Content promotion Strategies ~ Stats why VIDEO is a must! [Infographic]

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We are in the content age where everyone seeks to dominate his/her industry. The current trend tells us that consumers are tilting towards video content. Therefore, if video production is not part of your Content promotion Strategies, you are leaving out an important ingredient.

In today’s post, I have published an infographic that shows us jaw-dropping statistics confirming the fact that readers are beginning to pay more attention to video content than traditional articles and emails.

Before we get to the graphics below, it’s important to note that video marketing has two broad phases. These are Production and distribution.

Video Production in Content promotion Strategies

This is simply the act of putting together your script, shooting the video, adding images and other graphics, adding sound and finally editing your works

Production is a crucial part of video marketing and every item has to be professional and of top quality. You will need professional cameras and sound equipment, noiseless background, software for editing and of course, and excellent and fluent voice over. Once you have your videos, the next step is distribution.

Video Distribution in Content promotion!

Distribution is as important and production. If you have your videos stock in your storage organ with no one to access them, the whole strategy becomes a waste of resources.

The distribution phase in video marketing is a big challenge. While free platforms like YouTube make it easy, they have a lot of limitations.

Professionals (coaches, preachers, motivators, lecturers, etc) cannot rely on YouTube to market their video products. That’s because this free platform lacks the required features to effectively distribute your works to your customers.

  • You a need a platform that helps you effectively interact with your customers.
  • You need a tool with a professional billing system.
  • You need a tool that allows you to systematically deliver your product.
  • You want to be able to structure your video program in chapters for orderliness;
  • For more business, you need a system that fully integrates with an affiliate platform so you can recruit affiliates to massively promote your video business.
  • You need a platform that offers you unlimited bandwidth.
  • You want to be able to sell your videos once-off or sell them through a subscription platform where subscribers are charged periodically.
  • Etc

YouTube and most other free video hosting platforms are completely out of the game.

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Video Stats! Why you need Video in your content promotion strategies!

Content promotion StrategiesInfographic Source


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