VERY FEW bloggers are doing this one thing and succeeding remarkably!

It’s amazing how few bloggers around do this one thing. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that have produced growth for some of us today.

I have a lot of blogging friends and some of them are doing this same thing and seeing a lot of success in it. Peter Beckenham, theΒ  remote Thai village blogger does it and has even written and mentioned it on his blog. Joy Healey from UK, the blogger after dark, perfectly knows about this one thing.

Donna Merrill knows and has experienced the power of this powerful growth method. Ask Kim Willis and he will tell you it works. Still need more people to find out if this trick I’m about to share with you works? Ask Monna Ellithorpe,Β  Philip Verghese Ariel, etc.

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It’s not blog commenting

Maybe you were thinking I’m going to be talking about blog commenting. Well, I won’t focus on it though the magic starts with it.

Blog commenting is a powerful growth hack. If you are just starting blogging today and want to see some quick growth, blog commenting is the way forward.

Here is some proof:

blog commenting

Francis Quarshie of disabled comments on his blog and being one of my active community members, I thought it was an error. He wanted his blog to grow so I encouraged him to enable comments. Shortly after doing that, commenting is adding life to his blog.

But that’s just the start. Francis has to do more and that’s the magic I want to talk about now.

Β Reciprocity!

“A behaviour in which two people or groups of people give each other help and advantages”

This is something that works in blogging and if you want to see your community growth explode beyond normal, you’ll have to practice reciprocity.

How to grow your community through reciprocity

Like I mentioned above, it starts with blog commenting. If someone drops a comment on your blog and you’d like to connect with that person, step over to his own blog and drop a comment as well.

If you are on that blog for your first time, make it clear to the owner you are a new addition to his community.

Reciprocity works…

Start with commenting and take it to the next level

Don’t be a selfish blogger

Bloggers need contextual links to boost their rankings. If you want a stronger relationship with other bloggers, link out to their content, feature them on your blog and then tell them about what you’ve done for them.

Make it even more exciting.

The best way to link out to a fellow blogger and make it more exciting is to:

  • Mention his name
  • Say a bit about him
  • Then link to his content

That shows you know him better and goes a long way to reinforce your relationship.

Yes it works!

What if no blogger comes to comment on your blog?

If no one is coming to comment on your blog, step out and comment on theirs. Start with the bloggers I mentioned above. They know the power of reciprocity. That means there are chances to get them on your blog as well.

Note however that they make the final decision to come interact with you based on such factors like the quality of your content, your blog niche, etc.

Make sure you have a good commenting system that attracts comments. Don’t make it difficult for readers. Avoid complicated captchas and make it open for everyone to comment.

CommentLuv is an excellent commenting system that attracts comment. You may want to give it a try.

Over to you…

What do you think about reciprocity? Do you practice it?

Please drop a comment below and share this short post on social media. I’ll really appreciate it πŸ˜‰

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  1. Thanks, Enstine for a nice and insightful blog.

    I am new in this business and trying hard to leave a mark. I do agree with you when it comes to lending help within the community. So I am here providing my comments looking for that magic.



  2. Hi enstine muki,
    Great post indeed about probably the most important element for building relationships.
    The little time I spend in reading your article have been informative, educative…and your post have been an outstanding one.
    thanks sharing for this post.

  3. Hello Enstine Muki ,
    Thank you providing blogging tips for beginners .Really Awesome Information About Bloggers .

  4. Hi Enstine

    Reciprocity works all the time. In the blogosphere, reciprocity is a great way to build a solid way to build relationship among bloggers. The tips you shared are awesome. Take care

  5. Interesting post Enstine. wanted to check your site for a while especially since its recommened by Philip and John V. As I understand, the primary focus of the above type of comments is traffic and networking and not link building, right?

  6. Hi Enstine,
    Happy to be here again!
    Thanks for the valuable mention.
    Hey, I am happy to note that this post has been mentioned in my latest post. Here is the link for your kind reference, I tried to send the mail via the automatic mail system in the MyCommentAuthors plugin, but it was showing and Error message saying 405 Error Thus this note and link here. Hope you don;t mind
    Thanks for your valuable effort in creating such a wonderful plugin to express our love towards our comment authors
    May you have a great Month of August 2016
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  7. Hi @Enstine Muki,
    I have not tried this method but after going through your article I think it would work. Thanks for sharing publically.

  8. Good Blog Enstine, Building relationship is the major part for bloggers. Its a great way to build relationship. I think it is very helpful for beginner of blogging.

  9. Hello Enstine,

    I’m just in the process of discovering the value of reciprocity among bloggers, and it was taught to me by one of the people you mentioned – Peter Beckenham. I posted a comment on his blog a couple of days back, and he not only promptly came over to my blog to take a look and post a very nice comment, but also took the trouble to send me a personal welcome video by email. Very thoughtful gesture – makes you want to engage again and post more comments.

    • Hi Anand,
      Perter is the king of engagement. He’s not be around for long like most of us but for this very short time, he’s been able to connect with a lot of people through reciprocity and his video tactics. A genius I think he is πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your comment Anand. I hope you are having a great weekend. Of course, the days ahead are beautiful so let’s keep giving

  10. Hey Enstine,

    Reciprocity is the single most power way to grow your blog. It’s a great way to build relationship as well as get social proof from others. And a great way to kick it off right is through blog commenting. I haven’t been blog commenting as much as I was the year prior but it helped my blog to get some recognition from other great bloggers.

    • Hey Sherman,
      We’ve both seen some slowdown in commenting recently. But we still get some engagement from activities in the past. That shows the power of commenting and reciprocity.

      I’m sure if we keep this activity up, it will be possible to really grow out communities.
      Thanks for showing up despite being busy buddy.

      hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

  11. Excellent post Enstine, I’ve been blogging for a while now and never considered this. Building relationship through such simple but effective way of growing in this field. And I’m sure that in coming years, there will be very little chance to survive in the Internet Marketing unless you have good network.

    • Hi Nikhil,
      I think you are right about the future. Building a massive community is a requirement especially in a highly competitive niche.

      I’m glad this post has helped. Let’s keep in touch bro

  12. blog commenting is best way to get traffic from engaged blog but sometime few blogger take this path only to spam other blog they do not want to really participate in I have to install spam comment blockers. But you’re here are doing good job by rewarding who participate in discussion on any of your blog.

    • Hey Evan,
      A lot of people comment for the wrong reasons. They want links but things have changed. Gone are those days when people spam blogs and their links were considered by search engines.

      The value in commenting now lies in relationship building and that has to do with adding value through the comment. On most useful blogs, if you don’t add value, your comment will never show up.

      Thanks for the participation Evan

  13. As you know, I’m big on engagement and blog commenting… hey look, I’m commenting again here! lol I’ve done all sorts of testing over the years and it’s proven that blog commenting drives more traffic back to one’s blog than almost anything else.

    • Very correct Mitch. It drives a lot of direct traffic especially if you do it well. People drop one or two lines in comments and expect results. It doesn’t work like that.

      Thanks for stepping here today Mitch

  14. Hi Enstine. I agree with you on the power of reciprocity. Over the years I have tried different ways to get comments on my blog. Blogging tribes work on the same premise, and that’s where I started. They have a tendency to go away though as bloggers stop writing. I don’t remember how I found her, but sometime last year I found my way to Adrienne Smith’s blog, left a comment there, blog hopped my way over to Donna Merrill’s place and started commenting there. Pretty much every blog I visit I found because they comment on those two blogs. The more I leave comments, the more likely it is that they will come back and see what I do. I think the best part is getting to know each other at least a little bit.

    • Hey Ben,
      That’s right! Most of us are growing through blog-hopping. That works but it’s difficult to maintain.

      Adrienne and Donna are two great blogs but unfortunately, Adrienne left. Whatever the case, the excitement continues.

      Thanks for making up to my blog today Ben. Do have a wonderful week

  15. Hi Enstine

    Great post about probably the most important element for building relationships.
    Comment and share. Do it for me and I’ll do it for you. This can be so valuable in online marketing.

    Aha. I see you also turned on the flickering little red light. Don’t think you are just going to scribble and be shared. Know what you say and say it well. Then your chances of getting shared are even higher.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Igert,
      So good to see you here and thanks for dropping a comment. Reciprocity is the reason many of us are pals. I remember when I got to your blog and it’s been and exciting experience since then.

      Correct! People share what’s valuable. Not crab πŸ˜‰

      Thanks again for being part of the party. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  16. Hello Enstine,
    You explain great on blogging. I think it is very helpful for beginner of blogging. Indeed nice information. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Hi Sir,

    Agree with your each and every point. Blog commenting is way we can connect many other bloggers, also through blog comments you can get feedback of the post you published.

    Glad to read this post.

    Shared this post with my twitter audience.

  18. I LOVE this Enstine! Many bloggers talk commenting, but as a way to bring them attention. I haven’t seen it talked about in this way but you’re so right! Blog commenting (done in a none sleazy way) is first and foremost about making connections and hopping over to commentors’ blog is a great way to start building relationships.

    Will be sharing this for sure

    • Hi Corinne,
      Thanks for showing up today and adding to the conversation.
      You made an important point about commenting. People who do it for links fail. The best driving motive should be networking. The simple reason is that if you connect with the right people, you end up getting the links and even more.

      Thanks again for making it a date. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  19. Yes I Always try to return a favor. And I linked to your blog last week, when writing about SEO, modest as my site may be. πŸ˜‰

  20. Hi Enstine

    Nice surprise to see my name in this post. Thanks muchly.

    It’s good to some of my blogging friends being mentioned here as well

    You hit the nail on the head when you said his:

    ‘Don’t be a selfish blogger’

    That’s it.

    And you are living proof that this approach works. I’m using the same idea with social media. A lot of giving upfront without any expectation of something in return. But sure enough – if you keep doing it people will warm to you, and some will WANT to do business with you.

    Once again, it’s all about ‘know, like and trust’

    Thanks again, Enstine


    • Hey Kim,
      I’m glad I mentioned the right people in this post and of course, that won’t be complete without your name because you are a perfect example of what I talked about.

      It works too on Social media so great. Donna wrote about it here.

      It’s said in life that ‘givers never lack’ That saying is true in blogging too. If you are selfish with links, you get a little but if you give out (to relevant content), you get more back.

      Thanks for being part of the party here buddy. Hope your week kicks in well

  21. Hi Enstine,

    I use the methods you lay out in this post. And they work for getting more links, more traffic and more comments. Admittedly, I could be expanding my reach to include other blogs than I now do. Working on that.

    Smart post. Thanks,

    • Hi Edward,
      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.
      There is always room to expand and being reciprocal, you will see results.

      There are more beautiful days ahead. So let’s keep sticking to each other πŸ˜‰

  22. That’s a great idea by the way as everyone knows how important blog commenting is and yet this is even 1 step higher and very useful hack.

  23. I have many blogs, but never try commentLuv, i always relly on facebook comments and disqus commenting system, But Now I am thinking to give it a try.

  24. You’re genius, Enstine.

    You don’t only know the craft, you understand it, too. See how you’ve nailed it, bro πŸ™‚

    The mention alone excites me. I wish you could see me jumping and dancing, sir. That’s what reciprocity can do. It’s a powerful strategy.

    You’re invited to heed his advice-reciprocate. Grab MycommentAuthors. And let’s thrive.

    Thriving is deliberate.

    The best post I’ve read this month, Enstine.

    Thank you.


  25. Hey Enstine!
    This is really an awesome post… and yeah I’m totally agrees with Reciprocity…!!!
    I have learned something new today so I’m definitely gonna try this out for my blog..
    I just wanna say thanks to you Enstine, every time you post something it helps lots of new bloggers like me. so it’s a big big thanks from all new bloggers….
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  26. Hey Enstine!

    You have outlined a very basic, yet effective technique used by seasoned bloggers to build a community and get involved. After all, we blog, therefore we are πŸ™‚

    Have a good one Enstine!

  27. Hello Enstine,

    Reciprocity? I think it’s cool and a very powerful tool for growing one’s blog.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, Ensine.

  28. Hi Enstine,
    Really an amazing post. Reciprocity is great way to get comments, It is a win-win situation for both. Commenting not only helps to grab backlinks and blog comments but it is a great way to build relationship with other bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  29. It’s happened to many bloggers now, most bloggers now disable their blog commenting to prevent spam, but at least they produce great article that can help their readers or they might interact on social media platform instead of blog commenting.

    • Hey Louis,
      Thanks for showing up.
      Blog commenting is a lot of work. So those who don’t have the time disable it but I think the work put in commenting and replying to comments has so much benefits πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your input bro

  30. I agreed with you Enstine,
    Commenting on other blogs is also good and 98% chances is that they’ll come to your blog for commenting too this will gain relationships with each others.
    But I also love one more thing that mention their like minded contents in our contents. This will bring some Professionalism to our content, as we get trust in visitors eye, Google loves this thing and we’ll gonna make relations with Professionals. It’s a method I love most of the times and I did this in my every article.
    B/W Enstine Your title rocks πŸ˜› People will more likely to click on it and surely gonna read it!
    Thanks for sharing awesome resources …. Wish you more power buddy! Hats off to you πŸ˜‰

    • You rock Abdul!
      You practice what you preach
      I got a link alert from your blog this morning and that took me there where I dropped a comment.

      Not only that

      Your comment too has taken me to your blog and I’m sure that’s the start of a great relationship πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for making it awesome

      • Thanks for appreciating Enstine πŸ™‚

        Really it’s a good start of a great relationship πŸ™‚

        A great wishes for you πŸ˜€

        Abdul Samad (Your New Friend) πŸ™‚

  31. it was really true that these days atleast inorder to get backlinks from other blogs,so many are visiting and commenting on blog posts which is beneficial to the blog and also for the commentor as the blogger getting good traffic for comments and at same time the commentor getting backlink for his view

  32. True. But many people don’t have the time to do this!

    Not only that, but when they ACTUALLY do try comment, you get a warning that you have not typed enough words in the comment box. Like I just got. Now. While trying to say this.

    • Hi Lorraine,
      You know that’s why I said “VERY FEW bloggers”. You know in life, many people don’t do what few people do to achieve success πŸ˜‰

      Few bloggers take the time to drop enough words in the comments because that allows them say enough that can help create a relationship.

      I don’t think your can create a relationship by dropping few words in comments πŸ˜‰

  33. Enstine, I follow you and get your emails. It always a treat to comment on your posts. They are insightful and I believe very successful for you. I hope to someday have that same success. I’ve yet to get any real comments on my posts but then again the site is very niche oriented. Thanks for the great post and opportunity to comment on a great topic.

    • Hi Jeff,
      It’s always very exciting to know you are around. I’m sure you are soon getting to where I am. It’s a matter of some time and some work.

      Just stick to what you are doing that works. By the time you start coming across people in your niche, with this community building spirits, you are going to soar.

      Meanwhile, there are better days ahead so let’s stick together

  34. Hello Enstine, you are right. This works like magic. I remember I tried with my post on mastermind groups and it worked. Some people call it the Howdy Neighbour technique. You called it reciprocity, and I agree completely.

  35. Hi Enstine,

    Reciprocity equals blogging. If you are not out there commenting and sharing other people, you will have the sound of crickets on your blog. Just by the name “tribe’ next to my name, is a strong statement that it takes many people working together to get their blogs and businesses going.

    Reciprocity goes beyond blogging in itself. Along the way, we start to connect to others in such a way we can actually become friends. The feeling of having friends that we truly care about all over the globe is the best one in the world.

    So, besides blogging and business, the emotional rewards getting close to others is awesome!

    Thank you my friend for the mention here!


    • Hahaha and those crickets will finally leave if everything remains silent for long πŸ˜‰
      You are right about the long term friendly relationships. It’s even more interesting when it steps from virtual to real world. I have met a lot of people through this activity.

      Yes, the word ‘tribe’ suggest a community and that clear;y shows what your blog represents.

      Good job over there my friend πŸ˜‰

      There are more beautiful days ahead so let’s keep giving.

  36. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog – and particularly in an article about reciprocal blog comments.

    Making comments on other people’s blogs as a thank-you for their comments on mine makes common sense on a number of levels – the first of which is just common courtesy. I learned this from great bloggers such as yourself, Donna and Adrienne, so it’s almost second nature to me now. Before I started doing this, an earlier blog was a real ghost town (to pinch Adrienne’s phrase) – to the extent that I shut it down.

    Then I “got the hang of” commenting – and particularly making reciprocal comments, and as well as being much more rewarding, it makes my blog a more interesting place (well, I think so).

    The other benefit is that I have learned an enormous amount from other people’s blogs (and the comments people have left for them) AND from the comments people have left for me. It’s a huge knowledge expanding exercise.

    The only time I’m more guarded about commenters (and I’m getting braver on this now) is when people just come to my blog and say “Great post about xxx” and I feel that all I can say is “I’m glad you enjoyed reading about xxx”. That’s all so pointless.

    I will pop over to their site to see if it’s the sort of blog / site I want to be associated with, and if it’s not, that’s that, I don’t make a comment. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way – I’m looking it at like I imagine Google would look at it. Also, sometimes there are sites where I haven’t a clue what I could say – I mean what do I say when someone is blogging about selling exam paper answers online? Well – I know what I might like to say, but it wouldn’t be welcome.

    Sorry – I’m digressing πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the mention – and. yes, reciprocal commenting has been really beneficial to me too. I recommend it to everyone!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hey Joy,
      You see I wasn’t wrong to have mentioned you as someone people should learn from when it comes to reciprocal blog commenting.

      Not only are you giving back to your commentators, you add reasonable content. That comes through reading and understanding the topic treated.

      There is a lot to be said on blog commenting and I didn’t want to dwell on it here. I wanted to highlight the importance of reciprocity in this industry.

      But like you said (and I also pointed out in the post), there are factors that will affect readers’ decision to comment or not. First, I think the niche is important. Then the quality of content and the blog itself. So there is no arrogance in what you said above πŸ˜‰

      Let me end here as I wish you a wonderful weekend πŸ˜‰

  37. Hey Enstine,

    Good work publishing about this. In my own opinion this has even more to do with the Pareto 80/20 principle which says that only 20% of the efforts we use in helping others account for the 80% we get in return.

    And I think it also boils down to relationship building. Since you know these guys then you might as well fire on with them.

    I see a lot of sense in all you’ve said… Good article.

    Thanks for sharing.

  38. Enstine, my friend,

    Thank you so much for the mention in your blog post. I have to admit I was confused for a minute until I read the post. I’m thinking to myself, “What do I do that very few bloggers do? Of course, it’s reciprocity.”

    I do this as second nature, so it didn’t seem like anything extraordinary to me. You are absolutely right if you don’t reciprocate with a comment on their blogs, they why would they do that for you?

    Even with my home situation as it is and my limited time online these days, I’ve made it a priority that if I do nothing else, I will comment on blogs and answer every comment made on my blog.

    There is so very much that we can learn from each other, if we make contact and ask questions and read. If you like something on the blog, make a special mention as a quote or compliment the look of the blog.

    Don’t feel like your comment or opinion doesn’t matter. It does if you are sincere and not just slinging words around.

    Thank you, Enstine for another valuable post.

    • Hi Monna,
      Knowing your home situation because you have been kind and friendly enough to share with me on private chat, I want to highly appreciate you making up time to come and comment on this post.

      You are such a wonderful community member and special friend. The days are ahead are beautiful. Let’s keep giving my dear friend.


  39. Hi Enstine,
    You really have come up with an amazing post. and the bloggers you have mentioned are almost known to me or you can say are, friends. Peter, Philip ariel and joy healy. They always return the favor by commenting back and I am sure that this is the one of the best reason for their success.
    And at the end, i would say keep the god work by sharing this kind of posts.

    • Wow! Thanks for showing up Robin and good to know you connect with these awesome bloggers.

      The weekend is been good. I’m ready for better days ahead so let’s keep giving bro

  40. I have been seeing many of your post on my email anc have been ignoring it, but the little time I spend in reading your article have been informative, educative…and your post have been an outstanding one.

    I promise to try not to miss any of your post.

    • Hey Peter,
      That’s so exciting to hear bro. I’ll make sure I double my thinking capacity so as to be able to come up with more content to match the value in your time.

      Hope to see you again here bro

  41. Hey Enstine,

    I agree with the point that reciprocity is something two people share their thoughts together and connect with each other.

    People should try to understand the meaning and effectiveness of this act along with the blogging. There is no doubt that blog commenting is the powerful activity to engage with more and more people.

    But you can’t get comments on your blog if you don’t reciprocate.
    You always bring something remarkable.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hey Ravi,
      Good to see you here this weekend and thanks for adding to this conversation.
      I hope this helps readers understand the topic and how it can help them achieve more success in blogging.

      Do have a wonderful weekend bro

  42. Thanks for sharing this topic here. Helping each other is the only way to make sure that you are working in a positive direction. As a beginner, it is always difficult to get noticed and I think this way one can easily let people know the arrival of the newbie.

  43. Thanks Enstine Muki, Francis Quarshie story was equally my experience too. I disabled comment on my blog for fear of spammers but with your recommendation I’ve re-enabled it. I will start implementing much of that in the next few days . Your information has always been splendid.

    • So good to hear bro.
      I hope that helps to get more engagements on your blog. If you are on WordPress, be sure to get the free plugin he mentions. That should even help with more πŸ˜‰

  44. Hey, enstine
    I loved this technique and I started to do valuable comment on other blogs and It gives me positive results as of now.

    BTW, great & worth reading article at end of the week

    Aakash Patel

  45. Hello from Thailand Enstine,

    Reciprocity is the name of the game but it’s also such an easy and truloy meaningful strategy to adopt with blogging.

    Building our blogging community and our very future as a blogger, depends so much on the quality of the relationships we are creating.

    It’s so much easier to be a giver and share all the wonderful experiences, ideas and tips you uncover as you wander aound your blogging niche.

    I’m constantly amazed at the generosity and spirit of help I encouter every single day as a blogger. And you Enstine are amongst the most generous of all!

    By simply sharing and helping others in a genuine way you will trigger that “law of reciprocity” and not only grow your blogging business but enjoy yourself in the process.

    Just as a side note I really enjoy creating quick thank you videos for my first time blog visitors who made a real contribution to my poosts with their comments.

    Thanks as always for sharing your expertise and experience Enstine and thanks also for the heads up – you just made my day mate!

    Best wishes from the emote Thai village blogger


    • Hey Peter,
      I’m glad you are here to spice up this discussion with such a wonderful addition. Yes I remember that video and still have plans to use it. It’s a wonderful recognition of its kind. Never seen such before πŸ˜‰

      We have a helping spirit as bloggers and as the days ahead are beautiful, let’s keep in touch.

      Hope you are good this weekend. My regards to everyone around you

  46. Hi Enstine,

    I disabled the comments on all of my blogs back in 2012 and since then never opened them again. I do believe that comments make a difference but according to me it also depends on which niche you’re into and if you’ve time to reply to all of the comments.

    I was doing a full-time job when I disabled the comments on my blog because I was not having much time. Now I am a full-time blogger and will consider your advice for one of my blog soon. Will share the results with you.

    • Hi Tauseef,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      I think tech blogs often don’t have a lot of comments. But if you are in a niche where people comment, it’s good to have it on so you can benefit for its power.

      Thanks for the comment. Do have a wonderful weekend

  47. Hey Enstine,

    This post touched me deeply, why? There are some bloggers like you who always welcome their visitors without thinking about any other thing and then there are some bloggers who even remove the URL while moderating the comment from the URL field :-/ Seriously? If you don’t want to give other people even a nofollow comment backlink then why the hell are you using the URL field in comment form, am I right nor not? ( as long as the commnetor is not spamming)

    Some are like arrogant, Oh my god I made a few affiliate sales, I am a big brand now, how can I reply them so politely as a friend, these are some thoughts which I think may be revolving in their minds, I wish I could throw them up on your website’s discussion section to see what it means to have a good relationship, even Neil Patel and Brian Dean replies to everyone and we all know how any comments does they have on each post.

    “If you are on that blog for your first time, make it clear to the owner you are a new addition to his community”, I do it always, as far as I remember I did it on your website also, it was the post about gaining dofollow backlinks ( I still remember πŸ˜‰ )

    I hope those bloggers will learn something from here and drop their arrogance and selfishness, together we could succeed more.


    • So Karan,
      Thanks for being so sincere in this comment and everything you said here is correct.
      Some bloggers moderate and completely take off links from comments. Others take off links they think are a spam.

      However, most of my commentators don’t drop spammy links and I have never even thought of taking down links from comment. Well, probably because you all are awesome!

      Yes I remember and I personally get so excited to any new comer. It gives me an opportunity to connect to someone new so thanks for being real and reasonable.

      Neil and Brian are great examples of bloggers who take care of their audience even though they are supper big. Some who make drops of income or have managed to have a few readers think they have arrived.

      We still have a lot ahead and keeping your community active is key.
      Thanks for being part of the party bro. Do have a wonderful weekend

    • Hey karan,

      I just had to tell you how much I appreciated this comment of yours.

      Making folks FEEL welcome when thy visit our place online is truly a major focus all of us bloggers should be implementintg every single day.

      Well said mate

      Cheers and best wishes from the reote Thai village guy


  48. Hi Enstine,

    What a pleasant surprise!

    Yes, I fully agree with you, reciprocity is the key word here, I do practice this from the beginning of my blogging journey, thanks for your kind mention.
    Yes, before I give a reply to a comment author on my page the first thing I do is to visit his or her page and will drop a comment often by expressing my thanks for the visit on my page. As Enstine said, this is no doubt a wonderful method to get into the area of many of our fellow blogger’s page, this includes even influencers! in the initial stage they may not respond or reciprocate, but don’t give up do your job, the result will come soon!!! I am experienced by doing this!
    Yes, Enstine is 100% right in this, and the other names mentioned too are in regular friend list and they too follow this strategy. Yes, newbies can try this out, but make sure that your comments should be to the point and it should be solid and relevant to the subject. Generic or one-line comments are a mere waste of time or yours as well as to the receiving end! It will not fetch any result, please don’t try that, even the blog author sometimes do not approve such comments.
    Yes, reciprocate! As early as possible! Yes, Reciprocity is the KEY WORD here. Practice it, as the blog author said, try it out first with the names mentioned in this post!!! LOL πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Enstine once again for bringing out this serious and timely thought or strategy!

    Happy Reading!

    Happy Commenting!

    Happy Weekend to the blog owner here as well as the readers and my other fellow bloggers mentioned in this post!!

    ~ Phil

    • Hey Phil,
      I was right to have mentioned you as a reciprocity champion. You do it well and the results are obvious.

      Thanks for further endorsement and thanks for the error you helped me correct through pm on facebook.

      So exciting to h ave people like you around bro.
      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend

      • Hi Enstine,
        Thank you so much for the quick response, that itself is the best example of reciprocity!! πŸ™‚ Hey, Enstine, It is my pleasure, and indeed a joy to have people like you too!
        Hey, but am sad to note that I am still longing for the CommentLuv Juice, i am still out! how come this happen!!! While I type the comment the url is very clearly showing with the post title but when the comment appear the post url is not showing, what is the problem Enstine, anyways the twitter handle and the name link is intact!! LOL
        This is just for your information, to check and if possible fix it,
        Have great day

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