Exactly How I made My first $500+ Online with ZERO skills!

I started online in 2009, promoting a Clickbank DIY solar energy product. In those days, we rode the old horse called Article Marketing. I also had my first steps into Google PPC.

That was what actually triggered my first ever sale online.

The Clickbank product I promoted paid $33.33 commission per sale. It was such an excitement when I saw this in my account.

Though that excitement was a huge motivating factor, it soon got quenched by the fact that I had to means to cash out my earnings.

Well, in this post, I don’t want to rant about what happened with my Clickbank money. I soon found out something else that generated over $500 so let’s talk about it.

I was no way near good when I made my first $500+

While browsing the net looking for ways to make money, I came across the terms PLR. After reading thoroughly about these term, I knew I was close to becoming an author.

300x250 General Banner

Making money online these days has become highly facilitated. The only thing you need is a thinking brain and perhaps, some little amount of money worth one or two cups of coffee.

To be quite frank, Affiliate Marketing is becoming a hard nut to break. Many bloggers and marketers don’t see the results they claim they do.

People are now looking for different ways to make money. Some have tried for years but they’ve never made anything near $100.

Product creation is hard. Some say you can hire experts if you don’t have the skills. That’s beautiful but you need to spend considerably.

But I made my first $500 from spending just $22. I could make more if I was a bit serious about it.

I was new online with no experience. I had no money to invest on traffic. I didn’t know anyone to help me promote. Besides, Internet connection was damn expensive in my country.

I still could make $500 after spending $22. I think if you follow my steps now, with the massive availability of resources today, you can be more successful.

How it really began – the way to my first $500+

It all began when I came across the term PLR. That means Private Label Right. It’s a kind of license that allows you complete control over someone else’ digital products.

That means if you buy a product with a PLR license, you are free to change anything about it and that includes the author’s name.

In today’s Internet Marketing World, you can get anything including articles, videos, audios, websites, and software with PLR licenses. What’s even more exciting is that they are very cheap. Almost anyone can buy one 😉

I came across a PLR platform and I knew I could just buy a package on it and completely make it mine. So I browsed it and located a dog training PLR ebook package. It had everything I needed to run a business online;

  • A complete website (Sales copy, Contact page, refund policy page, privacy policy page, etc)
  • A pdf file of over 40 pages
  • An MSWORD version of the pdf file (I could modify the way I wanted)
  • Professional image (website graphics including dog pictures)
  • PSD version of all those graphics so I could change the design the way I wanted
  • A page for affiliates with a few banners
  • Etc

And the price?


So I happily bought a copy

how I made my first 500

Instantly, the product was delivered!

I was completely blank about anything dog training but I was ready to face any challenging questions. So I did some research and read a couple of posts and documents to gather some ideas.

At the end, I bought a domain name, did some changes on the website that was delivered in the package, came up with a fake name as the owner of the product (Fake because I was completely blank about dog training), I completely re-branded the product so it doesn’t look like any other copy in the market.

I now have my own product I can sell and keep 100% of the money. I uploaded to Clickbank and was approved, but…

  • I had no idea what it meant to train a dog
  • I had no idea where and how to sell the product
  • I had no idea how to recruit affiliates to help promote
  • I had no idea what to do should questions come up from happy buyers
  • I had no idea what the business looked like
  • Etc

All I knew was, I was going to sell that product and make money, and yes I did. It was easy to rank in those days. With a few articles on some Web 2.0 sites like squidoo.com and article marketing sites like ezinearticles.com, etc

So my product was up and running, hanging on Google page #1 for a couple of keywords. That was absolutely amazing as I got a few clicks from Google. I also had some affiliates on Clickbank who opted to promote the product.

Ding dang! bang bang!

I’m fueled! Sales are coming in!

clickbank sales

And now, my first sale got me more than 100% profit. A product bought at $22.50 now sales at $47

Maybe I overpriced the product. Remember I was just stating 😉

After this, there were many more sales. These were not consistent though. But I got about 11 sales before competition got fierce on Google page #1 and I was pushed off that page.

I had no idea what to do to maintain that position. It was not any Google update that took me off. It was just competition and I couldn’t stand it.

But why am I telling you this?

I want you to stop sitting there and thinking you can’t do it. No matter your level of experience, you can make money online now.

The PLR industry is not dead yet. There is everything you need to start a profitable business online with very little investment.

If you’ve never made a dollar online, you can make your first earnings in the next couple of weeks with a little determination.

Most of you have done some affiliate marketing on your blog. Every morning, you are checking your affiliates accounts and nothing seems to be moving. The only thing you see is:

7 clicks, $0.00 commission!

And you are already yawning;

no affiliate marketing sales

Try something else

There are options for you and one of them is do like I did. I know a lot has changed and you can’t easily get that first spot on Google page #1. But you can still sell something on your blog.

The first step is to have something to sell. If you have nothing, you sell nothing right? So head over to Ron’s PLR Store where you find thousands of interesting PRL/MRR products in different categories.

plr store

Here you find ebooks you can give away for free and build your list or charge a fee. It all depends on you.

Apart from ebooks, you have audios, videos, complete website packages, etc and these won’t cost you too much money.

I was looking at this MRR product called Zero Cost Website Traffic. It’s an ebook (just like the dog ebook I bought) with everything you need to sell and make money. And the price is just $17

plr Zero Cost Website Traffic

The suggested price is $67. That means you buy for $17 and charge $67 per copy. You are not obliged to sell at this price though


I just showed you how I took the risk as a complete newbie, spent $22.50 on a PLR product and sold over 10 copies making over $500.

I might have spent some little more on domain name and hosting but the outcome was impressive.

I also have shown you where you can get many of such products and how you too can own your own money making product without spending too much money

It’s now left for you to take action. Go grab something to give your readers for free and build your list or charge a fee and make money.

Everyone (that includes you) can make money online today whether you have the skills to create a product or  not. What it requires is the right information and you just got it here.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box

72 thoughts on “Exactly How I made My first $500+ Online with ZERO skills!”

  1. Hi Enstine,
    interesting to hear your experience about your first sale. I had no idea that you’ve been doing this stuff for 10 years already. Congratulations. And yeah, anyone can earn money online but it takes hard work as it is getting harder and harder to crack Google.

  2. Great idea that I hadn’t thought of. This information has given some insights on the use Click Bank and Promote Products through it. You know article marketing has become so sophisticated that it like it’s rocket science. affiliate marketing 100% works

  3. Many people never make money online because they think that it’s for super smart people and you have shown that it’s not true. Great post.

  4. Wow that was a great case study and very inspiring. I have always been wary of using PLR products but after reading this it has given me reason to make use of PLR material. I already have a free membership with idplr, I think I may upgrade and follow your case study and see if I can be as successful as well.

  5. Selling ebooks through Clickbank can turn to be a very profitable business if you have a good presentation page that can be shown to people interested.
    Beside Clickbank I remember that I sold before Amazon products, but the sells were not very good because my main audience was interested to find news about the renewable energy sector, not expensive products related to solar and wind power.
    So, I ended selling on December, 2016, some Christmas tree lights (led lights) at $14.99.
    I always prefer to sell cheaper, but useful products instead of waiting months until I sell an expensive product or service.

  6. You have a nice cool site as well as the post you are sharing in your blog. I am looking forward to read great post like this that is surely an inspiration to many startup bloggers.

    Great work!

  7. wow, is this real, i cant believe it, but as it is said, you need to know something to earn something, its all in your head and how to take it out

  8. Hi Enstine im reading your blog after a long time..PLR is still alive but it takes good markeing..im having a plr product site friend im planning to sell it..would you like to check it

  9. Nice share. That’s how I got started online too. I got over 25 quality ebooks with resell rights and sell them off as a package for token. Still selling till this very moment…

  10. Hi Enstine
    This is really clear method how to make money online. I do really appreciate that, thanks. For info, I’m familiar with Private Label Rights (PLR) but to be quite frank, I’ve had never make money using PLR.

    The issue with most of make money online is to get traffic ( free, paid ) and to convert it into sales. How to return of profits scales against the investment of ( time – free traffic, money – paid traffic ). Am i right?

    I can see that you’re used Article Marketing as a method of traffic, but i’m wondering about your statement below, are you tried to say that article marketing is not relevant yet these days or you mean something else.
    “we rode the old horse called Article Marketing”

    I know that article marketing had a benefit as below:
    :: Its free ( submitting to article databases is completely free )
    :: Links ( it can increase traffic, if we’re link back to own website )
    :: Page-Rank ( can place links in the articles, which can increase page-rank own website )

    Also, i knew few of the most popular and most highly ranked article databases are:
    1/ Squidoo
    2/ ezinearticles
    3/ Goarticles
    4/ Hubpages

    As i’m asked earlier, do article marketing still relevant these days for generate traffic? Thank you so much for this useful knowledge. Love to learn more from you.

    PS: Thanks for introduce Ron’s PLR Store, to be honest, i did’t know this PLR store until i’m read this article.


  11. hey!
    Thanks for the tips!
    When i started online marketing i had, like a lot of people, any skills! But i found great guides for free who really helped me to find my way.
    You can find them here :::>https://goo.gl/rxts30

  12. Hi Enstine

    This is a breather. You know article marketing has become so sophisticated that it like it’s rocket science.

    It is a good thing you shared this with us. Thank you and have a swell week. Take care

  13. Hi Enstine,

    I’m one of your subscribers form may years!

    I love Your all blog Posts.

    I’ve created a platform to publish and share decision trees (www.iboske.com).

    Initially I’m not sharing the beta version publicly, but I would love that you test it: https://www.iboske.com/beta/

    As the best explanation is an image, I’ve created a decision tree based on one of your blog post https://enstinemuki.com/exactly-made-first-500-online/

    When I read your post, I knew it would be great to create a decision tree on that.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll create some more based on your advice, always giving you credit for that.

    Thanks for your useful Post!!!

  14. Very impressive Enstine!

    Thanks for showing us the way! And it’s very encouraging,
    that the PLR marketing option, is still extremely viable.

    And obviously back then, you were clearly a beginner, and yet
    you were still able to stick with the entire process, long enough
    to produce some very impressive stats.

    Thanks so much for sharing your initial leap into the online marketing
    world.It’s nice to hear a true and respected expert, recall their extremely humble

  15. Hey Enstine,
    Thanks for sharing how you made your first $500 online.
    For me, it took almost 6-7 months to hit that figure and that was after working online for over a year. I still work hard to make a good amount of money every month and most of it comes from affiliate marketing only.

  16. Great post and information. I have quite a few things (ideas) that you have given me and now I just need to carve out the time to get them up and running.

    Thank you so much, Enstine for all of your support and encouragement.

  17. Your story motivated me again to do something great. You are a great inspiration to me. Aspiring to be in your position in the coming decades 🙂

  18. Hey Enstine,

    What a great story you’ve shared!

    The PLR strategy rocks. Sure there’s a bit more work initially, but as you say, when the sales start flowing you keep all the money. Can’t be bad.

    Creating blog content around the product is a sound strategy although now it’s much harder to rank content, but with persistence and a good keyword strategy it can still be done.

    Thanks also for sharing Ron’s PLR store – one of the best sites for PLR products.

    For me, the main thing is to get people onto my list. From there the relationship is built and offers like a good PLR offer (or something else), can be promoted with gusto.

    Thanks for sharing Enstine

    You’re a star!


    • Hi Kim,
      It’s an exciting Monday and thanks for making it up to my blog. Thanks for the comment 😉

      It’s tougher today to rank and that’s correct. However, some niches are still not as competitive as ours, making it less difficult to stand out. Besides, using PLR to build ones list can be a very good idea, especially for those without a product.

      I hope you are kicking off on a good footing this week 😉

  19. Hi Enstine. PLR is a great idea that I hadn’t thought of. I remember when I first started making money online. It really is a great feeling, just like you said. I started with some article marketing too. I remember writing on Squidoo and EzineArticles. I haven’t even thought about them in years. I had forgotten about Squidoo (apparently HubPages bought them because it redirects there now).

    There are many ways to get online with an inexpensive product. PLR is a great choice. Thanks for sharing your story.

  20. This information has given some insights on the use Click Bank and Promote Products through it. I have registered to CB quite a long back and never understood how to use it to promote a promote from them. But now I got some valuable knowledge from this article and I hope I can get through that blank phase of CB underutilisation thing. Thanks a ton for this great article Enstine…:)

  21. Affiliate marking works good for me. When I started blog, I thought to use Adsense as primary monetizing source. But affiliate marketing is much better and offers better value for efforts.
    All we need to understand what kind of products we can promote

  22. Hello Enstine,

    love your post, thanks for sharing the Ron’s PLR Store is very amazing niche share.. your post give me a awesome idea now its time to try it..


  23. Hello Enstine,

    L:oved the story about your very first $22.50 sale and then your first $500 in earnings.

    I bet in 10 years from now you’ll still remember the excitement of discovering that ClickBank commission payment!

    Your post will give folks inspiration and hope if they are battling to earn their first income online.

    The affiliate marketing model is still a very effective way to earn money online IF you do it correctly. Provided your mindset is not one of “overnight success” and you are willing to put the in the effort, I firmly believe that affiiate marketing is still a great option to use.

    This business model gave me my first experience of 4 figure days so maybe I’m a bit biased!

    The other point I’d like to share Enstine is that I don’t believe in trying to sell anything from my blog apart from the chance to join my tribe.

    Yes I am proud of the affiliate offers I have and I know many readers will definitely disagree with this strategy but it works for me.

    I much prefer to use my blog as my “welcome mat” online and to then build relationships with my email subscribers BEFORE I try to offer them anything via an email marketing approach.

    Thanks again for this great share Enstine – I’ve shared it everywhere as so many folks will benefir from reading this post

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    • Hi Peter,
      First thanks for sharing this article everywhere. I do really appreciate that buddy.

      You know why people fail online is that they want to do like others. You have to test out, locate what works for you and focus on it no matter what others say.

      After all, it’s not about them. It’s about you

      So I recommend focusing on the strategy that works for you and don’t be influenced by others report. Personally, if I need some quick money, I’ll mail my list. That’s proof that a huge list of targeted subscribers is pure gold. Therefore, your strategy works 😉 so build on it buddy 😉

      It’s weekend! I’m having fun with kid 😉

  24. Hey there Enstine,

    Great post here man. Love your story. Nothing beats that overwhelming excitement of having your first sale. My first sale happened while I was at a party. Someone I connected with personally at an event checked out my blog post and literally bought everything I was selling which amounted to around $500 as well. I always smile when I think of that moment because that’s when everything started.

    Great job! Keep it up my friend.

  25. Hello Enstine.. thanks for the great post again but can you please confirm me that after going through PLR platform you really got this all. I am eager to listen from you..

  26. Hi Enstine,

    This is very detailed and practical, the concept you should describe or summaries above can changed the financial status of any determined online marketer – even a newbie can try this out.

    Though, some process of it require some level of experience and skills but this too don’t have to stop anyone determine to change is financial status for better in his track.

    PLR products are a great wat to go over the products creation hurdles, but one has to be careful with what you throw out there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hello Enstine,
    Like always, your story motivated me again to do something great. You are a great inspiration whom every newbie internet marketer should follow.

    Thank you!

  28. Dear Enstine,
    This is very effective analysis to promote good Plr product through click bank. The idea and practical apraoch is very good.
    Thanks for the excellent practical story.
    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  29. Hey to my good buddy, Enstine,

    Great post and information. I have quite a few things (ideas) that you have given me and now I just need to carve out the time to get them up and running.

    Thank you so much, Enstine for all of your support and encouragement.

  30. Hello Enstine, perhaps you need to see me behind the screen while typing this post. Why? Because you have just handed me a business- in-a- box template and I am so excited about the whole concept. Though the whole process might be more than that explained here, it is soothing to note that with sheer determination you made it and that I too can make it. Now I know I have my guns set, it’s left for me to fire them.

    But if I may ask which payment processor do you suggest I should use to be able to receive my sales proceeds since I do not want to experience what you went through initially.

    Thanks for this useful and helpful post

    • George, you are awesome 😉
      I saw you jubilation and I was wondering what was going on in your mind. Now I know and I’m joining you in the dance 😉

      Now, which country are you? Do you have Paypal?

      You can try Dealguardian. There are other options but let me know your country so we can get the option that accepts it

      • Yes! I have a verified paypal account. I live in Nigeria. I have tried to avoid transacting with my paypal because it is tied to my bank account. Government regulations do prop up any time about foreing exchange dealings, hence I am shying away for now. Nothing illegal. Just don’t want to be tied down by officialdom.


  31. Hi Enstine,
    As always something important and good. This is the first time I am reading about PLR. So I will definitely take a deep look for the same.
    Thanks for the share.

    • Hey Robin,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing your voice.

      PLR are a good source even to get something awesome as free gift to your readers. Browse the site I mentioned and you’ll see some really good products

      Good luck bro

  32. Hi Enstine,

    You have given a good resource to me today, I am glad I landed on this post at the right time to make some money, I am doing affiliate marketing since one year it is not earning me much money as I expected like professional bloggers.

    We have to find new ways to earn money without depending on traditional methods present bloggers are following, anyway thanks for sharing the great information, see you soon with another article.

    • Thanks Siddaiah and I really hope trying PLR will put some little more money in your pocket.

      Did you get a copy of my course on Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers?

      Check it out bro

  33. Hello Enstine,

    Another inspiring article from you.

    The first time i heard of PLR was on this blog and I’ve not been able to figure out how it works. Now I have full confidence in myself that i can do it…If you can make $500 with ZERO skill, what am I doing online?

    Thanks so much for this!

  34. Hi Enstin
    I am sorry my ipad was playing havoc!
    It looks like it doesn’t like your name
    I typed again but of no use, and at last I
    Succeeded without an ‘e’ in your name,
    I am really Sorry! Summer started in southern part of India,
    Interrupted power supply! So started using Ipad!
    Pl, fix it

  35. Hi East new,
    You are amazing person indeed!
    As Avenue Sangamon said:
    indeed you are a zero to HERO!
    Great tips are shared here!
    Thanks for the notification
    Keep sharing keep helping
    ~ Philip

  36. Interesting is your story from zero how you entered into online money making.

    PLR is still not very known to people busy in making business through their blog.

    I’m happy that, this is going to force them to read & experiment with PLR into a business module of their own.

    Thanks, bro, you always inspire people!

  37. Hello Estine.

    I have tried selling a few PLR products on my site. They have worked but not to my expectation. But overall this is a great way to make quick income without doing much efforts on the product part.

    Promotion is going to play the key role in this technique.

    • Hi Bilal,
      Yes the key to succeeding here (and in other businesses) is promotion.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences and adding to the post.

      Do have a wonderful week bro

  38. These are just awesome tricks you always provide your visitors about making money online. You are just mind blowing Enstine Sir 🙂

  39. Thank You so much for the Inspirational Story of your Earning, Zero to Hero…..
    Great Job 🙂

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