22,500 free broadedNet Credits – Another Christmas gift!

I guess this Christmas is good one for BroadedNet members.

A few days ago, Jackson bought credits and distributed to members and today, another user is around with some more free credits.

What does this mean?

You can add more credits to your account and get set for traffic. No amount of credits is ever enough given that we need traffic daily.

Don’t know what broadedNet is? Click here for more

Here is the user’s payment proof 


This time, the user needs a small action from you. The coupon code has been generated for a reasonable amount of credits. Just unlock the code by doing any of the actions below: Tweet, Share on Facebook or Google Plus.

Time to unlock your credits for more traffic!

Thanks for taking that social media action. Your coupon code is: MYGIFT

To use the coupon, go sign in/Sign up to BroadedNet. Click ‘Got Coupon Code?’


jackson coupon

Then enter the coupon from above in the field to move the credits to your account. As soon as you have the credits in your account, go ahead and create more campaigns.

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