Top 4 cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Providers!

The demand for WordPress as a content management system (cms) for different types of websites is constantly on a rise. This, of course has also led to an increase in demand for managed WordPress hosting providers.

WordPress is the free and most-flexible CMS that can be hosted on any Unix/Linux systems but to get the best results, there has been need to setup dedicated servers and teams with some specific requirements that will ensure security, speed, compatibility and up-time.

Many Webhosting providers today have grown to understand this and are beginning to assign dedicated resources to manage WordPress Hosting as a separate line of product.

If your blog is still hosted on a compatible Web server, I recommend you start thinking of shifting to a dedicated WordPress hosting.

Top 4 cheap managed WordPress Hosting Providers!

Cheap does not necessarily represent low quality. Often, it’s a marketing strategy to cater for those with limited exigencies, who at the same time need premium resources.

There are lots of dedicated WordPress Hosting providers out there but must of these will threaten your bank account especially if you are at the beginning or averaging 500 or less daily unique visitors.

Whether your blog is supper popular with thousands of daily readers or it’s just seeing the day with drops of daily visitors, you still need dedicated and managed WordPress Hosting.

I’ll tell you why…!

Maintaining a WordPress blog is with lots of worries. Points like script upgrades, backups, security and plugin compatibility are some of the areas that require most of the time that should have been used in content production.

On managed WordPress hosting, your host takes care of these points, leaving you with enough time to grow your business.

Another reason to embrace managed WordPress hosting  is the fact that most of the providers have WordPress experts as support staffs. This completely eliminates a situation of escalating your support ticket to the next ‘qualified staff’.

I have had that painful experience of having a minor issue go unresolved within required time because of unqualified support staff.

Generally, moving your WordPress site to managed server puts you on the winning end. While you focus on content production and business expansion, WordPress experts dedicate their time to monitoring your server, maintaining your database and making sure your site is up and running 24/7.

Here are some managed wordpress hosting providers to consider


1 – WPengine

WPengine is the number one choice for many website owners and bloggers who need the services and comfort of managed WordPress Hosting. With generally positive reviews from users, wpengine is positioning itself as the leader in the industry.

wpengine managed wp hosting

Included with WPengine

  • Monthly fee staring: $29
  • Website visitors per month: 25,000
  • Web Space: 10 GB
  • Domains: 1

Check out WPengine WordPress Hosting here!


2 – HostGator

HostGator is another top choice of managed wordpress hosting providers.  With a verifiable success story, HostGator’s experience in web hosting a a strong factor in its favor.

Top 3 reasons to switch to Hostgator:

  1. Get your site up to 2.5X Faster
  2. Built-In Malware Protection
  3. Free Migrations

managed wordpress hosting

Included with HostGator

  • Monthly fee starting: $9.95
  • Number of domains: 1
  • Migration: Free
  • Monthly Average Site Traffic: 100,000
  • Disk space: Unlimited
  • Automatic daily backup: 1GB
  • Email Accounts: Unlimited
  • Pre-installed theme and plugin: Yes

Check out HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting here!

3 – A2 Hosting

Choosing A2 Hosting as your managed WordPress Hosting provider can not be making a mistake. With SSD servers and a dedicated team made up of WordPress experts, a2hosting can confidently fit into my list of WordPress hosting companies for small size businesses.

dedicated wordpress hosting

Included with A2 Hosting

  • Monthly fee starting: £2.58
  • Email addresses: 25
  • Domains: 1
  • Migration: Free
  • CloudFlare Free CDN: Yes

A2 Optimized WordPress Hosting is said to provide the perfect alternative to inflexible and expensive Managed WordPress Hosting.

Check out A2 WordPress Hosting Here!


4 – Savvii

Savvii is a top dedicated WordPress hosting provider trusted and recommended by Yoast for WordPress sites and blogs in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Savvii will make your website lightning fast without any effort on your part.

During traffic spikes, Savvii guarantees your site’s uptime. This is possible through the use of WordPress optimized Varnish caching, phpFPM, a Content Delivery Network and a fast infrastructure.

savvii managed wp hosting


Included with Savvii

  • Monthly fee starting: € 11 ex . VAT
  • Domains: 1
  • Max. Page views per month: 3500
  • Disk space: 250 Mb
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Daily backups: Yes
  • Malware scanning: Yes
  • Migration Free

Check out Savvii WordPress Hosting here!


4 – SiteGround

If you want your WordPress Site hosted by professionals and dedicated WordPress experts, you have to check out what SiteGround has to offer.

No matter if you are just starting your new WordPress project or you want to move an existing WordPress website you will enjoy a smooth and easy initial setup.

siteground managed wp hosting

Included with Siteground

  • Monthly fee starting: $3.95/Mo
  • Free domain name for live: Yes
  • Free Migration: Yes
  • Number of Monthly Visits: 10,000
  • Web Space: 10GB
  • Free Daily Backup: Yes
  • Server Monitoring: Yes

Check out SiteGround WordPress Hosting here!


Make your choice!

As I mentioned above, there are quite many Managed WordPress Hosting Providers  popping up these days but these have been carefully chosen for small businesses. They all have options for very large and popular sites as well.

So go through them and make a choice based on your specific requirement and budget. After all, they have refund policies so you can always cancel your account if they fail to meet your hosting needs.

Drop a comment and let me hear what you think. Share this post with friends on social media.


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