Do You Lose Freedom Bartering for Dollars?

I scanned my email moments ago.

A few folks replied to my emails with complaints about my price being expensive and being on a budget. But the folks reached out to me. People pitched me. I did not pitch them. Meaning they need to be on my blog more than I need them.

After quoting my fixed rates, the same people pitching me complained about my fixed rates. Some replied with rates 85% lower than my fixed price. Not only did the individuals ignore my fixed rate email; a few folks wished to get an 85% discount because of their budget.

Cold pitching strangers with no budget clearly indicates; blogging struggles cripple you. Even worse? Sacrificing freedom over dollars makes zero sense. Bloggers fear spending a few dollars. Bartering ensues. But bartering guarantees you lose placement on top blogs. Appearing on top blogs gives you increased freedom, fun and worldly success.

Doesn’t that world sound delicious? Wouldn’t it feel fabulous to live a life of travel and freedom through blogging? But you cannot be free obsessing over saving a few bucks. No pro barters over bucks because pros pay up to play up.

Think; bloggers pitching me fear spending a few dollars to accelerate their success. Fearing to spend a few dollars to succeed guarantees you fear success. Failure follows. Struggle follows. Quitting follows. One only wins by patiently, calmly and deliberating doing what it takes to face, feel and release fears aligned with money, investments and blogging.

Imagine someone stumbles upon my blog. Bloggers tend to want to get featured on the blog. But fear grips blogger minds so easily that stranger bloggers desire to land a feature on Blogging From Paradise for free. No logic there. I built my blog into something fun, freeing and enjoyable. Why feature strangers for nothing? Why feature people I do not know, like or trust for zero dollars? Do you see why this makes zero sense?

I cannot hand my blog over to people I do not know, like or trust. I may feature friends for free but after friends bonded with me over months, then years.

Strangers never get a free ride because either pay your dues in time and generous service, or money. No one gets a free pass on Blogging From Paradise. I run a blogging business. I do not run a blogging charity. I link to readers who earned my trust over many years. But I also link to trusted sources who reach out to me cold if the blogger pays my rates. This is the simple way to succeed online.

Develop posture. From my end, having posture helps me go pro. But from the end of pitching bloggers, having posture means investing money and getting featured on top blogs. Not having posture means fear calls the shots. Why try to bargain over dollars if you sacrifice your freedom in the process?

Bloggers try to save a few bucks to lose their freedom. Does this make any sense? Why give up on your dreams because you fear spending money? Why throw out your professional blogging potential because you fear losing money? This makes zero sense to me.

Do yourself a favor. Invest money in your freedom. Pay full rates to get featured on famous blogs. The reward is worth the investment. The results are worth paying money. Everything comes at a price. All benefits are taxed in their own way.

Do you want blog traffic? Invest money in a sponsored post. Do you want to align with a famous brand? Invest money in a guest post. Pay up to play up. Do not give up your freedom because you fear spending a few bucks.


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