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In today’s Positionly review, I want to introduce you to a world-class online seo software and a perfect WebMeUp alternative. Positionly is specifically designed with the sole purpose to take you to page one of search engines and keep you at that most attractive spot for so long.

You won’t want to be a blind  ignorant blogger or website owner, will you? If you are smart like me, you would want to know what happens to your website’s SERP position every day that goes by. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself as an online entrepreneur; 

  • Is my website gaining new ranking position on SERP?
  • Am I dropping or moving up the SERP?
  • Is my blog gaining new backlinks?
  • Are my competitors doing better than me?
  • What do I need to do to get better on search engines?
  • Etc

You understand that you can’t answer these questions properly without the help of a world class seo tool. This is where Positionly.com comes in to breath answers and make your SEO experience more friendly.

Positionly Review – The pro-level SEO tracking tools!

positionly reviewPositionly is the best way to track and improve your website’s rankings in search engines. It’s a set of simple, powerful seo tools that make tracking search engine rankings fast and easy. It helps you monitor daily changes, measure keyword performance, and improve rankings with simplicity. It is simply pro-level SEO tracking tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface.

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If you have been a disappointed WebMeUp client, this is one of the most appropriate WebMeUp alternatives.

Add your website to begin!

One of the first things you do after signing up is to add your website using the very simple yet powerful wizard.

positionly add website

On the next screen, you will have to tell the system which search engines and countries you like to track the position of your website.  It’s important to note that your position on SERPs differs in different locations and of course different search engines. The results you also get differ with location.

If you live in United States you’ll most likely receive results from United States for the typed query. Let’s assume that you look for a quite broad phrase like, petrol station. The results shown for the query would be relevant, but only if you would be in the UK or any other country where petrol station is commonly used. In US, the term gas station would be probably better.

Based on your physical location or the keyword that could highlight the local character of the information you are looking for, you’ll get city-specific results. For example:

If you’re looking for a restaurant you’d be more interested in finding a one nearby rather than the best restaurant in the country, right?

Ok. You are allowed up to 5 search engines and 5 countries. For USA and United Kingdom, you can go as far as tracking for local ranking.

positionly website tracking

Obviously, you are going to be tracking your position for certain keywords on SERP. At this point, you need to enter these keywords, one per line.

Note that once your campaign is complete, you will be able to enter more keywords, remove some or group them.

keyword tracking with positionly

What next?

Positionly will pull up a summary report as you can see from the image below. Now I loved this when I got to this point. I entered 4 keywords but the tool was able to pull more from my domain.

search ranking for positionlyYou see it’s quite easy to add your domain and get going. Now let’s look at other facilities in this online seo tracking tool;

– > Google Analytics Connection

Connecting to Google Analytics gives an exciting user experience.  There are three reasons for connecting Positionly with your Google Analytics account:

  1. You’ll be able to import keywords from which you’re getting traffic.
  2. You can see the traffic you’re getting from each entered keyword on the charts.
  3. You will be able to see your paid and referral traffic on one simple graph too!

google analytics with positionly

– > Competitive analysis

Postionly helps you compare your rankings with your competitors for a particular keyword. Such an analysis will give information on how well your overall website is performing in comparison to other websites that are trying to rank in Google for those keywords.

There are  two ways to add competitors you want to spy on;

  1. Positionly will automatically fetch and add competitors based on the keywords you submit.
  2. You can manually add more competitors using the the Competitors Tab in your Websites Menu.

positionly Competitive analysisIn SEO, the fight for the top position on SERP will never die down. You will constantly need to keep an eye on your competitors so they will not outrank and kick you off page #1

– > Positionly and Backlinks!

Let’s continue this positionly review by looking at how this excellent seo tool handles backlinks. We know that the strength of top SERP ranking is backlinks. So we are interested in what happens to our backlinks –

  • Are we gaining or losing links?
  • Are the gained links nofollow or dofollow?
  • What is the DA or PR strength of the page and domain linking to us?
  • Etc

With Positionly, you can check and track your link building progress and see how it impacts your rankings growth.

When analyzing backlinks, you have a few metrics to consider. Positionly makes it incredibly easy to check the backlinks you get. Thanks to simple and visual graph you’ll be able to evaluate and fully understand how your backlink profile impacts your rankings and overall SEO results.

backlinks with positionlyThere are many filtering options that help you jump straight to list specific backlinks that meet certain conditions – dofollow, nofollow, anchor text, date, page linked on your site, etc

– > Positionly Notifications

Now, there are different types of notifications you get from this seo online tool. However, you are able to set what you get and the frequency from within your account settings page.

positionly notificationsLooking at these options, I particularly recommend not to disable any option. Position notifications will keep you informed on any gain or loss on SERP position for any keyword you rank for. While the Backlink notification will update on new and lost backlinks. These are all crucial data to keep an eye on

– > Positionly mobile!

I would have been shocked if this first-class SEO tool did not have a mobile app. However, as I write this review, Positionly for iPhone is available from the App Store. You can find out more about the app here: https://positionly.com/iphone. Development is currently going on for Android and Windows Phone 8

positionly mobile

Customer Satisfaction and tesimonials

Positionly has a broad customer base including startups, SEO and marketing agencies. Its clients already include TD Bank Opower, ESPN and TUI. Here are some of these satisfied customers;

Mariusz Gralewski, CEO − Docplanner!
“Positionly is the only solution on the market that provides a simple and transparent way to monitor the effectiveness of thousands of phrases in search engines”. Docplanner.com

customer service with positionlyMike Slaats, Owner & Head of the SEM team, Qlickonline
“In 2013, we switched to Positionly as our tool for SEM, partly because of the excellent usability and honest price”. qlickonline.nl

positionly Domingo KarstenDomingo Karsten, Managing Director & Partner
How we manage hunderds of tiny niche keywords, to attract tens of thousands monthly organic visitors. solden.be

Start your 14 day trial! Absolutely free!

Unlike most online seo tools, you can take a Positionly test drive with absolutely no engagement. Your Credit Card data is never a requirement. The 14 day trial gives you full access so you can appreciate the tool before making a decision to continue.

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  1. Interesting article, My Blog Visitors recent months experienced a decrease in traffic, there seemed to be some way that I can apply here. Thank you for the information.

  2. Hi Enstine sir,

    Great reviews indeed!
    This is really very great reviews about this SEO software and it has lots of fuction like top keyword. I want to check this tools. I hope this tools help me to check backlinks and search ranking etc.

    Any way thanks Enstine Muki for sharing such great reviews with us.
    Areesha Noor!

  3. Great blog post for pointing out best SEO practices for increasing your search engine rankings My advice would be learn basics of SEO especially if you are beginner and later on you can opt for advanced level SEO techniques

  4. Hi Enstine the review was mind blowing and I have been using a few online seo softwares to scale up my blogs, I rely on SemRush a lot does positionly is more better than semrush. As I need to confirm before jumping onto this new tool. Awaiting for your reply.

    • Hey Sandeep,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment
      I know of SemRush but don’t have any practical experience with it. Well, the Positionly guys are offering a free trial which you can jump on board for a test drive. That will surely give you an idea of what it looks like 😉

  5. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this another review. Though there’s many SEO tools to track keyword’s of one’s blog. This one seems cool and promising.


  6. Hi Enstine!
    Interesting review of Positionly : I’ve never heard about it.

    You always come up with useful products in our niche,
    I guess I’ll check it out.

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  10. this is good. we know our blog popular keyword that we want to maintain to keep it. So this seo software able to help us to track it. thanks enstinemuki

  11. Just registered for a Free account. The features look promising especially the competitor’s analysis. My moz’s subscription expired 3 days ago, Do you recommend positionly or should I renew Moz again?

  12. Hi Enstine,

    This is wonderful news and review i must say. Maybe this is the best alternative to Webmeup as you have said. Really looks promising.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Superb one i would going to grab this 14 days trial and will increase my Search Engine ranking

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