1 Terribly Overlooked Aspect of Finding Your Writing Voice

Before we dive into today’s post I wanted to congratulate Enstine on getting his Cryptocurrency Certification. Exciting news!

I paged through my eBook a minute ago:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

This eBook has 48 five star reviews on Amazon.


I addressed a specific need. Bloggers and self-published authors struggle to find their writing voice.

Beyond that, how did I address the need clearly and confidently?

I wrote 1,000 to 20,000 words daily for many years. I did not take a day off. Some days I just wrote in a Word document and trashed the document after practicing. Other days I wrote an eBook. Other days I wrote 1 post. Other days I wrote 5 guest posts.

Some days I wrote 30 articles for clients. I am not kidding. I really wrote 30 articles for clients in a single day. Years ago.

1 overlooked aspect of finding your writing voice: writing your rear end off. Practicing writing every day, thousands of words at a time, allows you to:

  • strip away self conscious fears
  • release the fear of criticism
  • let the real you to come out through your blog
  • find your authentic writing voice

Gary Vaynerchuk says people want to win the marathon but don’t want to run the race. True true, dude.

My wife Kelli Cooper talks about being the person energetically to become the person, aligning your energy to be the person who sees success.

Many bloggers and self-published authors want to find their writing voice but have no interest in practicing their writing. Most bloggers only write if they have a blog post to publish. Imagine if Lebron James only took jump shots during NBA games? He practiced shooting millions of times over decades to become a skilled NBA player, perhaps the best on earth.

Imagine if Gary Vaynerchuk only worked for clients? He practiced creating videos, podcasts, blog posts and all type of content for years to become world famous. He worked for free – for years – to become an icon. Practice!

Writing practice in quiet – off-stage – helps you shine brightly on a world stage.

You find your writing voice by writing millions and millions and millions of words. Sometimes in a Word document. Just for practice. Other times on a public stage.

Check out my blog:

Blogging From Paradise

I have written hundreds of blog posts. I have written hundreds of travel pages. I practiced in public. I practiced in private.

Does it surprise you that I wrote and self-published an ebook on finding your writing voice that garnered 48 five star reviews? Probably makes sense now, right?

I wrote millions of words during my online career. Naturally, I developed writing skill. Naturally, I found my writing voice. I stood out from the crowd because I put in years of writing practice that the crowd did not put in.

Check out my friend Monna Ellithorpe and her blog. She regularly posts writing prompts. Prompts goading you to practice your writing. If you practice writing persistently you become a skilled writer and find your writing voice. Or perhaps you just allow your genuine writing voice to be revealed, stripping away many fears due to your persistent practice.

Writing Concept to Embrace

Shine on a world wide stage by practicing in private. If you want to uncover your writing voice simply open a Word document daily, write 1000 words on any topic, and trash the document. This is the quickest, most direct, clearest way to find your writing voice.

Sometimes, writing practice becomes uncomfortable. Writer’s block rears its head. You feel frustrated if words do not flow, or if the process seems to move slowly, with your writing skills not advancing as you expected.

See the process through. See the practice through. Buy my eBook. Hang with fellow writers who pick each other up. Leave the tortured writers of the world behind; beating yourself up does not help you find your writing voice.



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