2 Blogging Truths You Need to Hear

Anybody can become a successful blogger.

Few bloggers succeed because few bloggers face their deepest fears.

Take those 2 blogging truths to the bank.

Based on spending 15,000 hours of my life blogging over the past 10 years, I know anyone can succeed. No top pro is gifted unlike any blogger, lucky or blessed with talents no blogger possesses, save them. Any one can create content and build connections until going full time.

Anybody can become successful because blogging requires not intelligence, or some impossibly tough to master skill set. We can all succeed. Success is yours. Seize the day. Bloge diem. Get after it. I believe in you. I know you can and will succeed. Anybody can do it. Blogging never discriminates. Blogging mirrors back to you what you give to blogging. Since any human being can give a generous effort over years, any human being can succeed.

Based on spending 15,000 hours of my life blogging over the past 10 years, I know few bloggers succeed because few bloggers face their deepest fears. Few bloggers go pro. Fewer bloggers make a big time name for themselves. Few bloggers go pro because going pro requires you to face, feel and release deep fears during 3,000 to 5,000 plus hours spent blogging.

Did you blog for 10 hours today? Awesome. Now blog 10 hours daily for the next 3 years of your life and during those 10,000 plus hours, face, feel and release your deepest fears. This is what it takes to succeed. All pro blogging income rests on the other side of your deepest fears. Perhaps replace 10,000 hours with 6,000 hours, or, replace with 12,000 hours. But facing, feeling and releasing deep fears is the way to succeed and since few do it, over many thousands of hours, few succeed. I know this truth from personal experience and by observing top pros. I know this from spending 15,000 hours of my life blogging. Do something for 15,000 hours, and you see what few humans see, in the niche. Even some top pros cannot see what I see because I possess a heightened awareness from my 3-4 hours of mindset training, daily.

So, you want to go full time? Do you want to be a pro blogger? Good news; since anyone can succeed, you can succeed. But if you want to be one of the few who succeeds, you need to face, feel and release deep fears during the next 5,000 plus blogging hours. No other way exists to become a pro because all pro levels of blogging traffic and blogging profits sit on the other side of fear, well outside of your blogging comfort zone. Nobody gets around this blogging fact of life.

Mostly, blogging feels fun, enjoyable and quite freeing. But sometimes, blogging feels scary, intimidating, daunting and quite uncomfortable. Imagine generously serving people for 8 hours daily, over 4 months. Cool. Feels good. But how does it feel to make zero dollars after generously working for free, for 4 months? To some people, it feels A-OK.

To most people, it feels really bad, frustrating, maddening and depressing. Welcome to being a professional blogger! Ya gotta face, feel and release these depressing emotions THEN KEEP BLOGGING GENEROUSLY for 8 hours every single day and eventually, 0 dollars becomes $0.40 cents, then becomes $4, then becomes $50, then becomes $200….then more and more money. But facing, feeling and releasing these intense fears routinely is the only way you become a successful pro blogger.


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