BroadedNet ~ Traffic without SEO or Social Media

Before BroadedNet, getting traffic without SEO or Social Media has been a tough struggle. While SEO is not making it easy either, Social Media does not just deliver traffic on an easy-to-reach surface.

There is been no way you can get quick targeted traffic without spending money on search or social PPC. If you want it from Social Media, you have to be very active on these platforms. I know you know what I mean 😉

If it’s that easy to post on Facebook or Twitter or even Google plus and move away with 1000 clicks a day, few online marketers will worry about doing other things for traffic.

Blogging communities such as BlogEngage, Klinkk, Dosplash, etc  are a great way to attract visitors and get traffic without SEO or social media. But the truth about the whole thing is, this requires more time than most of us can afford.

That’s while you are not very active on all of these platforms. Yes I know you are guilty – You don’t have the time to post to these platforms, vote, comment,etc as we know these are all required activities to be noticed on them.

As a blogger, I have been looking for a tool that will spread my articles like wild fire on the Internet, without hurting anyone or SEO. Above all, I wanted to be able to do this with just a submit button and not causing harm to my bank account. That’s why I created THE tool! It’s call broadedNet.

Think of a tool where you fill a simple form that takes just less than 20 seconds and click the submit button. And 1 minute after approval, your content is being represented on thousands of other blogs in your niche. That sounds like an awesome source of targeted traffic to me 😉 and the tool is BroadedNet.


traffic without SEO or social media

What is BroadedNet – traffic without seo or Social Media ?

It’s a blog promotion tool that helps you pull traffic to your blog posts without sweating or hurting your bank account. BroadedNet (or simply referred to as Broaded)  is a network of blogs that advertise and promote each other.

In the image above, you submit your article to broaded. Through its widget, broaded will select blogs in your category and fire your article to them. These blogs, carrying your article on them will start showing you some love by spitting out traffic to your blog – this is real traffic!

On Broaded, there is no need to comment or vote. It’s never going to require more than 3 minutes of your time. After publishing on your blog, just grab your article title and url, select a category, paste and submit.

Any problem with SEO?

Absolutely non! This is no link creating network. You are NEVER going to create any link through or from broaded. Articles on the broadedNet widget link to on a nofollow tag. They are not linked directly to your blog.  With broaded, you get referral traffic.

BroadedNet is no a link exchange platform. It’s an advertising network that is based on credits as a funding system

The BroadedNet Widget

The broaded widget is what connects blogs to the core system. It’s the network backbone. It connects your blog through your unique API. It’s currently available for WordPress. The version for non wp developers is under perfection.

Read the broadedNet FAQs and signup here.

Does broaded really work?

Yes it does! Here is screenshot of some of the campaigns I’m running on the system.

blog promotion tool

This is what you see on “My Campaigns” page. It shows you the impressions and clicks you have had to your articles from the network. You also get to know which blogs in the network are generating these clicks.

What to do when you create your new account

When you create a new account, you will need to wait a few seconds for the account validation mail to reach your email address.

Check your spam folder if you don’t get it in your inbox. Click the link to validate your account.

The next thing you should do is install the widget on your blog (For WP bloggers now), follow these very simple steps to get it working.

traffic without search engines or social mediaOn the widget,

  1. Enter the Widget title that will show on your sidebar. Make it as attractive and relevant as possible.
  2. Go back to your broadedNet account and click “My Account” where you will find your API. Copy it and pasts on the widget
  3. Sselect the appropriate Category for your niche. The widget will only show articles that are submitted to that category.
  4. Select what to show on the widget – Article titles or banner. You must select the banner size that will fit the position you have chosen to display the widget.
  5. Enter the number of articles to show on the widget. The more the articles, the more credits you may earn
  6. Click the BPN checkbox to show ‘Powered By Broaded’ link just below the widget. That’s a little way to show appreciation and try to bring more of your readers to the platform.

If you don’t install the widget, you can only create 1 campaign. I’m doing this for those non wp bloggers. I want them to be able to take part in the traffic while I get them fully covered.

When the widget for other CMS is ready, everyone will need to install the widget before being able to create a campaign.

If you absolute don’t want to install the widget but want to use the platform, please contact me.

Advertiser Category – huge credits

In the list of categories, you may see some categories that are dedicated to some advertisers. This means content in those categories are published by admin.

That’s a nice way to display just something you know you want. In addition, these categories also show the number of credits you get per click from that advertiser.

If you are a product owner and you want a unique category, contact me so we can discuss about that. It’s a great way to get your product on so many blogs for little pay.

Never Click a link on your widget

I have put in place a spam checking system and this tracking script also checks for members that click on they own widgets. This practice is not allowed and your account can be frozen if you engage in this.

Note that if your account is frozen, your domain name(s) will be blacklisted. That means you can never use the platform with that domain name even under a different account.

Any attempt to game the system will be figured out and like adsense, my suspension click is very accessible.

I want a system that’s useful for everyone. Let’s keep to the rules and enjoy huge traffic

Blog about it for 3000 credits

If we pull more people to this network, we will be able to get huge traffic without SEO or Social Media.

Think of 5000+ blogs showing content in your category at any given time. That could mean a final solution to your traffic problems;

If your category on the system is still empty (meaning no articles submitted to it yet or no blog showing it yet) you can invite bloggers in your community to start the experience

Create and publish an article about broadedNet on your blog. Contact me with the post url and I’ll send 3000 free credits to your account.


There is so much I can write about this new tool but I’ll be updating as I add more features

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box. Can it really be a good source of traffic without SEO or social media?

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