Content promotion Strategies ~ Stats why VIDEO is a must! [Infographic]

Content promotion Strategy

Recommended tool in this post on Content promotion Strategies: Uscreen!

We are in the content age where everyone seeks to dominate his/her industry. The current trend tells us that consumers are tilting towards video content. Therefore, if video production is not part of your Content promotion Strategies, you are leaving out an important ingredient.

In today’s post, I have published an infographic that shows us jaw-dropping statistics confirming the fact that readers are beginning to pay more attention to video content than traditional articles and emails.

Before we get to the graphics below, it’s important to note that video marketing has two broad phases. These are Production and distribution.

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Video Streaming For Churches – The tools to use!

video streaming for churches ministries

Video Streaming For Churches and ministries – The most recommended tool for live church events and Video on Demand!

If Jesus were on earth today, he would be using video streaming for his sermons and worship services. The reason is that while on earth, he would use any acceptable communications method to reach out to those in need. Today, churches need to go online.

There are a couple of tools to enhance video streaming for churches but the best choice of course is to be able to manage your own video streaming website where you have full control over both live worship services and sermons, and Video on Demand (VoD)

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Create Video Course Websites: USCREEN is most recommended!

launch your own streaming video site

NB: In this post, we discuss in more details how to create video course websites to effectively sell your video programs to your customers

In today’s content age, video is playing a key role. However, video producer still face challenges during the distribution phase;

Limited Storage, bandwidth, Payment processing, systematic delivery, user management, copyright protection, exorbitant costs, etc, are some of the major menaces of today’s video content marketing.

Nevertheless, in this post, we are looking at Uscreen, the fun-filled, user-friendly, practical and feature-packed video distribution platform that allows content creators to distribute videos and course content to anyone globally, either as a subscription, one time purchase or rentals.

Uscreen provides video publishers (individuals and institutions) with the required tools and features to create branded video subscription websites.

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