Blogging Is a Skill with Many Moving Parts

I intend to write a guest post beneficial to Enstine and his audience.

I also want to connect with readers intrigued by blogging tips. I run a blogging tips blog. Gotta make this post appealing to folks who’d dig Blogging From Paradise.

Where did I find the topic for this blog post? I researched Quora. Aspiring bloggers simplify questions. Some crave huge traffic. Others want big results, fast. Blogging is a skill with many moving parts.

Mastering these skills takes thousands of hours of generous practice. So I write this post. Did you know the prior sentences contained no less than 4 moving parts? Did you realize the prior sentences contained no less than 4 skills?

  1. be aware of your guest posting audience and how to serve them
  2. be aware of how to attract a guest post audience to your blog
  3. know where to look for blog post ideas
  4. know how to mine blog post ideas from these spots

Folks; writing and publishing a blog post is one of many skills you need practice, hone and own to become a successful blogger. Nobody succeeds until practicing, honing and owning the many moving parts part and parcel with blogging.

New bloggers quickly learn how blogging is about 20, 30 or even 50 moving parts. Be an observer. Know how to mine blog post topics. Keep readers in mind. Properly format posts. Know how to write eBooks. Know where to publish eBooks. Know what to charge for your course. Figure out how to create the course. And the list goes on…..

Anybody can learn and master every moving part because doing so seems quite simple. But mastering the moving parts requires thousands of hours of study, practice and generous service. Do you feel uncomfortable working for thousands of hours? You better get used to it. I love blogging.

I feel passionate about blogging. But at 11 PM on a Tuesday night I feel a bit tired. I wish to sleep. Why do I write? I intend to spread my presence, I want to help you and I wish to keep mastering the many moving parts to blogging.

What you and I do is beyond writing and publishing posts. We need learn how to promote posts effectively. Do you know how to network? Buy my eBook. Do you know how to call readers to action? How did you set up your blog sidebar? Did you optimize conversions effectively through your footer? Wait a second; what does your disclosure statement look like? For bloggers in the USA, you better publish a disclosure statement to cover yourself legally. I basically say I make money through every link and image you click on my blog. I figure it is best to cover myself fully.

Can you see why blogging is a multitude of moving parts? Can you see why buying a course and/or eBooks is smart? Nobody learns all moving parts unless you study diligently. I became aware of blogging and its wide-ranging skill set by following top bloggers. Do the same to realize this gig ain’t just writing and publishing blog posts.

Never Be Intimated

Again; blogging is not similar to rock science. I do not need to engage in intense, critical thought to promote my blogging success. Nor do I need to study in-depth for years to understand the skill known as blogging. Anybody can learn and master blogging.

Anybody can practice all the moving parts. But the journey feels incredibly uncomfortable sometimes because you bump into fear regularly. Pay your fear tuition. Learn different skills falling under the umbrella of the blogging skill set.

Blogging is no impossible journey. Anybody can become a successful blogger.

Be prepared to learn, practice and master the moving parts of blogging.

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