How to drive Leads with About Me Pages!

About me pages have historically been one of the most under-treated pages on webmasters’ sites. Most commonly, bloggers end up talking about what their favorite vacation spots are or how their eight-year old won the spelling bee while standing on one foot.

They rarely are used as a functional part of the website’s lead funnel and that’s a bit of a problem considering they are one of the most visited pages on a site.

Every page on a site should serve an integral purpose that contributes to the higher goal which in most cases should be driving leads into your funnel that can then be converted into sales.

That’s not to say it’s all business and no fun. The key is to find the right balance between painting the picture of who you are as a person while also leading your readers down the path to becoming a subscriber to your list and your products or services.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve this balance and what elements you need:

Your Lead Magnet

about me page

Every site should really have a lead magnet. We won’t get into the mechanics of lead magnets as that’s a whole different topic. In essence, you want to have something to offer your audience that helps alleviate a problem they’re having. At the very least it should lead them down the path of solving it. Your lead magnet should be something that your audience would run across broken glass to have.

Your lead magnet should be something that your audience would run across broken glass to have.

Yes, it should be that irresistible.

This may be a free ebook, cheat sheet, checklist or other awesome resource that can help your readers. On my site, I simply took a recent case study I did with Brian Dean and turned it into a downloadable PDF in exchange for an email. What your lead magnet is will obviously depend on your readers and what will connect to your product offerings. The quality of your lead magnet can make or break the rest of these efforts so take some time to really think about what problem your audience has and what they need to get it fixed.

Work Backwards

Too often, people work forwards without much thought on how to connect what they’re starting with to what the end goal is. It’s much easier to start with the end goal (generating leads) and working backwards so that the beginning is directly in sync with the end. This means you should understand the feeling and emotional state your reader would need to be in to want to subscribe to your lead magnet.

Open with a Benefit Driven Statement or Question

Position yourself as the right person to solve the problem your readers are having by asking them a question that answers with a resounding “YES!”.

Some examples may be:

  • Are you looking to end social anxiety once and for all?
  • Do you want more self-confidence in your daily life?
  • Are you having trouble writing an awesome “about me” page?

By starting with a benefit driven question or statement you are immediately positioning yourself as the person that not only has faced the problem they have but has also overcome it and can show them how to do it.

It’s Actually About Them

As much as this is technically an “about me” page, let’s be honest, your readers are only partially interested in your daily life and how cool your family is. What they really want to know is are you the person that can solve the problem they have? Your about me page should be just as much about your readers as about yourself. When you’re crafting your about me page content it should speak directly to them, the problems they’re facing and instill trust. Writing in a casual, conversational tone will help connect on a human level and lower defenses.

Put it All Together

Now that we’ve covered the elements needed to blend a cool about me page with the functionality of a lead generation asset, it’s simply a matter of putting it all together. Craft the language in your content to blend your personality along with the authority of being the person that can solve the problem your reader has. Your tone should be friendly but authoritative. Your content should instill trust in your reader that you have a solution for them and if they just take a (very small) leap of faith (subscribing to your list) you can begin the process of helping them overcome that problem.

Pitch Your Lead Magnet

about me pageThis should go without saying, but don’t forget to add a call to action in your content for your lead magnet. Don’t be shy about it. Ask for their email and explain how awesome what you have is and why they’d be a fool for not getting on board. Your readers need to be told what to do after they read your content, so don’t beat around the bush. Ask for it directly and they’ll be glad you’re leading them in the right direction.

Testing and Tweaking

Once everything is in place, the job isn’t over. Be sure to test, tweak and try out new headlines or calls to action to see which produce the best results for your about me page over time. You’ll be surprised that by simply changing the language in a certain headline you may increase (or decrease) your lead flow substantially. The only way to find out what works is to test them on a regular basis. With enough testing and attention, your about me page should turn into a handsome lead generation asset for your website that illustrates who you are as a person and pulls its weight as a functional part of your business.

Wrapping Up

Putting together an about me page that helps drive leads for your website isn’t really that hard if you understand the journey that the reader is going through. Take them by the hand, show them how to do it and get them on your list.

17 thoughts on “How to drive Leads with About Me Pages!”

  1. What? How come I never thought of this? This is a completely new idea that you’ve given me. Yes, I have an about me page but I have never viewed it from this angle of lead generation. This is so good.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Mike – Agree with you that About Me page is highly important. As a blogger, it is your introduction to the reader. It is helpful for the reader to know the interests of blogger and what kind of blogs to expect going forward. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  3. Hi Enstine

    It’s amazing what can change in a year, so I make it a practice to update my About Me page every year (at least). I’ve recently finished this year’s update, so I’d better check it out against these very useful recommendations.

    Thanks, Joy

  4. Hi Mike,
    Most of the site visitors check the about me page. And about me page leaves an impression on them, depending on the kind of things written in about me page. And they from the about me page judge the mentality and writing capability of a person. so, overall about me page plays an important role.
    And also thanks for sharing this amazing post, helped me to grasp some good points.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I first heard about this strategy from Brian Dean. And just started using it. I have no results to share yet but I know my ‘about’ page enjoys a high viewership. Will keep my fingers crossed and see how things go.

  6. Good one Mike!

    And thanks to Enstine for featuring this post.

    It’s certainly a topic I have a lot of interest in and have recently written about the About page and how to get more oomph from it.

    You make valid points here. All pages need a lead magnet offer, prominently displayed – particularly the About page.

    To me, the About page is an opportunity for businesses to strut their stuff, as long as they do it in a customer centric way. As you say, people want their problems solved, and the About page represents a golden opportunity to demonstrate competency in this area.

    Marketers can also use the About page expand the prospective customer’s vision of what is possible if they bought the product or service. This can go beyond being about problem solving and if done correctly will give the reader another compelling reason to make an inquiry.

    Great stuff Mike


  7. Hey Mike,

    I’m glad that I ran into this post. It’s the end of the year and I want to start the 2016 new year with a great bang. I think working backwards by revamping your About Me page would be a great start. There’s one specific person who I want to attract more of, and the best way to do this is showing them I’m the right person that can answer their problems.

    Thanks for the post and I wish you an even more prosperous new year! Have a good one!

  8. A very informative and straight to the point article from a professional.

    Thanks for sharing this great resource.

    I found it helpful.

  9. Hey enstine,
    This post was the best post which i have read today, Thanks for taking effort crafting high quality content 🙂 & sharing your clear cut ideas with us it’s making me to learn something new everyday 😀 ! Again thanks for sharing your precious knowledge & time online 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Issac paul

  10. Hello Enstine, Nice to meet mike here this morning.. Of course I do have an about page and cannot believe it when I hit a site without one, Yikes! But I do agree with you Mike that it should not be all about yourself, People are there looking for something, Right? So you had better have some way to let them know what you can do for them.

    Wow Great Information. I do need to take me another look at my about page.

    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Holidays Fella’s
    Chery :))

  11. Hi Enstine,

    About me page is most visited page on our blog, whenever a new visitor comes to our blog impresses by our writing them immediately he will land our about me page, most of the bloggers are not concentrating on building the best about me page.

    Recently made so many customizations to my about me page but not include a lead magnet, thanks for sharing information about me page as the lead magnet, see you soon.

  12. This post explained me the importance of a “About Me” page, frankly I never though about creating one.

    But one question, for tech related blogs, is it necessary to have a “About Me” page ? Isn’t the About Us page is sufficient?

    Thanks Mike for sharing this very well written guide.

    • Arnab, if you are a team of people you could apply everything here to an ‘about us’ page as well. You can also do both.

      For example, if you are the CEO or head of your company, people will still want to know about the person ‘who started it all’. Great opportunity to have a page about your whole team and then a separate page about you individually. That’s totally optional though. As long as your ‘about us’ page covers the main points here, you should be fine.

  13. Hi Mike,

    Nice to see you here 🙂 It is an excellent idea, we can drive leads using about me page. You are absolutely right, it is most visited pages, everyone who enjoy the content, want to know who are behind this excellent stuff.

    Yes, you are absolutely right, every website owner should collect leads and for this, every website needs lead magnet at right location.


  14. Awesome post. I Agree with Mike on all the points. Enstine has lead magnets on two places on his blog and thats awesome.
    One is on the above fold and one below posts.

    Nice post Mike, awesome to see you here.

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