How to Find Legitimate Mentors and Clients Online!

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I had a chat on a recent podcast about finding the right people online.

You can check it out here:

How to Connect with the Right People Online

We wanted to help you avoid not only scammers but also nightmare clients, for service-based bloggers.

Since Enstine does such a wonderful job exposing scams and finding legit opportunities I want to share a few tips for finding awesome teachers, customers and clients during your online journey.

Follow these tips to connect with legit mentors and the perfect match clients.

1: Got Blogs?

Your prospective mentor better have a blog in this day and age. Anything less and something may be wrong.

Blogs are content central, meaning you can find helpful videos, podcasts and articles, proving the mentor knows their stuff. Blogs also showcase a rich library of products and services; more evidence of the mentor being an expert in their niche.

Demand a content rich, well-stocked blog as the first step in finding a legit mentor online.

2: Social Media Presence

Is the mentor a social media ghost?

Uh oh….you may have a scam artist on your hands.

I recall my first mentor having zero presence on social media a decade ago. I did not see the red flags because I was a green newbie. Big mistake. Of course he was a scammer. But his misdeeds caught up to him and he eventually got in trouble with a billion dollar company.

Online entrepreneurs who claim to be mentors emit a dangerous warning signal if they have no social media profiles. These folks generally have something to hide.

3: Desperate Clients

I totally get being desperate because I have been in some scary situations in life.

But I learned that taking on desperate clients is a nightmare waiting to happen. Just like I had to address my mindset issues nearly a decade ago to become successful, these folks need to double down on solving their problems before being open and willing to pay for coaching.

Be a leader. Not a savior. Be a teacher. Not a saver.

Desperate, terrified clients will fill your email inbox with frantic emails. These individuals make unrealistic demands, waffle about their wants and tend to have little money, leading to late or non payments.

Definitely not the right folks to work with online. Avoid them.

4: Deadbeats

Again; I have been broke. I understand people may suffer from financial issues before they develop their prosperity consciousness.

But people struggling to make money are not the right clients.

Someone once asked me if they could start a payment plan for my $15 eBook, wishing to make 2 payments so they could afford the read. I had compassion for this person but knew they’d likely be a rough customer and of course a non-paying client, because my hourly rates would blow their mind.

If folks complain about your rates being expensive or fear they cannot make payment just drop them like a hot potato.

Letting go folks having money issues creates a vacuum that attracts prospering folks to you.

Anybody can get a part time job offline to make money to buy an eBook or to hire a coach. I recall one of my African readers saying he ran into financial problems but would simply sell fried chicken by the side of the road to make money in order to pay for hosting.

These are the types of folks you want to take on as clients and customers; driven people who do what they need to do in order to make smart business investments, like hiring you or buying your online course.

The Wrap Up

Follow these tips and don’t miss the best online courses at Elektev.

Connect with the right mentors and clients online.

The eBook

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