CrakRevenue Review 2019: 10 Years of Turning Traffic into Sales

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you don’t have to rely solely on your primary job to support yourself. Today, there are tons of side hustles you can do to earn additional income without having to exert too much effort—at least after establishing yourself.

One of the most popular ways to earn some money on the Internet is setting up a blog website. Most newbies and those who are technologically challenged may find it skeptical. How do you earn money by writing your own thoughts and establishing a nice website? One of the secrets to that is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing may sound complex and confusing. But, if you find the right person or company to teach you how to set it up for your site, you would find that it is not actually as confusing as others made it out to be. So who to call when you want to know how this business model works?, of course!

Who is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is one of the best CPA network brands globally. This Canada-based company started in 2010 with only eleven employees. Fast forward to 2019, it now has over 100 creatives that specialize in different aspects of the online marketing industry.

They have web developers, content writers, customer service representatives, SEO specialists, and more. These people are tasked to help potential clients like you in creating effective marketing strategies that would help drive traffic into your website and convert said traffic into sales.

How do They Deliver Their Promise?

What are the tools that CrakRevenue uses in order for you, their client, to earn passive income through your website? Here are the three primary ones:

– Education

All things start with being aware of what you should and should not do. After all, if you do not know what you are getting yourself into, then you would find yourself stumbling and fumbling along the way.

CrakRevenue values education more than anything else. That is exactly the reason why they set up Whale Academy. It is a platform they use to educate both their visitors and clients not only on what they do, but also on how to use affiliate marketing as an effective online marketing strategy.

crakrevenue education
They not just tell you to hire them for your website. They try to inform you first on what they do so that you yourself also know when and how to proceed with this endeavour.

Not only do they help you get educated through Whale Academy. CrakRevenue also releases newsletters and blog articles filled with news on the latest trends and updates on the online marketing industry. This would also help your brand adapt to the changing times.

The fact that they took the time to set up a knowledge base for you to glean information and get yourself educated shows that they do care for their clients not only on a professional level but also at a personal level. Setting up a brand is hard, and CrakRevenue continues to do their best to lighten the load for their clients.

– Versatile Offers

Another reason why CrakRevenue stands out from the rest of their competitors is their wide array of offers. These offers, also called affiliates, are the ones you can ask for help in promoting your website.

These affiliates already have an established audience and consistent web traffic. By providing them with an affiliate tracking URL, you can glean some of their visitors to visit your website and eventually make a profit out of any activity they do.

Having a huge selection of offers for you to choose is convenient. However, it can get overwhelming once the time for picking the best offers that can truly help in promoting your brand is here. Thankfully, CrakRevenue made it easy. They have a Browse Offers page that approved and active clients can use to find the appropriate affiliates fit to put their website out there.

To start using their search filters, just type in the niche you want to cover. For this example, we used the “dating” niche. Just type in the word “dating on the top portion. Then, if you want your affiliates to come from the dating niche, just choose from the “Vertical” option and find Dating. The filters will then show you all the affiliates that belong in that specific industry.

In the search results, you will see the name of the affiliate, the targeting, payout, payout types, and more. All of these parameters are there to help you decide if you want to take them as an affiliate or not.

Once you chose a particular affiliate, you will be led to this page.

From here, you can see some helpful information in terms of the site’s statistics, web traffic, and more. Once you have chosen the offer and you got approved to use it, you can now generate an affiliate tracking URL. The affiliate will post it on their site and use it to drive traffic. Once the visitors click on the link, it is now your website’s job to convince them to become loyal visitors in your site.

Now, the profit you will get from any activity the visitor does once they click on the affiliate link depends on the payout type of the affiliate. CrakRevenue has four main payout types:

1 – Pay-per-lead

In this payout type, you and the affiliate will get profit for every visitor that clicks on the link. The amount would depend on what was stated on the “Payout” section of the Offer. You can choose the Single Opt-in (SOI) or Double Opt-in (DOI). The difference between the two is the number of steps required to become a member on your site. The former only requires a visitor to sign up using their email, while the latter means that the visitor has to undergo email verification first before being a part of the club.

2 – Pay-per-sale

If you are an online seller, then you are certainly familiar with this one. For every purchase that a visitor does using the affiliate link, you and the affiliate gets a commission out of it.

3 – Revshare

This means that you and the affiliate have an agreed percentage share in profits. You can see what percent you get for every sale in the “Payout” column.

4 – Click-per-install

This only applies for mobile and tablet apps only. It means that for every visitor that installs your app through the affiliate link, you and said affiliate will share profit.

You can find out more about their featured offers and how the whole process works by visiting the Whale Academy.

24/7 Customer Service

With so many affiliates that offer the most promising rewards, it can be difficult to choose. Getting an affiliate that will give you the best return of investment should be your utmost priority. Thankfully, CrakRevenue’s customer service representatives, also called Crak agents, are there to help you in choosing the most suitable ones.

This team of individuals are highly trained and informed on the ins and outs of the industry and their whole marketing process. Their goal is to help you, their client, in finding the best online marketing strategy that is suitable for your brand. They are there to provide support from the type you set up and launch your website, and even after you get a stable income out of it.

What’s so amazing about their customer support is their quick response to any queries and concerns. Most of us hate waiting for our turn to be accommodated. And CrakRevenue hates keeping you waiting, too. That is why they do their best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

The average processing time for the approval of your application to their affiliate program only takes a few hours. Yes, they are that serious in providing the best customer service.

Sign Up Today!

These three primary tools are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that you can discover and learn as you work hand-in-hand with CrakRevenue on promoting your website.

To know more about this trusted CPA network company, visit their website at And if you are convinced on their eagerness to help you, go ahead and sign up as an affiliate today!

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