Are You a Blogging Lone Wolf or a Team Player?

If you ever wondered why networking is important simply observe the most famous musicians on earth.

I just finished watching The Defiant Ones on Netflix.

Strongly recommended viewing if you are a music fan or entrepreneur.

The series details the lives of moguls Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

One pattern popped up again and again; these 2 men who became worth billions and hundreds of millions of dollars succeeded through their passion for music and through teamwork.

Jimmy Iovine worked with some of the most iconic musicians ever. John Lennon.Bruce Springsteen. Tom Petty. Dr. Dre. Eminem. The list goes on and on. Every brilliant artist, from Gwen Stefani to Trent Reznor, got their start when Jimmy spotted these diamonds in the rough and teamed up with them. Some of these artists them teamed up with each other, with Dr. Dre and Eminem forming a formidable duo.

No musician is an island. All wildly successful, famous, iconic rappers and rockers became superstars through teamwork.

Same Deal in Blogging

Blogging is no different, my friends.

You need passion. You also need a team of like-minded folks around you to succeed.

Enstine blessed me with the opportunity to guest post on his blog. We are a team. I promote him freely through social media and through my guest posts on other blogs.

Alonzo Pichardo generously asked me to appear on his YouTube channel and on his podcast. More teamwork. I promote him freely through social and my blog.

Julie Syl Kalungi graciously invited me to guest post on her blog. She is currently writing a guest post to be featured on my blog. I also love to shout her out on social, through my guest posts and by commenting on her blog.

why networking is important

Blogging teamwork makes the dream work. Connected bloggers become blogging leaders.

The more teammates you blog with, building 1 to 1 bonds, the more teammates you add to your tribe through your generosity.

Persistent Networking

Jimmy Iovine networked for decades to become one of the most connected people in the music industry. He seemingly knows everybody. This is at the core of his success. If you have friends everywhere you have help everywhere and opportunities appear around you all of the time, opening up, for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis noted the other day while he interviewed me how I appear to pop up in blog comment fields fairly regularly when he reads marketing or blogging blogs. I learned from icons to be connected by generously serving folks without looking for anything in return. My comments are for giving, not for getting. I comment to build bonds, not to build backlinks.

If you struggle blogging-wise you likely are making the common mistake of going lone wolf. Publish a post. Promote in 50 spots. Sit back. Relax. Wait for traffic to find you. Of course, such an approach leads to struggle and failure. Teamwork makes the blogging dream work while the lone wolf dies quickly.

Meanwhile, when I appear on Alonzo’s blog, Julie’s blog, Enstine’s blog, Matthew’s blog, and my wife Kelli Cooper’s blog, all multiple times, I form deeper, stronger bonds and appear to be all over my niche plus in a few other niches too.

Everywhere I turn I see help and support. My traffic, profits and online presence seems to expand more day to day, and week to week.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork makes the blogging dream work.

But before you live your dream through your blogging team ya gotta be generous.

Help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Promote bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Hire them. Buy their products. Publish positive reviews on their eBooks, as my friend Jan Verhoeff noted the other day during my Facebook Live Video. Read and publish rocking reviews on Jan’s Amazon Kindle eBooks here.

Being generous connects you to a generous blogging friend network.

From there, your dream will work through some major league teamwork.

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