Another $150 Hot Cash Contest – Straight to Paypal

Hi everyone it’s another wonderful cash moment on EnstineMuki.com and this time, it’s the generous hand of kingged.com at work.

Kingged has been giving money to bloggers (and of course more is still being cooked) through the unique blog commenting contest I wrote about in this post. You may want to go straight to the contest details on kingged.com here and see how bloggers are making money commenting on blogs.

$150 Cash Contest Instructions

This month, we are randomly picking 3 winners (And you may just be one of them). Participation is simply by following the PunchTab instructions on the widget below. Contest starts on February 12 and ends March 10 2014 so go ahead and enter now.

I will announce the results to my list and winners will have max 72 hours to respond to instructions. So please sign up to the list so you don’t miss the results

A bit about Kingged.com the sole sponsor

Kingged.com is a MEGA 4-in-1 Internet Marketing social site. By 4-in-1, it is:

  1. An IM News/Content site
  2. An IM Social Networking site
  3. An IM Social Bookmarking site
  4. An IM Product/Service/Software site

Users can share and “King” the best Internet marketing content, products and services they find. Bill Gates was right when he said “Content Is King”, but who should decide which content is King better than the readers?

Kingged.com also lets YOU network with other IMers and also lets you find, share and decide which IM Content, Product or Service deserves to be KING. Be sure to check out kingged.com

Co-host this contest

You can co-host this contest. It will be a good thing to give your readers a chance to win the contest. Just create a contest post on your blog, copy and paste the code snippet below in text mode of your blog content editor.

<script async src=”//static.punchtab.com/js/pg.js” class=”pt-giveaway” data-uuid=”9799ef3f-3771-4705-a04b-ea3d93972716″></script>

Let me hear in the comment box what you think of kinnged.com and this contest. If you are co-hosting, please let me know. Copy the post url on your blog and add to your comment.

Good luck to all participants

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gaurav - June 23, 2016

I think that I am reading it very late but thanks for such a great giveaway.
thanks for sharing such a great article
keep it up

Pawan - March 7, 2014

Awesome giveaway, I am In. Keep hosting such giveaway. Will use this money for my hosting fees.

Ashley Morrissey - March 6, 2014

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! I think Kingged.com sounds great!

    tonygreene113 - March 8, 2014

    Have you become a member of the site. I’m trying to find more bloggers to follow over there too.

Nizam Khan - March 4, 2014

Awesome giveaway. Well, I’m in and completed the punchtab task for today and will doing daily. Good luck to all the other contestants πŸ™‚

tonygreene113 - February 27, 2014

I tried to add your form to my post but it wouldn’t render. I’m simply sending people to the giveaway via a link.

kim Tanti - February 26, 2014

I Do not like the punch tab or anything that makes you jump through hoops

Kuldeep - February 26, 2014

Hi Enstine,
It’s good to see a cash contest again on your blog. I have done with all the step and now hoping to win this one πŸ™‚
Thanks for the opportunity.

    Enstine Muki - February 26, 2014

    Excellent Kuldeep and goodluck to you on this πŸ˜‰
    You can always share your Punchtab link on social medial to attract more points and stand a better chance to win

Aditya Nath Jha - February 24, 2014

Awesome giveaway bro, can I co host it? And surely taking part now!

marilyn cada - February 19, 2014

hello enstine. i featured this giveaway as one of the Giveaways that You Must Join This February 2014 (Part 3)…. please check my website where my article is posted

Shailesh - February 19, 2014

Nice post. I have also done the enter in Cash contest. It’s really amazing and worth taking. People likes to follow this contest. they feels that if they might be got selected this contest.
So, they enter into the contest and read our articles too.

Frank Joseph - February 19, 2014

Nice giveaway, and I would love to co-host this, but what is in for me πŸ˜€ before i go to my readers?

    Kingsley - February 20, 2014

    Hmmm, πŸ™„ so you want to co-host a contest sponsored by Kingged.com when you are still hosting the DEFAMATORY blog post you did about us, even after you admitted you made a mistake about it?!


    Like I have said before, don’t worry, Frank, I PROMISE you that Kingged.com will come after you for that defamatory post when we get round to it! We are too busy with more important things now, but we will get round to it, and trust me – you won’t like the action we will take!

Shivam Mahajan - February 16, 2014

Just Participated In Giveaway Hope i’ll Win BTW Thanks For This Awesome Giveaway Sir πŸ™‚

Patrick Miller - February 16, 2014

This is a great giveaway! I will look forward to learning more about this service.

Akaahan Terungwa - February 15, 2014

Kingged Rocks, Enstine. In the short time I have been on, it has been amazing and quite fun, I must confess!

It’s also great that you are offering this opportunity to your readers…sadly, I am determined not to enter any contest for the first 6 months of this year!

I wish you the best of luck!


$150 Paypal Cash Giveaway courtesy of Enstinemuki.com - February 14, 2014

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kunal gupta - February 14, 2014

Is this offer still Valid ? i want to participate , how can i do that ?

Riya Khurana - February 13, 2014

great opportunity to participate..
seriously i really like it…
keep sharing it..i will also do the same…

Prasanna - February 13, 2014

I could say its just awesome. Brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing my friend. I will be participate in it. You know its very handy for the beginner bloggers like me.

Keep on posting like this.

Bilal Ahmad - February 13, 2014

Yap it is working now. May be it was because of the connection.

Nirmala - February 13, 2014

Awesome Giveaway, thanks for hosting it πŸ™‚

I am participating in it and hope to win!

Bilal Ahmad - February 12, 2014

It seems your widget is not loading. Have you notice that?

Naveen - February 12, 2014

Hi Enstine, finally I entered the contest after the few failure attempts. Hope I’ll win this time. Thanks.

Dawn Rader - February 12, 2014

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!! I hadn’t heard of Kingged.com until now!

Kharim Tomlinson - February 12, 2014

Hey bro,

Awesome cash giveaway. I am going to enter and also share this giveaway with my friends.

Iftekhar Ahmed - February 12, 2014

Hello again Enstine.

Its really an awesome giveaway and I shared it on my blog. I hope more people join this giveaway as well as kingged.

Will be constantly following this contest and I hope to win too πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Check out my last post link on commentluv to see my share of this giveaway. πŸ™‚

Tim Bonner - February 12, 2014

Another great giveaway Enstine!

I don’t really know much about Kingged.com but I’m going to take a look this week.

Sunday - February 12, 2014

A nice one Enstine and well presented! Kingged.com is steadily taking over the Internet marketing sphere. Its good having to spread the news for readers by encouraging interested co-hosts to apply . Thanks for letting readers know about this new cash contest!

In the content syndication and social bookmarking website kingged.com, the above comment has been shared where this post was shared for Internet marketers.

Sunday- kingged.com contributor


Nwosu Desmond - February 12, 2014

Another awesome giveaway from Kingged.com, recently i have won almost $100 in the on-going blog commenting giveaway on Kingged.com. I have also completed this giveaway and hope to win this one too.

It is good to see kingged.com give back to its users via this mouth-watering giveaways. This is indeed awesome. Thanks for sharing. I found this post on kingged.com and also left a comment on it.

isaiah joseph - February 12, 2014

Wonderful giveaway and i must say mouth watering, Nice one Enstine Muki, and hopefully, the guy who have a genuine need for the money wins…

Iftekhar Ahmed - February 12, 2014

Hello Enstine,

Its a great giveaway organised and I really need to win this. I will definately make a post on this on my blog.

I have been part of kingged from last 2 weeks and I must say that it is one of the best bookmarking sites to get high quality traffic. The giveaways are real bonus for webmasters and I love them.

Thanks Enstine and Kingsley from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚

Efoghor Joseph Ezie - February 12, 2014

I am back now. I have successfully added it to my blog and the contest is live on my blog right now. So I should be able to promote it from my end also. I hope all my readers would be interested to participate in this.

Here is the URL to the post: http://www.bizsuccessguide.com/2014/02/150-paypal-hot-cash-contest.html

Naveen - February 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Kingged.com is growing fast in the blog sphere, this giveaway would help bloggers to do many things.

BTW: Am unable to participate as am not able to navigate the next step of the 3rd step ‘follow enstinemuki’.

Will check it again soon and participate it.

Thanking you.

    Enstine Muki - February 12, 2014

    Hey Naveen,
    You can always try even on different browsers. I’m sure it’s just a minor issue
    I’ll also be grateful if you co-host this with me πŸ˜‰

David Oriol - February 12, 2014

Am leaning a hold lot from you as a blogger and want to say a big thanks you buddy and hope you don’t mind me calling you buddy at them same time πŸ™‚

Kingsley - February 12, 2014

Thanks, Enstine, for hosting this giveaway. We love working with you and your readers. Lots of them have become Kinggers (members) over at Kingged, and they are loving it, πŸ™‚

About the “daily cash giveaway for commenting on Kingged.com”, it is now in the 10th day running and already 11 people have been paid through Paypal, with one person getting paid as much as $80… just for commenting on Kingged!

Anyway, about this $150 Hot Cash Contest you are hosting, Kingged.com is glad to be the sponsor. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to sponsor it.

If anyone has any questions about Kingged, feel free to ask here or over at Kingged.com. I am always open to answering whatever questions people have about Kingged, πŸ™‚

Thanks again, Enstine, for hosting this. We look forward to working more with you and your readers in the coming days.

Efoghor Joseph Ezie - February 12, 2014

Enstine, thanks for this wonderful offer. This is an opportunity for bloggers to make some money for the new Year. Thanks to Kingsley, for the sponsorship

I will join you in co-hosting it; so I will be writing about it on my blog as soon as possible and once it goes live, I will come back and share the URL here with your audience. Have a wonderful moment.

    Enstine Muki - February 12, 2014

    That’s good to hear Joe πŸ˜‰
    I’m seriously waiting to read your post. Thanks for co-hosting πŸ˜‰

mvenkat K - February 12, 2014

Enstine really you are great, where can you get these ideas, your every post created some tension feeling, and this is your own contest, or Kingged.com contest. you give readers wonderful offer, I want to use this offer, $150 is high, thank you sir, and I thanked to you sir I followed blindly Enstine sir, then I am get success.

I. C. Daniel - February 12, 2014

Kingged is getting more and more popular from what I see. That’s awesome!

I don’t like they “randomly picking a winner…” Anyway good luck everyone!

    Enstine Muki - February 12, 2014

    Well Daniel that’s just how Punchtab works (though the more points you get, the more the chances of winning) You might just be missing the chance of being the next winner πŸ˜‰


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