American and Canadian Consumer Panels Scam or Legit ?

I’m doing this American and Canadian Consumer Panels review post following a thorough research I made after a friend on Facebook asked me if they are legit or scam.

All I found applies to Canadian consumer panels as well because these two have a lot in common. They seem to be run by the same group of fake people

Is American and/or Canadian Consumer Panels legit company or scam? Any BBB rating or Business Entity Database entry? They pay up to $45 per hour and this looks too good to be true.

After a few hours of digging and  making some phone calls, I was not really confident. So I just told my friend to be extremely careful and check out this post if he wants to create a lucrative business online with no capital and no skills.

Before you trust any service that’s online, make sure there is a corresponding offline verifiable presence and unarguable authenticity in the quality of their services.

American Consumer Panels/canadian consumer panels failed at all angles to win my vote and I’m going to point out those areas I was interested in and what I came up with.

It’s no rocket science in today’s advanced tech economies to spot a scam at a reasonable distance. They are doing all the games to appear legit. But we are smarter to unveil the hidden truths.

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Who are the American and Canadian Consumer Panels and what do they do?


According to information on their website, they are a product testing and development company. In other words, they are the middleman between the producers and consumers in the product testing and validation phase.

The aid companies in consumer product testing and product review. They help product testers get free products from companies and make money from home.

They claim to design and conduct In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT), thereby making it easy for companies to find and engage target audience, get some feedback before moving forward with a full-fledged product launch.

They help you get product samples for free in exchange of your feedback generally through a conducted online survey using some survey sites, survey companies, phone calls, questionnaire, and some times face-to-face interview.

In other words, if you are a home product tester, they are your perfect contact also acting as the market researcher to help producers define their consumer profile and gain a fair position in the market.

In-Home Usage Testing is an important phase in the product development, product creation and marketing chain. For companies, consumers use the product at home in their own environment rather than in artificial test environments.

Consumer opinion from test experience in consumers’ home often generates more accurate data in feedback that leads to a better marketing research experience and quality amelioration.

Should you trust this company ?

A couple of ref flags punctured my trust for them.

When conducting my research, there were areas I paid attention to before coming up with my conclusion that the American Consumer Panels is a scam:

  1. The website
  2. The contact and physical location
  3. Who is behind the company
  4. Is the company actually registered
  5. User feedback

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The company website.


The first thing I did to determine their legitimacy was take a closer look at their website.

For a company that claims to operate in the sensitive IHUT industry, what they have as a website is complete amateur and a pointer to something smooky.

The logo is the artwork of someone with no corporate background. Both the designer and the company did undermine the importance of premium logo designs in branding.

I took a look at the About us page and no convincing information about company founders, which is a big hit to their credibility.  Adding to this, the page content was 95.5% copy paste materials from,, covingtonadhesives, etc

A plagiarism check on the About Us page shows 4.5% uniqueness.

American Consumer Panels review

American Consumer Panels Vs Canadian Consumer Panels

Another shocking discovery was the clone of both websites. They are a clone of each other and at this point, I almost stopped my investigation because this was clear evidence something wasn’t just right.

Do you need more proof the the American consumer panels is a scam?

Let me bring out some more crazy proofs.

American consumer panels domain name was registered in 2015 according to its whois record. Registrants, Technical and Administrative addresses are in the Arizona Western Region of USA

American Consumer Panels legit

But information on the website is completely different.

The website copyright dates back to 2006. Does it mean they were operating since 2006 and only registered their website in 2015?


American Consumer Panels review


But the company offices address points to New York, northeastern United States. This is unlike a legitimate corporate structure. More about this address below.

Is the American consumer panels legit?

Considering huge amount of uncertainty about website information, my answer is no. There is clear evidence that something is being hidden.

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The  company contacts


The next area I was looking at (after the website) is the contact materials. These include:

  1. Phone numbers
  2. Physical Address
  3. Email addresses.

I still got baffled at these 3 points.

First the phone number on the contact page is mobile. A business in this industry has to maintain different landline active numbers for an uninterrupted flow of feedback from both national and local product testers.

But a single mobile phone number is big proof of inefficiency and lack of professionalism. And this can only be done by a group of people who are up to something.

After a quick reverse-lookup, the phone actually belongs to a certain Manhattan, NY. This isn’t someone’s name but the most densely populated of New York City’s 5 borough.American Consumer Panels review

The address mentioned on the contact page doesn’t look physical. It’s more of a virtual forwarding fifth avenue address bought from services online.

Apart from the service emails on the contact page, I found one other email on the login page for curiously, there isn’t any more information about James Henderson. Not even a staff page with some verifiable information.

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Product tester application process


To be a home product tester with this company, you need to apply on their website.

On the application page, they claim hourly pay of between $25 and $45 per hour, depending on the In-Home Usage Test project.

What I found quite embarrassing is the lack of professionalism in their website ergonomics.  The “Apply for Product Testing” is rather linked to their Career page which carries a link to the testing application page.

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Who is behind American Consumer Panels ?


One of my points of interest was the team behind this company. But the only name I found on the site was James Henderson. But who is her?

Absolutely no answer because no information was found about him. For a company to operate and be managed by ghost team members, it means something is being hidden.

No founders, no CEO, no sales agent, etc except unknown staff behind sales, support and career emails. These can all be managed by a single individual or a group of people who are hiding their identities for some criminal reasons.

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The  American Consumer Panels legal recognition


If the American Consumer Panels is legit company and not a scam, it should be on file with the New York Department of State.

I decided to do a search on the Business Entity Database of  the division of corporations of New York.

American Consumer Panels review

This company is not registered any where in New York where they claim to be found. As the search actually returned no results for an active or inactive entry, there is solid reason to believe this is an illegal entity and should be treated with caution.

American Consumer Panels BBB rating

I did a search on Better Business Bureau website. As expected, nothing was found

American Consumer Panels review

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Feedback from customers


One of the things you should do to confirm the authenticity of en entity is find out from existing clients how satisfied they are.

However, the data you get from customer testimonial is not always accurate. The simple reason is that some ill-minded company owners either pay Internet users to fake  testimonials or they post those testimonials themselves under fake names.

While doing a search to find out if the American Consumer Panels was legit from testimonials, I was not shocked to find both positive and negative testimonials.

Here is someone who claims he is quite satisfied:

American Consumer Panels review

From every indication, this testimonial is fake. It’s either done by one of the founders of the ghost company or a paid user.

In another scenario, they have might have actually offered a good service to a naive customer just to get positive feedback. I said naive because anyone who does any bit of research will not go anywhere closer to the company.

Now, there are also some genuine reviews on

American Consumer Panels review

From this feedback, you discover that the American Consumer Panels is a setup by some scammers who just want your email address to sell to some other companies.

They have absolutely no business with testing and sampling household items and helping companies evaluate their products

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The American Consumer Panels Review – My take!


The American Consumer Panels is a scam. It is not legit. Whether you are a company looking for IHUT entities to test your product or you are a consumer looking to be paid to test products, you should stay away from this fake, ghost company.

They are not any verifiable consumer product testing company. The claim to be an innovation in market research through the American consumer opinion but all is a scheme to deceive many online.

I have shown you how they same scammers are targeting Canadians by creating the Canadian Consumer Panels. They were not even careful and patient enough to create a completely different website for their Canadian fake business. Everything is just a copy-paste.

A genuine way to make money online – How to make money at home.

For stay at home moms and many who want to learn how to become successful and make money online, you can make money testing products  or get paid to test a new product but not with these scams.

I understand there are two categories of people that may be interested in this American Consumer Panels scam company:

  1. Companies looking for product testers and doing some consumer research
  2. Product testers looking to earn money testing free products.

In any of these cases, the American Consumer panels is not a legitimate business you should work with. If you want to make money online as you work from home, you absolutely can start now with a genuine business.

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I hope this American Consumer Panels review post has raised your attention to some crucial points, helping you take the right direct especially if you want to work with a market research company.

From my experience, there are many genuine market research companies out there providing huge opportunities for people like you, in the online market research industry. They help you earning money by participating in authentic market research surveys.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the fact that the American or Canadian Consumer Panels promise free samples of new products and run into their trap. Before signing up to such scams, or getting involved in any consumer testing business, do your due diligence.


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