Learn to use Twitter like a Pro REVIEW

Twitter is the second most popular Social Media site after Facebook with a huge capacity to drive traffic and profit. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misused and most spammed social media tool today. However, like the big guys, you can get through the noise and draw huge targeted traffic to your websites and blogs.

To be able to use Twitter like a pro, you need to go through a learning curve. The veritable problem is most of us think we know Twitter yet we are unable to get the benefits of using it. Stop wasting time and learn how it works from the experts… Learn to use Twitter like a pro

What is ‘Learn to use Twitter like a Pro’ course?

It’s an in-depth step by step video course (28 videos, 4 resources collections, 2hrs of content) by the social media pro, blogger and web developer Ashley Faulkes.

Ashley is a fulltime blogger, web developer and social media professional who owns and runs Mad Lemmings. He has been working with various multi-national companies developing web solutions for nearly 15 years. Let’s watch Ashley in this video:

In this actionable and power packed course, Ashley will take you to the next level on Twitter by showing you, step by step, how to use Twitter like a Pro.

You’ll get to know how to:

  • Improve your Twitter Profile to make sure you get noticed
  • Improve your tweets to get more clicks and interactions
  • Use some of the advanced features of Twitter effectively
  • Use simple tools to make your Twitter life easier and more effective
  • Find targeted followers in your niche, and increase your following with ease
  • Etc

NB: The author of this course, Ashley shows us all the techniques he uses to make Twitter his number 1 source of social media traffic. That’s quite impressive and you won’t afford to jump over this.

Why am I recommending this course?

Most of you reading my blog know I don’t recommend thrash. I recommend what I have used and know can yield required results. I have full access to this course and I know what’s inside.

What I found quite interesting is that Ashley has thrown in quite impressive walk-through on some free tools I never knew before. I have been working on Twitter for years. I have even created some widely used Twitter tools but there was still something in this course for me. If you want to build a serious Twitter account (or accounts) able to drive traffic and generate sales for your business, take this course.

The special deal

I have been working with Ashley to seal a special deal for you. He went beyond my expectations and cut off up to 50% just for you. So order this course here and up to $25 will automatically be taken off your order. Your order page should look something like this:

use twitter like a pro

Throwing in some bonuses

Now, I want this to make more sense to you. While this course alone is a huge pack of gold for just $24, I’m going to push more into the package.

After grabbing this course through my link, just contact me with some details of your purchase. I’ll get for you free copies of ViralBird and CashDonator.

While CashDonator will help you monetize your blog in an optimal way, Viralbird will spice your Twitter traffic activities.

Steps to follow

  1. Clear your browser cache first. This will make sure I get the credits after your order
  2. Follow this like to the product page and grab your copy
  3. Contact me to claim your bonuses.

Now time to take action. Go check out the product page and be sure to jump on board.

->> Learn to use Twitter like a Pro


25 thoughts on “Learn to use Twitter like a Pro REVIEW”

  1. Enstine:

    A friend once advised me that there is big difference between simply being active at something and being productive!

    One makes money and the other cost you money! That about explains my major accomplishments with twitter to this point.LOL!

    Having read and studied several of Ashley’s posts and realizing you would never knowingly jeopardize your own well earned reputation!

    This gives me all the confidence needed, that his course is most certainly a bargain, but especially at this insanely low price! Thanks for sharing this extremely valuable resource!

  2. I started using Twitter in earnest in January 2012. Since that time, I’ve learned a few tips that I have found very helpful. There is nothing more flattering than someone re-tweeting what you’ve tweeted. It fact, the more re-tweets you receive for a particular tweet, the better you feel.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    It’s like you are reading my mind these days. Here I am looking for something and boom, I see your post on the same issues.

    How do you do that!? Thanks for the bargain offer 🙂

    ~ Chitra

  4. Hi Enstine,

    I respect your views and opinions on anything relating to blogging tips and making money. Ashley is a respected authority on how to get the best out of Pinterest and twitter, will definitely give it a try, moreso as you are recommending the product.

    Thanks for sharing this product from

    NB: mentioned you in my latest post on website security.

    • Hey man thanks for the comment
      Yes I have seen that post the very first day it went live. I’ll be around to appreciate and thanks for the shout out 😉

      Hope all is well with ya

  5. Great review of Ashley’s new course Enstine. I also read a little bit about this on his blog a while back and it looked very interesting. Ashley really is a pro when it comes to Twitter and blogging, and so I’m sure everything inside is great!

      • That’s a private forum, I’m working on my spare time on it.
        I have big plans for this forum! Keep an eye on it 😀 Kind regards!

  6. I am very bad at Twitter. I don’t get even 1% traffic from Twitter. I am really looking to increase my knowledge on this but not able to focus because of time constraint. I hope, this course will help people like me.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Seems promising course, Twitter is the fastest platform to share updates and information. I know when I first start using twitter, I get frustrated as I couldn’t understand what’s going on. But later on it all looks so easy and that’s what makes twitter unique from other social platforms.

  8. Looks like a great course Enstine. Twitter is certainly the best social media site at the moment and it you’re not using it effectively then you are missing out on a great potential. Thanks for the bargain offer.

  9. Hello Enstine,

    Getting to use Twitter like a Pro is surely what every blogger out there has to master. This is because unlike FB, Twitter is a little complex and sees more users who wind up being thoroughly confused than those who benefit from the social network and the immense power it holds.

    I’m pretty sure this course will be a nice – and great investment!


    • Hey Terungwa,
      I’m currently going through this course myself and can guarantee there is something inside for everyone. Ashley has thrown in a lot of knowledge needed for growth on Twitter.

      BTW, your blog was down yesterday. Couldn’t access it.

      • Enstine,

        While I would love to invest in this course, I cannot at the moment because I have already invested in something else. When I am ready however, I’ll remember to use your link.



        The blog’s okay now and you can enjoy the awesome content I’ve got there for today!


  10. ha ha, Enstine sir, I accepted you , social media now very powerful platform to become popular, at the same time Twitter worked in some countries like Saudi Arabian countries, in India twitter is not worked, here internet access people % very low, in the same Face book is powerful,

    • Hey Mvenkat,
      That’s right! Internet usage is very low in some areas. However, in my case, I use Twitter for my Internet business – not for local access only, and it works. Check out the course by the way

  11. Enstine,

    Being active in to Twitter = to build active community to earn $$$. So this course will help newbies and experts to learn the secrets. Thanks dude.

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