VERY FEW bloggers are doing this one thing and succeeding remarkably!

It’s amazing how few bloggers around do this one thing. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that have produced growth for some of us today.

I have a lot of blogging friends and some of them are doing this same thing and seeing a lot of success in it. Peter Beckenham, the  remote Thai village blogger does it and has even written and mentioned it on his blog. Joy Healey from UK, the blogger after dark, perfectly knows about this one thing.

Donna Merrill knows and has experienced the power of this powerful growth method. Ask Kim Willis and he will tell you it works. Still need more people to find out if this trick I’m about to share with you works? Ask Monna EllithorpePhilip Verghese Ariel, etc.

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It’s not blog commenting

Maybe you were thinking I’m going to be talking about blog commenting. Well, I won’t focus on it though the magic starts with it.

Blog commenting is a powerful growth hack. If you are just starting blogging today and want to see some quick growth, blog commenting is the way forward.

Here is some proof:

blog commenting

Francis Quarshie of disabled comments on his blog and being one of my active community members, I thought it was an error. He wanted his blog to grow so I encouraged him to enable comments. Shortly after doing that, commenting is adding life to his blog.

But that’s just the start. Francis has to do more and that’s the magic I want to talk about now.


“A behaviour in which two people or groups of people give each other help and advantages”

This is something that works in blogging and if you want to see your community growth explode beyond normal, you’ll have to practice reciprocity.

How to grow your community through reciprocity

Like I mentioned above, it starts with blog commenting. If someone drops a comment on your blog and you’d like to connect with that person, step over to his own blog and drop a comment as well.

If you are on that blog for your first time, make it clear to the owner you are a new addition to his community.

Reciprocity works…

Start with commenting and take it to the next level

Don’t be a selfish blogger

Bloggers need contextual links to boost their rankings. If you want a stronger relationship with other bloggers, link out to their content, feature them on your blog and then tell them about what you’ve done for them.

Make it even more exciting.

The best way to link out to a fellow blogger and make it more exciting is to:

  • Mention his name
  • Say a bit about him
  • Then link to his content

That shows you know him better and goes a long way to reinforce your relationship.

Yes it works!

What if no blogger comes to comment on your blog?

If no one is coming to comment on your blog, step out and comment on theirs. Start with the bloggers I mentioned above. They know the power of reciprocity. That means there are chances to get them on your blog as well.

Note however that they make the final decision to come interact with you based on such factors like the quality of your content, your blog niche, etc.

Make sure you have a good commenting system that attracts comments. Don’t make it difficult for readers. Avoid complicated captchas and make it open for everyone to comment.

CommentLuv is an excellent commenting system that attracts comment. You may want to give it a try.

Over to you…

What do you think about reciprocity? Do you practice it?

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