Backlink Sources ~ 4 Untapped PR8, PR6, PR4, PR3 Backlinks [2018]

Untapped backlink sources – high PR domains  to boost your SEO and move your position on SERP up to google first page.

One of the Online SEO tools I use is MonitorBacklinks. It’s my favorite link checker. Yesterday as I was going through my backlink list, I found something quite exciting.

I have dofollow backlinks from interesting sources I want to share with you in this post. These are links from PR8, PR6, PR4, PR3 domains so get ready now for something that’s going to add some excitement to your SEO experience.

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Untapped backlink Sources –  PR8 domain !

NB: Storify has been dropped

Obviously, let’s start with the big gun.

backlink sources

Go to and create a free account

Click 1 and then 2 (in image above)

The following screen comes up:

Untapped backlink Sources

You’ve just gotten a backlink from PR8 domain.

Untapped backlink Sources – PR6 domain!

The next dofollow backlinks source came as a shock to me. Thanks to MonitoBacklink, I’m able to discover more backlink sources.

Go to

Oh yes, it’s an affiliate marketing platform with quite interesting products to promote

Go register as an affiliate. It’s free

pr8 dofollow backlink ejunkie

Next, just click the Edit Profile link

dofollow backlinks

Let’s check and see this on MonitorBacklink

monitor backlink check

Dofollow backlink from PR4 domain easily!

Now, let’s grab another backlink from PageRank 4 domain.

This time lets’s check out a forum. No, it’s not a signature or profile link. You are just going to drop a comment and link back to your site.

Someone did this for me. Yes, I didn’t drop the comment. A reader of my blog posted a thread with my link, and I got a dofollow backlink from it

Go to

Create a free account, go through the different topics and drop a reasonable comment. You may ask a friend who is a member to post a thread and link to your blog.

forum backlink

Dofollow backlinks from PR3 domain easily!

Backlinks from PR3 domain is exciting isn’t it? Ok, it’s time to grab another backlink and this time from pr3 domain.

Go to and signup from free

Go to your profile and edit it. Just drop your url in the website field

managewp backlink

Ok now let’s find out from MonitorBacklinks if these links are dofollow

backlink sources


Do you want more untapped dofollow backlink sources? Check out this excellent post by Brian Dean


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monitorbacklink coupon code


Enter your coupon in the field provided

monitorbacklink coupon

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  1. Great and just great information about dofollow backlinks. Your post will help me to check the backlinks and untapp them for better strategies. By the way, you mentioned a tool, I will like to use that.

  2. Thanks, quite useful for new bloggers looking for the easiest way to get backlinks fast. What if one doesn’t promote an affiliate product, will the backlink remain relevant?

  3. Hey Estine, First of all, thanks for writing such detailed article. It has really helping newbies like me. 🙂 I was unaware of these backlinks sources but now, I am gonna make use of each and every site. Got to know some other tactics as well other than Blog Commenting.

    Have A Good Day Mate.
    Shahan Khan

  4. Your article really helped me a lot. I was not aware of these sources to get the backlinks. The only method knew was the blog commenting. Thanks a lot for sharing this article man. Keep sharing!!

  5. Hi Enstine, nice and interesting . Wow!, It’s indeed very Wonderful, the easiest I have seen so far, Thank for this, And I will have to go use use MonitorBacklink to check for similar sites that can give me such sweet backlinks right?

  6. Great post man, I landed on this page through a google search. I am struggling with backlinks, so this information will be of great help. Plus the steps are clear.

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  7. Hi Enstine,

    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing those doFollow Backlinks, you rock buddy.

    Secondly, I have registered for a free trial of MonitorBacklinks and at a first glance, I can say this tool is really good because it shows me backlinks that other resources don’t.

    Finally, my friend, I would like to ask you if you could recommend me any way to get those links indexed by Google? I have also added some other backlinks that are doFollow on other sites with good PR, just like what you shared here, but those links are not being recognized by Google.

    Thanks in advance1

  8. Great tips Muki, I will put into practice right now. Thank you for sharing this finding with us. Hugs!

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