How to get Free JustRetweet Credits!

JustRetweet is an excellent social media platform where you get huge numbers of Twitter followers, Facebook Likes and Google+

It is based on a simple credit system. In this post, let’s see how to get 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and even up to 5000 free credits.

Before showing you what to do to get these free JustRetweet credits, let’s see a bit how the platform works;

After signing in with your Twitter ID, your Twitter profile will instantly be available for others to follow. Each member that follows you earns a certain amount of credits you set aside for the follow action.

You can also add a tweet you want to be retweeted, liked or plused. This platform is for bloggers so they only accept blog posts. Your tweet generally should be the title or short description of your blog post and the url of the article on your blog.

When members retweet, like or plus your tweet, they earn your credits. As a matter of fact, you are to set the amount of credits to be earned by members when they carry out any of these actions.Β The credits are some sort of a reward or incentive.

The more credits you offer, the more of these actions you get from community members. On the other hand, the more of these actions you carry out on the platform (the more you retweet, like or plus others entries), the more credits you earn too.

justretweet creditsSo these credits keep moving from one account to the other in exchange for a social media action – Tweet, Follow, Like and Plus.

You can basically get hundreds of tweets, likes, plus on your blog post just by being active on JustRetweet.

If your entries on the platform are engaged (retweeted,liked or plused) by members with real profiles, this may translate to some high traffic and sometimes sales.

Is JustRetweet Worth it?

Yes it’s worth the pains. I have seen quite a handsome number of savvy bloggers actively tweeting and liking articles on the platform. If you care so much about your social media counts and traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Google+, give JustRetweet a try.

Did I mention it’s free to join?

How do you get Credits on JustRetweet?


The user in this image above is offering 75 credits for each of the actions I have underlined on red:

  1. 75 credits to retweet this message
  2. 75 credits to like the message
  3. 75 credits to G+

So you get 225 credits if you complete the 3 social media actions. You are not obliged to though.

There are 5 generally known different ways to earn credits on this platform

  1. Follow other members
  2. Tweet others messages
  3. Like others links
  4. Plus others links
  5. Buy credits

How to get Free JustRetweet Credits

The more credits you have on this platform, the more you are likely to benefit from it. JustRetweet has partnered with the number one blogging communities toΒ  help you get up to 5000 credits for free.

Here is how it goes ….

  • Head on to BlogEngage and join. (read this post on 5 reasons why BlogEngage is different from others.
  • If you are not yet on JustRetweet, click here to signup for free (get 100 bonus credits)
  • Contact BlogEngage and to claim your free credits

That’s it!

Over to you

Are you on JustRetweet? What have been your results? Please let me hear you out in the comment box below.

29 thoughts on “How to get Free JustRetweet Credits!”

  1. I have used sites like like4like and they work but one thing no matter what Facebook likes I get, Facebook traffic is mearge. I am going to try just retweet. Hope this works!

  2. Excellent article Enstine,
    surely, blogengage is my primary source of justretweet credits,

    The social shares generated by justretweet is good – overall, some influential bloggers do use the system making the shares pretty valuable.

    Uttoran Sen,

  3. I just discovered Justretweet from your blog as i have never heard of it before and I think it is awesome. I only joined today but I think those who are looking at is as not effective should consider the fact that even if those that re-tweet your post don’t visit, most of them have an audience and some of those may have interest in your content and it goes from there but I may be wrong so I’ll keep active and see what happens.

  4. Hey Bro,
    Justretweet is a nice platform every blogger should join. I have gained some good followership through there and i must say that the people there are willing to share your post regardless the coins as long as the story is good.

    Thanks for the post and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  5. Excellent article Enstine,
    surely, blogengage is my primary source of justretweet credits,

    The social shares generated by justretweet is good – overall, some influential bloggers do use the system making the shares pretty valuable.

    Uttoran Sen,

  6. its like do and take….
    BTW great sharing about free retweet credits…
    i like this and also very interesting to read it…keep sharing it….

  7. Hey Enstine
    Hope you are doing well.
    Love Just Retweet and use it with every post.
    Sometimes I find the content there a little lacking in quality, but in general it is an awesome way to spread your content.
    Let’s get more people on there!

    • Hey Ashley,
      I think Chris has been relaxing these days letting through a lot of thrash. That’s beginning to wash away the quality we used to know on JustRetweet. Hope he gets back to work with his kick against those low quality entries πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi Enstine,

    This is a great way to promote both Justretweet and BlogEngage at the same time. I have been on both platforms and been very happy with what I have seen and get. Everyone should be using both if they care about their blogs. And to get extra Justretweet by joining Blogengage is a good deal. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • Hey Qasim,
      We have met a couple of times on these platforms and yes, they really are good. With the kind of results members get, they will be around for pretty long time πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Enstine,

    I don’t find anything wrong in using tools like JustRetweet. We will be either just following the fellow twitterer’s or will be just retweeting one of their tweets. This should be fine. As long as it is not a click exchange program, we should be fine.

    • Hey Prasanna,
      You are correct! This is no click exchange program. What I love most about it is the retweet feature. It’s a nice way to pull traffic from Twitter

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and hope you come round again soon

  10. Thanks for the post bro, though am not happy with Fong the owner of justretweet but am a regular there with over 80k credits from Retweeting. I just recently started +1 and fb like

  11. Hi Enstine,

    Informative post yet again dear friend πŸ™‚

    I can understand what Daniel and Rakesh feel, and perhaps to some extent it doesn’t really bring real people to your blog as most of the bloggers or others there would just share your posts on the social media, but that IS a huge plus point in itself I think – that some unknown people are doing that in their circles, which is unlike the usual friends who would do it.

    I recently joined JustRetweet and I do get some amount of traffic from those tweets too, which means some people DO visit my blog also, besides just clicking it, and a few have stopped to comment also. More so, you make new contacts, so all of this only adds to your social profile and recognition – no harm in it at all. I think it’s a great platform to be on.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

    • Hi Harleena,
      I think like in any other system, if you give time to it, you’ll get some results. I often get tweets on my entries from fellow bloggers. I have never offered up to 100 credits yet I get averagely 15 shares a day. For the most part, this generates clicks from the social media sites and from JustRetweet itself.

      I also notice your presence on tweetlow. Any results from it too?

      • Yes, Tweetlow too is good, but still needs more people to join in. I manage to get a few tweets from there as well πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Wow! This is an excellent post on JustRetweet and I thank you for sharing it in such detail. But you were very cleaver with your title. I came here to see if there is a one time deal you are sharing to get those 5000 shares πŸ™‚

    Have a great week my friend!


    • Hey Kumar,
      Good to see you here
      I’ll be catching up with Chris to see if he can sponsor a contest on my blog for my readers to win free credits

      Keep in touch and have a wonderful week ahead

  13. I’ve been in to on board for a while 2 months, but sadly I do not get social shares for my link even I offer 100 credits per likes or shares or re-tweets.

    So I stopped promoting my articles on justretwet.

    Your article help the people who’re active on the platform, thanks to the write up.

    • Hey Naveen you might have been getting something wrong. 100 credits per action is big enough to pull shares so quickly. I get over 10 shares per day with just 50 credits per share. Are you missing something?

      • Enstine, thanks for pointing out, am not sure that I used the extent of up to 100 credits since I used it a month back, but am sure I spent over 50 credits.

  14. I’m not on justretweet, some say is not good to buy social likes, shares because these fans bring ZERO value to you or they show ZERO interest for your business which means no sales, no customers whatsoever. Only genuine fans will help your business because they might buy from you. So the bottom line is to engage with others and create relationships, they will become your fans, they will recommend you to others and so on. Last time I read about this was on socialmediatoday.

    • Excellent point Daniel, Even i have the same feelings for this type of retweet or social sharing, most of the time these retweeter does not even bother to visit the site they just share your link in thier network just for the sake of points you offers does not matter what you are actually asking them to share.

    • Hey Daniel
      How are you today man?
      NB: JustRetweet does not sell social actions. It’s just like triberr except that people share your contents and get rewarded with credits. When your content is shared on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you get clicks to your links.

      You may have to take a look

      • Today not so well, here in my country the weather changed, is cold, I hate it πŸ˜€
        Regarding justretweet, I understand what does because you explained well LO0ol
        Do have a wonderful week ahead my friend. Always a pleasure talking with you!

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