Speakol Review ~ Better than traditional Blog commenting?

Speakol review – looking at something that’s about challenging traditional blog commenting tools!

Blog commenting has been around since the first blog went live. It has been an exciting way for blog owners to stay in constant interaction and conversion with their readers.

Commenting helps us in building relationships, improving SEO and getting more traffic. As a matter of fact, blog commenting is the main activity that helps me build an active and money making blogging community.

For years, bloggers have been looking for something that will highly add to traditional commenting. That’s why commenting plugins and tools like CommentLuv, Disqus, Facebook Commenting, Google Plus comment, etc have come up.


Despite all these tools, there still is need for something that enhances more interactivity, giving blog owners and visitors facilities to share their opinions, gather and quickly measure results. Is speakol something like this?

Before we get into details, you may want to check it out here!

Speakol Review – Improved interactivity and engagement on your website!

I don’t want to look at this tool as something that will replace traditional commenting tool but rather something that will boost engagement and conversion between blog owners and visitors.

My experience running Speakol on this blog for the past few weeks has been exciting. Speakol has 4Β major features specifically designed to facilitate discussions, traffic and opinion sharing around specific topics or products.

Here are pending discussions as seen on my speakol dashboard.

speakol review

How do you use Speakol to boost social activities on your blog?

I mentioned above that this tool has 4Β main features and let’s look at how these features can come in to make your blog more socially active.

1 – The Argument feature!

This is an interactive feature that enables your readersΒ to “vote for or against a question or statement, and support their vote with an argument”

Here, you simply post about a subject and call your readers to action with a statement that demands their views. Each participant will cast his vote, then justifies his position by dropping a comment.

Here is an argument I created on my blog. Though the traditional comment section has been very active, speakol helps me with statistics to measure different opinions and come to a convincing conclusion. Β See image below;

speakol argument

2 – Comparison feature!

If you have 2 or more substituting products and want to know which is the best, one of the ways is to let your audience speak. Speakol’s comparison feature is one of the best ways to go if you ask me.

My simple reasons are these;

  • Readers can vote and support their votes with comments.
  • They can share the comparison on social medial easily.
  • They can interact with other readers on the speakol widget by replying to their comments.
  • A quick display of statistics can help your decision.

I ran a comparison in this post on my blog. I wanted readers to compare WordPress and Blogger. Check the post out and see speakol at work. Here however is the image I took while writing this post.

speakol compare

What if you want to buy a product (just any product) and you are confused which brand to buy. You want a mobile phone for instance and you want your readers to help you make a choice. This is what you probably need to get different views from users who may have had experience with the products.

How to create a comparison widget from dashboard

One of the things that make a great platform is simplicity. While we care so much about results, the less time is required to use the software, the more we love it.

Just like in other speakol features, creating a comparison is simple and user-friendly. Take a look at the image below;

speakol review

From the image above, it’s clear that you can add more products to be compared to the widget. After filling the necessary form fields and uploading pictures, click “Next” to generate the simple html script to paste on your page.

3 – The debate feature!

Here is an excitement and fun social feature πŸ˜‰ Yeah I love Β it!

Simply invite experts to share conflicting or diverging views on a topic. Then publish their statements and allow your audience to vote and support. Of course, in every debate, there is always a winning party.

Here is what the debate widget looks like

speakol debate

How to create a debate in speakol

Creating a debate from within your speakol dashboard is simple and impressive. Β Just take a look at the screenshot below;

speakol review

From a single window, you have all the information you need for your debate to fully run. After filling the form, click “Next” to generate the simple html tag to paste where you want the widget to appear on your site.

4 – Speakol Notifications

Notifications on the speakol widget is an excellent engagement and traffic element. Once a visitor engages on the widget on your website, each time he visits and connects to Speakol on any other website, he will be notifiedΒ whenever he’s got a reply or support on his argument.

The result of course is a high possibility for the visitor to click back to your blog for more engagement. That increases your traffic and page views. Β This image below shows what the notification box looks like.speakol notifications

Why you should be using Speakol on your site

Here are some few reasons I think you should give speakol a try now;

  • The first point is the ease to integrate Speakol into any CMS via embeddable HTML codes with no negative impact on loading speed.
  • Easily access and measure results. With traditional commenting, it will be a hard task to count comments and separate the FOR from the AGAINST.
  • Sharing your debates, comparisons and arguments with social media is made easy.
  • Use alongside your existing commenting systems (not to replace them)
  • Etc

Create your account here ->

That’s it I can tell you about Speakol now. The team is busy maintaining the platform and adding features.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box.

48 thoughts on “Speakol Review ~ Better than traditional Blog commenting?”

  1. Last year I was searching for similar plugin but failed to find any. I was not coming up with the right keyword to search for it. Here it is. Exactly what I needed. Specially the feature to allow the readers to post comments in favor of and against a product. This is perfect for sites related to smartphones and other gadgets review.

  2. This is going to be a wonderful feature and addon for bloggers. But am so confused after creating my account and got approval. Am not sure if I will be manually install Speako Codes everytime I published a new post on my blog

  3. The debate feature has already got my head buzzing with possibilities. If there is something I have noticed, its that people love to air their own views. People love a debate. That’s why Presidential debates have more views than an official presidential speech.

    Will definitely look into integrating this into my website. Thanks Enstine. Your website is turning into a goldmine cum treasure trove.

  4. This site is extremely helpful for the new comers. It gives best introduction to all.I simply began utilizing Speakol and feel its a vastly improved option to Discuss, and so on. I know every open deliberation or contention you make is to some degree custom so I comprehend the way they have it working, in any case wish there was a WordPress plugin for it rather than needing to go to their site every time

  5. Interesting commenting feature. Are you using this on other sites that you have and how is it working? Do you find it better than the commentluv plugin for engagement? I guess here on WordPress you’d like to engage with bloggers and leave a link back to your content but if you have a site that appeals to non blog authors they’d like the ease and engagement of a system where you don’t have to complete the standard wp comment form πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Enstine,

    I also saw these additions on your blog and was wondering what they were.

    If I’m 100% honest with you I usually ignore these types of things. Just like the question that pops up asking me how much I like your site. Please let me apologize right now, it’s nothing personal as you know I LOVE you to death and what you share. I’m just so old school and I find these types of things distracting. I know I’m part of the 0.5% of people who do so my opinion really doesn’t matter.

    I keep reading these posts where the blog owners are finding comments a pain now and are closing them. That really just makes me sad because they obviously are just too busy to deal with their community and would rather take those conversation to another platform that they don’t have to worry about them.

    Any program that wants to come alone and either take the place of comments or another system that wants to host them for you I just am not for at all. Once again, it’s just my personal preference and I’m one of the 0.5% that probably feels that way. But I did just want to give you my honest opinion and of course I wish you the absolute best my friend.

    Thanks Enstine and enjoy what’s left of this week.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      I like you for always hitting it to the point.

      Thanks for frankly sharing your position on this. Well, 0.5% cannot be neglected πŸ˜‰ If I lose that portion of my community, I’ll do my best to get them back πŸ˜‰

      However, as speakol does not replace traditional comments, it’s sometimes good to turn to for some data.

      Also looking at the poll results from backend, I’m fueled. I that’s important to keep me going!

      I know how much interacting with readers and bloggers through commenting mean to you. So understand you feel ghrrrrrr when this important element of blogging is taken down. That’s something I will never do even in my wildest dream land πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on this post Adrienne.

      Do have a wonderful rest of the week πŸ˜‰

  7. Hey Muki.

    This is very cool. I’ll definitely try this. Looks like this comment system will definitely attract visitors to do comments and shoot some likes. Thank you for the detailed review..


  8. Hi Sir,

    Great review on speak out loud. Yes you’re correct that have been many tools disqus, facebook, google+ for commenting and each one differs one to other.

    I need to check out how the features about the speak out loud. I believe that its doesn’t disappoints me to have more fun in it.

    Thanks for it, I’ll check it out


  9. Hey enstine,
    Glad to read your posts worth reading every single word,

    So here today i have a couple of questions !
    Speakol is really an awesome comment system with awesome features and is it SEO friendly i am talking about link attributes No-follow links or Do-follow links ??? and then will comments also get indexed by search engines ????

      • hey buddy,
        great job buddy thanks in advance πŸ˜€ will be glad to read the answers from developers πŸ˜€ ! thanks again…

        issac paul

  10. Hey Enstine, I found really cool stuff on your blog. Every article has some quality in it. I landed the very first time on your blog, and impressed. Keep work going. (Y).


  11. Hi Enstine!

    Thanks for this informative post.

    Though I was quite satisfied with the traditional commenting system, this plugin made me more curious because of its advanced and out of the box features.

    The interface and the mechanism is simply great. Going by the description, I am sure it will boost my blog’s users engagement. Hope it matches with my expectations.

  12. Hi Enstine,

    This is certainly interesting…the features you just mentioned here would make any site come alive – and it would be utterly interesting if this awesome tool is fully deployed.

    This is certainly something I would appreciate trying once I can free up an ounce of time from my very busy schedule.

    Do make the day great – and thanks for the introduction!

    Akaahan Terungwa

  13. This site is very useful for the new comers. It gives best exposure to all.I just started using Speakol and feel its a much better alternative to Discuss, etc. I know each debate or argument you create is somewhat custom so I understand the way they have it working, but really wish there was a WordPress plugin for it as opposed to having to go to their site each time

  14. Hi Enstine!

    Interesting tool. I was wondering what you’ve been using to create the debates. That feature alone is very cool so this will definitely be a tool I’ll be considering in the near future. I’m all for increasing reader engagement and this looks like a great tool to do just that.

    Great review, and thank you for bringing this tool to my attention!

    Thanks Enstine!
    – James

    • Hey Paul,
      Good to see you around man
      I never heard of Katatu before but I think they are both compatible. Speakol does not need any installation though so you may check that out πŸ˜‰

      I’ll be on your blog shortly

  15. I just started using Speakol and feel its a much better alternative to Discuss, etc. I know each debate or argument you create is somewhat custom so I understand the way they have it working, but really wish there was a WordPress plugin for it as opposed to having to go to their site each time. Their analytics are great and the dashboard is super intuitive, but a plugin would help cut out that middle man.

    • Hi Keith,
      Thanks for that great suggestion. I understand your worry is that as long as the content gets posted to their platform, they own it. So the plugin idea will settle the matter.

      I’m sure they will read your comment and take it into consideration.

      Have a wonderful week ahead

  16. Hey Bro,

    I was waiting for your review on this tool because I really loved it the very first time I saw it on your blog. The post you did with it is a clear example how this tool can help bring about increased engagement on a blog.

    Now I have learned more about it, I will be giving it a try probably try it out with a post just like you did.

    Thanks for sharing just as usual bro.

    Have a wonderful week ahead πŸ™‚

    ~ Jackson

  17. Hi Enstine,

    This looks like a great product. It’s clear that it has a lot of features compared to other products. My favorite commenting tool is Disqus. It might be interesting to try out Speakol.
    Thanks for sharing it. I may give it a try on one of my smaller blogs to see how it performs.

    • Hi Brian,
      You will be right trying this tool on smaller blogs. My experience with it here however has been a great one.

      Set it up on any of your blog and I’ll glad stop by to give it a test exercise πŸ˜‰

  18. hi muki,
    once again nice great review dude…
    nice tool looks great to increase readers.
    i noticed Speakol running on your blog from past few days ..

  19. Wow…at last you reveal it, the very first day I saw this after your Blog post. I think is Enstine using a plugin or what but later I see powered by …. then I just kept muted that we would soon know what’s happening.
    It’s a good feature in creating arguments to see readers opinion.
    Thanks for sharing

  20. Wow, great review Enstine. Looks to be a great tool to boost interactivity on your blog. What’s your personal opinion on this, is this better than the traditional blog commenting?

    • Hi Pranay,
      This is a great tool I’m using with success.
      However, it’s meant to compliment traditional commenting tools. I can’t replace now, maybe in the future πŸ˜‰

  21. Hello Enstine,

    Good introductory review of Speakol! I enjoyed hitting my vote on your blog posts because the question was compelling and the interaction of the people who left their answers up!

    I feel like it will be good addition on our blogs so the ease of visitors’ point of view regarding the post can be collected.

    But I suspect it can’t be worked as a stand-alone commenting function such as CommentLuv, FaceBook Comments, Google+, built-in WP commenting function, etc., right?


  22. Hi Enstine,

    What an appealing, informative and educative review! πŸ™‚ with lot of interlink connections. In fact the interlinks took me lot of time to come here in this box LOL πŸ™‚

    Hey Enstine, I think giving the links like the speakol page etc in the beginning of your content may take the people away from your page I suppose, especially a newbie land here for the first time he may travel from their to other destinations LOL πŸ™‚
    Since I know you very well and the benefits I get out of your posts i will surely be back. I am sure most of the readers here know you well so surely after checking those links they will also come back to you! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Anyways I visited some of the links there and am back here to the original pavilion!!! πŸ™‚

    What an amazing plugin!!

    Enstine I just created one and waiting for the approval to come.
    Sure this has lot of features which will lessen our homework in finding out many areas in relation to our blog pages, comments, opinion, suggestions etc.

    You did a great job my dear friend with this review.

    Thank you so much for the elaborated tuto and the wonderful review.

    May you have a great and profitable week ahead.

    Keep writing

    Good Wishes

    ~ Phil

    • Hi Phil,
      Good to see you here my friend. How was your weekend?

      Well, those links open in new windows right? They don’t take anyone away as this post remains open while the new linked article opens in a new window πŸ˜‰

      That’s the best form of linking one can do to keep your readers. I know adsense does function like this πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are doing great πŸ˜‰

      • Enstine,
        Well, that was really fantastic, hope you too have a good one. πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the quick response, Ok I agree to that, its opening in a new window but still… πŸ™‚
        Keep sharing my friend.
        Good Wishes

  23. Hello Enstine Sir,

    I was noticing Speakol running on your blog from past few days. I knew that you are cooking something special inside and finally here it is.

    I must say it is a good tool to boost readers engagement. Great review πŸ™‚

    ~ Ankit

  24. Hello Muki,
    Thanks for introducing with this new type of commenting feature. This is really a great way to collect opinion for a specific argument.
    It seems like online debate tool :P.

  25. Hey Enstine,

    One of the important tool for any blogger, It will not only help in getting traffic but also it will engage even a visitor from search engine.
    I will surely try my hands over this plugin to increase engagement on any post.

    Thanks for sharing

  26. Pretty cool. I think the debate feature is refreshing. There are so many gadgets and widgets out there already. This one seems to add something unique to the pool. Good share. I’ll look into it more when it’s daylight and my brain is actually working right…..

    • Hi Jakarri,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment.
      Yeah when it’s day, take some time to look deeper. why not create a free account and give it a test move πŸ˜‰

      I’ll be waiting to see it on your blog πŸ˜‰

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