How to Develop a Successful Marketing Mindset

No matter how much you work you cannot succeed online without a successful marketing mindset.

Top marketers act effectively, intelligently and persistently over years to successfully market their businesses.

Failing marketers throw in the cyber towel after weeks or months of failed, ineffective actions.

If you want to develop a successful marketing mindset, know that the shift occurs inside out. No particular actions may change but your generosity, persistence and service may multiply immediately after you do your inner work.

Follow these tips to think, feel and act like a successful marketer.

Be Generous

Being generous may be a stark difference for you.

Most marketers operate from a conditional model. Do A. Add B. Measure effectiveness based on C, or, results like traffic, profits, conversions or other metrics.

This line of thinking needs to go if you want to think, feel and act like a winning marketer.

You may observe metrics after 1-2 months to gauge overall effectiveness but focusing heavily on helping people without looking for results after all interactions or creations is the smart way to be a successful marketer.

Top marketers over deliver, meaning these pros give freely of their time and talent without obsessing over money or traffic outcomes yielded through their value sharing.

Help as many people as possible today without trying to squeeze anything out of them. Be generous. Be mindful. Be helpful. Do not give with conditions in mind, holding back because you’re not getting a customer or client through the interaction.

Giving freely is hands down the easiest way to develop a successful marketing mindset although giving generously feels uncomfortable some times.

Over the long haul, all of your generous giving expands your presence like wildfire. Any marketer in your niche who appears to be everywhere did a fair amount of giving to increase their online exposure so freely.

Study Happy and Successful Marketers

Some marketers develop the skill of manifesting worldly success by manipulating people and numbers through hacks, techniques and calculated strategies. These people are rarely happy because the happiest marketers manifest worldly success by following their passion, patiently and persistently.


Winning, happy, successful marketers follow their passion persistently and patiently to manifest stunning, exponentially increasing success over the long haul. Following these energized pros shows you; good things take time.

Not only will you see greater success over the long haul but you will also enjoy the marketing ride by following happy, prospering marketing leaders in your niche.

Marketers who manipulate numbers and people with money or fear-based, aggressive marketing tactics may make 7 figures a year but do so miserably because you cannot outrun your conscience, no matter how much money you make.

Ask Why?

Why are you marketing? Tie the reason to something fun and freeing to take the happy marketing path leading to the greatest success. Kick money based drivers to the curb to avoid the struggles and muted success suffered through by greedy, desperate marketers.

Develop a successful marketing mindset by making your work the ultimate reward. Follow your passion. Market predominantly for fun. Your work will feel like the reward. Money, traffic and fame feel like extra, or a bonus, or icing on the cake for marketers who think, feel and act like pros because they choose to market a niche they felt passionate about.

Spend Substantial Time Away from Work

Does this idea seem counter intuitive?

Consider it by thinking the idea through.

Icons like Richard Branson advise entrepreneurs to pull back from work regularly to be well-rested, recharged, clear-thinking and energized for the long journey ahead.

Working yourself to the bone indicates a heavy fear-based driver nipping at your heels. Using fear as a temporary driver may produce short term results but being driven by fear over the long haul leads to struggles, failure and sickness.

Take a 5-10 minute break every working hour. Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Spend at least 1-2 hours working on your mindset and exercising daily. Take time off from work every day to enjoy time with your friends or family.

Learning to pull back from your marketing campaign helps you cultivate the art of surrender. Letting go after you’ve completed your work for the day is a chief quality in the most successful entrepreneurs and marketers who trust in the process.

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