1 Difficult Idea for Folks to Accept about Happy Successful Bloggers

“Ryan, you always smile!”

Only because I faced, embraced, felt, grieved and cried out severe fear, pain and heartache by facing incredibly tough blogging obstacles.

“I can see why you are so happy Ryan! If I circled the globe and lived in paradises, I’d be happy too.”

I only circled the globe because:

  • I continued blogging after seeing 3 visitors daily stop by my old blog, for months
  • I kept promoting my blogging audio course even though I did not make my first sale until the sales page registered 8,000 page views
  • I decided to write the Blogging From Paradise series of eBooks after a prior, failed eBook I wrote from a different blog sold only 4 copies in 4 months

Do you know how terrible how terrible I felt after these failures? I cried. I punched walls, almost breaking my hand.

Why am I so happy now? I uncovered the secret of many genuinely happy, successful bloggers: I faced, embraced and felt my deepest blogging fears and pains. I did not quit. I did not turn around. I did not give up. I did not sprint to get a 9-5 job after I fell $70,000 into debt and lost all of my money. I did not quit blogging and get a 9-5 job after experiencing some terribly painful family circumstances, including accepting the terminal illness of my mom.

Knowing the mom you knew is gone forever many, many years before she leaves her mortal coil is one of life’s most freeing and horrifying lessons. I wish it on no human being but also know, embracing this experience helped me shine bright for others and has also given me spiritual nourishment, generously gifted to me by God.

Guys; if you feel unhappy and you are struggling to see blogging success, you have deeper fears and pain to wade into. Just the way it is. You need to become more fearless, by doing uncomfortable stuff, regularly. Just the way it is. After you face and feel deep fears, nothing genuinely scares you. You could lose it all, and you know that you will make it through because your true Power is not in this world, but of this world.

Happy, successful bloggers face the toughest obstacles and deepest fears of all. This idea gets lost on most bloggers who figure top bloggers:

  • have it easy
  • are lucky
  • are blessed
  • are naturally talented
  • are naturally gifted

Do you understand how hard my dear friend Enstine had to work to succeed? He became highly successful by being ALL IN and doing things the right way, for years. He is a blogging rock star. Plus, he faces different obstacles than many US-based bloggers face, blogging in the awesome developing nation of Cameroon. Yet he succeeds. I admire the blogging trail blazers of the world for I know they face the strongest resistance, but, they find a way, and keep going. Bravo!

This is why you need to follow a skilled, successful blogger like Mr. Muki; he has been through all types of resistance, does not quit and he will teach you how incredibly happy and successful you can become if you face your deepest fears.

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My dear friend Jan Verhoeff has experienced immense success over the years and she is as cheery as they come. But she has embraced and grown through great heartache too, learning the invaluable lesson that hugging fear/pain and moving those energies along helps you become one of the brightest lights in your niche. Happy, successful bloggers explored the depths, felt the fire, released the fear and rise to the top, brilliantly.

Going through tough times is not enough.

You need to GROW through tough times by:

  • facing deep fears
  • learning from setbacks
  • analyzing mistakes
  • humbling yourself and being more generous if you face struggles and failures that seem to suck the life out of you

Eventually, you too experience the greatest blogging truth; you can and will succeed and become super happy if you follow your passion through problems, and if you follow your fun through fears, and if you follow your love through lulls, and if you follow your divine desire through disasters.

I know you’re up to it guys.

Accept that top, joy-filled bloggers simply faced tougher obstacles than all other bloggers AND grew through these setbacks by learning and feeling the deepest fears.

Once you realize this, and follow their lead, persistently, you too will be happy and a leader in your blogging niche.

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