benefits, guest blogging is also a such one that over used now to spam than providing any good to readers.

    From my perspective, Google handle these tasks by validating the quality of the content using author rank instead of relying with page rank.

    Moz has detected that Google has penalized the low quality contents by removing author avatar from the Google’s rich snippet.

    So all these proves, Google is taking serious about the content and the quality, but what about the business websites with few pages, how Google validate the quality is still questionable for me.

    Thanking you, have a wonderful day.

    • Hey Naveen,
      Now you see it’s just the length of the post πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for sharing your views with others. Please stick around to read what others have shared

  21. Yes guest post is not dead, it’s going on, it is most affected on seo and also it’s affected on Alexa rank, any one told if guest post is died, we can not believed that, your post is very good, and it create a debit and exiting among readers.

  22. Hi Enstine Muki,

    The topic is great. As per my opinion Guest Posting for SEO is still in an active position and it is yet not dead. The comment linking or linking to just spam sites are dead because they do not worth. Still there are thousands users who still in the race of guest posting and collecting high ranked linked for their website.


  23. Okay, this might seem like a joke, because if truly guest blogging is dead, then sites like comluv, guestcrew, among a host of others are going down the drain.

    But i think we just have to twist it a little bit.. guest posting is not dead! Holla to Matt Cutts

  24. Hi Enstine, I don’t believe guest blogging is dead, like Matt says there are many great guest writers out there, and it’s still a viable tactic for exposure, brand promotion, tapping into a new audience and building relationships. But using guest blogging for SEO gains and increasing backlinks and pagerank as far as I’m concerned, I believe that’s dead for sure.

    • Hey Fabrivio,
      So I can summarize from your contribution that guest posting generally is not dead. The aspect that’s dead is guest posting for SEO.

      Thanks for your point. Let’s hear others

  25. Hi Enstine,

    Interesting topic here. I don’t know about guest posting for SEO purposes, but guest posting as a marketing strategy definitely still works!

  26. I think there will no longer be any SEO benefits for guest posting, and if done in a spammy way there could be penalties.

    However they are still worth it for networking and gaining direct traffic.

    • Jon, you are absolutely right. Guest posting for SEO is dead but one can still do guest posts to build relationships and gain more referral traffic.

      I will still guest post when I am less busy. But my posts must add real value to the blogs that should host them.

      I believe so much in reaching out to fellow bloggers and to new audiences. The easiest way to do that in my own opinion, is through guest blogging.

    • Good to have you around to share your understanding Jon. No more benefits from guest posting for SEO = Guest Posting for SEO is dead πŸ˜‰

      Of course I validate the values of networking and direct traffic with networking having more important long term benefits.

      Thanks Jon and do stick around let’s here others’ opinions

    • Hi Jon,

      Great to see you here πŸ™‚

      Yes I think you are right. They can still be a great way to network and bring traffic, especially if a person guest posts on high profile blogs with a lot of authority

      • Thanks Steve. I think the best way is to link to a subscription page, rather than your home page. That way you have a chance of retaining new fans. This will give you more value from your direct traffic.

  27. Yeah, Guest blogging is dead for SEO. Just am writing a post about it along with my guest posts roundup.

    My aim is to get exposure, traffic and affection from other bloggers to do an enhanced blogging. So am not worrying a bit about the latest announcement by Matt Cuts related to guest posts spamming.

  28. Google just got smarter than those who have bastardized the idea of guest posting. Guest posting used to be very respected and guest posters who added great content to other blogs were seen as authorities. It gave them opportunities to build new relationship with other blog owners and their audiences.

    Guest posting had an added advantage of helping to gain more traffic, link juice and improve popularity. It was respected because people took their times to craft highly informative, well researched content to be able to gain the confidence of the host blog and their teeming audiences.

    Then came the scavengers in the name of SEO merchants who took contracts to write guest posts for the purposes of generating multiple backlinks for their clients that were ready to pay hundreds of dollars. The quality of their contents were watered down because they needed to meet up the high demands placed by some lazy bloggers, affiliate marketers, business owners, etc. Content hardly got researched anymore and getting backlinks at all cost became the ultimate. It became nearly impossible to distinguish genuine guest posters from SEO service providers. Guest post gradually began go die slowly.

    Eventually almighty Google took notice of this ugly trend. Readers were no longer getting quality content for their time, advertisers were not getting good stuff for their moneys – the entire system became infiltrated with poor, good-for-nothing content. SEO merchants were raking in millions of dollars by ripping desperate blog and business owners off of their moneys, host blog owners were dissatisfied, and readers were now grumbling. Something urgent needed to be done to save the situation.

    Google had no choice but to descend with its hammer of punishment on the culprits. Poor researched guest posts lost value, and by extension their SEO benefits. Posting for SEO now has no more place value. Guest post for SEO is officially dead according to Matt Cutts. If you must do a guest post and get something out of it, it must be well researched and seen to add value to the host blog, the readers and everyone should see it as truly beneficial.

    Now guest posting for SEO is DEAD! DEAD!! DEAD!!! and buried by Google.

    Thanks Enstine for giving me an opportunity to express myself on this. Do have a wonderful day

    • Rich comment as usual Joe. Thanks for painting the picture of the situation from whence it was profitable through how it got its value reduced to the final death point.

      Now, other readers are crafting their comments to share their views too. Please stick around and possibly respond to them πŸ˜‰

      Wonderful comment

  29. This is the shortest post I have ever read Enstine. I don’t know how you come about this idea of writing a one word post but this seems to be very interesting as readers will surely want to share their views

    I personally think guest posting for seo is dead. Matt’s recent updates emphasied more on good content and networking rather than building links. That to me is the funeral of guest posting for the sake of SEO

    Interesting topic you have left open here. Let’s see or hear what others have to say

    • Hey Marcus,
      Thanks for being so quick in sharing your knowledge with us πŸ˜‰
      Yes, I’m excited and I know this will surely lead to a hot discussion.

      I’d like to know what other readers think about Matt’s recent update so i didn’t want to share my opinion. Let the discussion begin !

      • Marcus,
        Enstine know this will start a good debate if not a flame war.

        I don’t think guest blogging for SEO is dead. We all know that guest posting for spammy link building is dead.

        I am proud that I published a post telling “why I am not accepting guest posts” by showing how accepting can be nasty for bloggers. This was published many days before that Matt Cutts’ viral post about guest blogging.

        Looking forward what others have to say

        • I remember your post Shahzad. It’s great and I recommend it πŸ˜‰
          Thanks for sharing your own views. Please keep an eye on this post for what others will have to say

          I hope this goes on flame as you said πŸ˜‰

    • Marcus, I think Google had to officially kill and bury guest posting for SEO because it had ruined the purposes for which guest posting were originally brought into the blogosphere. It was ceased by people with selfish interest, who cared about the money to be made and cared less about the host blogs and the readers.

      Any system that becomes over abused would definitely lose its purpose and respect. Before Google took action, a lot of bloggers already foresaw it would end that way. It was obvious to most people that the system had been abused seriously. So it’s not surprise at all that Google finally ended the mess.

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