How to get Free JustRetweet Credits!

JustRetweet is an excellent social media platform where you get huge numbers of Twitter followers, Facebook Likes and Google+

It is based on a simple credit system. In this post, let’s see how to get 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and even up to 5000 free credits.

Before showing you what to do to get these free JustRetweet credits, let’s see a bit how the platform works;

After signing in with your Twitter ID, your Twitter profile will instantly be available for others to follow. Each member that follows you earns a certain amount of credits you set aside for the follow action.

You can also add a tweet you want to be retweeted, liked or plused. This platform is for bloggers so they only accept blog posts. Your tweet generally should be the title or short description of your blog post and the url of the article on your blog.

When members retweet, like or plus your tweet, they earn your credits. As a matter of fact, you are to set the amount of credits to be earned by members when they carry out any of these actions. The credits are some sort of a reward or incentive.

The more credits you offer, the more of these actions you get from community members. On the other hand, the more of these actions you carry out on the platform (the more you retweet, like or plus others entries), the more credits you earn too.

justretweet creditsSo these credits keep moving from one account to the other in exchange for a social media action – Tweet, Follow, Like and Plus.

You can basically get hundreds of tweets, likes, plus on your blog post just by being active on JustRetweet.

If your entries on the platform are engaged (retweeted,liked or plused) by members with real profiles, this may translate to some high traffic and sometimes sales.

Is JustRetweet Worth it?

Yes it’s worth the pains. I have seen quite a handsome number of savvy bloggers actively tweeting and liking articles on the platform. If you care so much about your social media counts and traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Google+, give JustRetweet a try.

Did I mention it’s free to join?

How do you get Credits on JustRetweet?


The user in this image above is offering 75 credits for each of the actions I have underlined on red:

  1. 75 credits to retweet this message
  2. 75 credits to like the message
  3. 75 credits to G+

So you get 225 credits if you complete the 3 social media actions. You are not obliged to though.

There are 5 generally known different ways to earn credits on this platform

  1. Follow other members
  2. Tweet others messages
  3. Like others links
  4. Plus others links
  5. Buy credits

How to get Free JustRetweet Credits

The more credits you have on this platform, the more you are likely to benefit from it. JustRetweet has partnered with the number one blogging communities to  help you get up to 5000 credits for free.

Here is how it goes ….

  • Head on to BlogEngage and join. (read this post on 5 reasons why BlogEngage is different from others.
  • If you are not yet on JustRetweet, click here to signup for free (get 100 bonus credits)
  • Contact BlogEngage and to claim your free credits

That’s it!

Over to you

Are you on JustRetweet? What have been your results? Please let me hear you out in the comment box below.

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