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Bootstrap Themes ~ Get Responsive Bootstrap Templates!

BootStrap is an exciting open source front-end/client-side HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for the development of responsive websites. Yes! With the rapid growth in the bootstrap themes industry, I know this is soon going to be another big thing.

Initially developed by former Twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton as an internal development tool, Bootstrap was released as open source project in 2011. At the moment of writing this post, it is the most popular repository on GitHub.

– > Visit BootStrap website for more information about it.

Websites developed with BootStrap are fully responsive. With the help of breakpoints & media queries, BootStrap sites will dynamically adjust to optimal viewing on mobile & tablet devices.

You don’t need to be a HTML, CSS or JS geek to develop professional responsive themes for your BootStrap sites. Here are some places to get the best bootstrap templates for the price of a cup of tea.

Bootstrap Themes – Where to get the best for your website

Since the release of the boostrap project, there have been a huge growth in the development of bootstrap themes in the market. There are both free and paid templates out there.

However, I encourage you read this post where I brought out some reasons why free is not free.

I have gone through some bootstrap theme stores and found out they are really highly affordable. Here are 3 of these stores;

Bootstrap Templates on Bootstrapbay

bootstrap themes

Bootstrapbay was the first platform I came across while looking for professional and  intuitive and the best bootstrap design. Templates from BootStrapBay are feature-rich, fully responsive, and customizable.

– >> Checkout boostrapBay

If you are bootstrap theme developer, this is one market place you may want to publish and sell your designs.

Bootstrap templates on WrapBootstrap

bootstrap templatesThis is another interesting platform for a huge varieties of boostrap  themes. Like in bootstrapbay, you can easily go through a list of categories and select the most beautiful designs according to your needs.

– >> Checkout WrapBoostrap

Bootstrap designs from GridGum

boostrap designsI was going through GridGum and I think it’s one of the platforms you should check out for bootstrap themes. It also has a huge varieties of responsive WordPress themes. Beside Bootstrap, WordPress and Admin templates, GridGum has a wide range of premium responsive themes and templates to help with your website projects.

->> Checkout GridGum

Free bootstrap themes

Here are some platforms for free bootstrap templates.

BootStrap Tutorials

There are already so many places to learn more on how to use this framwork on the Internet. However, I came across this tutorial by W3Schools. It has the basics you need to start with this interesting development enviroment. Did I mention it’s free ?

W3Schools is however a training center for most scripting languages like Javascript, PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, JSP, etc. So you may want to check that out if you want to start a career as a web developer.

So let me know if you have had a bootstrap website before. What were your experiences with it? Where do you get your bootstrap themes?  Will you advice someone to invest in it?

Share your points in the comment box

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Roshan Singh Parihar - February 9, 2016

Thanks for sharing links of some free bootstrap theme provider. Responsive themes are the recent trends to develop themes. Startbootstrap free themes helped me alot to start my project.
Roshan Singh Parihar recently posted…18 ways to Speed Up WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

Avinash Bhardwaj - December 25, 2014

My name is Avinash Bhardwaj and I am a developer and owner of We have an excellent offer for your theme/component sale on our site and earn 100% of every sale directly to your PayPal account.

What you will get on our site:
* Earn 100% for every exclusive item sale, directly to your PayPal account.
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Thanks a lot

John - December 1, 2014

Bootstrap is unquestionably the best approach in the event that you are building another site. Now a days this is more important to have the Responsive to display based on the Devices for the modern era.

Kelly - November 26, 2014

Bootstrap is definitely the way to go if you are building a new site. We found there are some great ones on ThemeForest, and they are pretty cheap as well. As you said though their are lots of free ones available as well.

    Enstine Muki - November 26, 2014

    Hey Kelly,
    Good to see you here and thanks for the comment
    Have you developed any applications or sites with bootstrap before?

Prince Ramgarhia - November 14, 2014

interesting themes i think i can use one for my new site …
Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…How to Verify Facebook PageMy Profile

Gridgum - November 6, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for the mention. Just thought we would put it out there for you all, follow us on twitter, we give a free premium theme from our marketplace to one of our followers every week 🙂

Adesanmi Adedotun - October 26, 2014

Hi Muki,

Choosing a responsive theme is one of the most important aspect of blogging that needs genuine mind in choosing what is right. Larger percentage of bloggers are not a webmaster and that gives them a itch on customizing their blog mobile and with just the help of a responsive theme, I think ht deed has already been done.

SANDESH CHAUHAN - October 23, 2014

i never tried any responsive themes
can we use these themes in bloggers blog??or i shuold go with themeforest themes???
SANDESH CHAUHAN recently posted…Motorola Nexus 6-Specification,Features and PriceMy Profile

Scott - October 23, 2014


Well I never tried any bootstrap themes yet and I’m gonna be trying them soon enough.

Ammar Zeb - October 23, 2014

Well, Bootstrap is a damn a big name in the world of WordPress themes and that’s because of their good quality, uniqueness and 100% responsiveness in nearly any device.

Thanks for sharing and suggesting!

Akshay Sharma - October 23, 2014

Hi Enstine!

Really informative article. I knew a bit about BootStraps but didn’t knew that much as you have shared on this post. I’ll surely try to use BootStraps at least once after reading this blog post! As asked by Suprabhat in one of the comments, Do you have any coupon codes for them??? Please share it with us, if there’s any!


    Enstine Muki - October 23, 2014

    I will find out from one of the stores if there is any coupon code and I’ll share here. Thanks for your suggestion 😉

Suprabhat - October 22, 2014

Hey Enstine,

Thanks for intoducing us with a new theme, i would like to take a view of it.
Can you share us any coupon theme with us.
Because i need one for my new blog.

Thanks for sharing
Suprabhat recently posted…3 Ways to Write Blog Post that makes Money {Like Harsh Agrawal}My Profile

Dev Rajak - October 22, 2014

Hey is this really true? can I use this articture to redesign a wordpress theme for beter looks and integrety. Every on wants a more beautiful and responsive theme today and I think with this way I can Make something new and Interesting, just Cross your finger. Never know what will come to see. till then Enjoy and keep writing such post.

Oloyede Jamiu - October 22, 2014

Hey Enstine,

Thanks for writing this article about bootstrap themes.

The first time i heard of bootstrap was in 2012, my web developer used it to design my ecommerce website template.

The site is fully responsive and the theme is amazing.

I came across one of the co-founders of Bootstrapbay via Brian Dean website at Backlinko.

I think many website owners are opting for responsiveness nowadays.

Thank for the nice info.

Have a nice day ahead.
Oloyede Jamiu recently posted…Coshedule Review : The Best Social Media Editorial Calendar App for Busy Entrepreneurs and BloggersMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - October 23, 2014

    It’s a wonderful framework bro
    I also have some apps running on it 😉

    thanks for sharing your experience with us

Dennis Seymour - October 22, 2014

Hi Enstine!

I have only tried it for a little time (11 days now) but it seems great so far.

I need to check out some of the themes you mentioned so I can finally make my experimental niche site look like it’s worth something lol.

Ill be checking out those themes! Thanks! 🙂
Dennis Seymour recently posted…SEO 101: Link Baiting with The Best In The Game, Gordon HaywardMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - October 23, 2014

    Hey Dennis,
    I have used it on a school management app and it’s quite interesting how it functions. I’m sure you’ll find some great templates from this collection.

    Goodluck brother. enjoy your week

Rahul Patel - October 22, 2014

Hey Enstine,
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. W3Schools is the best place to learn languages like Javascript, PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, JSP…… And the best part its free. I didn’t knew about this site. Thanks Enstine. 🙂

    Enstine Muki - October 23, 2014

    Yes I agree with you. That’s one site I visit almost daily. Lots of good things there for us developers 😉


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