Bitcoin Prediction: 1 BTC will hit $1 Million Soon, Says Paypal Director!

Looks like it’s becoming very easy to become a USD millionaire with Cryptocurrency.  Some Financial experts are already jumping on the time machine and seeing Bitcoin riding a million Dollar Horse in the next 5 to 10 years. Crazy Bitcoin prediction right?

If Wences Casares (CEO of bitcoin wallet Xapo and member of PayPal’s board of directors) got it right, you should be burning your fingers or selling off your car to raise $2700 to secure just 1 btc. Or go ahead right now and buy bitcoin with your credit.


According to Casares’ enthrallingpredictions, speaking at the Consensus 2017 conference in New York, the digital currency giant would hit $1 million in the next 5 – 10 years.


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Bitcoin Prediction: Are you Crazy or Lazy ?

The Bitcoin evolution has a lot to teach us. If we can’t learn from the past to take the right decision for the financially buoyant tomorrow, then we are just dumb:

Bitcoin has created millionaires. But this is just the beginning. You still have the chances to be added on the list.

Wences Casares may be wrong in his bitcoin prediction. But the growth of the coin is far from being stopped. Investing in BTC now is surely near a super profitable risk to take. You may be a wise person if you “put 1% of your net worth in Bitcoin and forget about it for 10 years.”

And other cryptocurrencis?

Coinmarketcap data, Bitcoin is dominating the digital currency industry covering over 48% of the $76b Market Capitalization. This leaves the rest with 52% to share, Isn’t that huge?

Ethereum and Ripple are battling for the second position. SwissCoin promises to bear them down to the third and fourth positions.

My take is you invest in as many currencies as you can. Spread your chances to make more money in cryptoccurency.

What’s your Bitcoin prediction?

You may not be a financial pundit but I still will be excited to know about your bitcoin forecast. Drop a comment and let’s know according to you the future of Bitcoin and cryptoccurency.

22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Prediction: 1 BTC will hit $1 Million Soon, Says Paypal Director!”

  1. Wow, that is an incredible prediction! I would be very curious as to who is going to buy all of those Bitcoins. I understand it is quite rare, but could it get even rarer with all the forks?

  2. I agree with the other users, $1 million seems like a bit of a stretch. But the prediction got us talking! I can definitely see the price hitting tens of thousands, but even that is just personal speculation. 🙂

  3. I remember beginnings of bitcoins, when it was worth only few $. When we look at today’s exchange rate I think in few years it will be around $30-50k or more. But $1 Million is rather impossible ?

  4. Hi Enstine,

    It’s actually true that Bitcoin has gained a lot of field and value over the last few years, like someone already mentioned in previous comments, the value of the cryptocurrency was just around $600 or $700 a few years ago.

    If we look at the trend from a few years back up until the present time, Bitcoin actually needed about 2 years or 1 year and a half in order to triple its value.

    That being said, I think it’s time to do some math and answer these two questions:

    How much of percentage does Bitcoin need to grow in order to reach 1 Million?
    How much time would be needed in order to reach that limit?

    My personal opinion is that it’s mathematically possible, although it requires a lot of time.


  5. bitcoin was just at $600 to $700 less than a year age, today it is woth over $2000 . Man, that is wild growth in money spinning technique.

  6. Wow am very much happy about this good news and I know with your efforts and mine, swisscoins will continue to go up towards the sky.thanks

  7. Wow, im looking forward to see Swisscoin taking the second position to Bitcoin, it will be so promising.

  8. Money has always been evolving if you have read Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich – The 8 New Rules of Money

    Apart from swiss coin, my eye is on Ripple.

    Thanks Enstine Muki for sharing this information.

  9. I have been hearing this from long time that Bitcoin will go sky high, although it has gone up, but $1 Million is very big, I don’t think it will go that big, but I can expect it to be around $15-20k. May be I don’t Know.

    • Hi Jeannette,
      Many users think the $1m mark is unattainable too. However, factors including anonymity and scarcity are in favor of the coin. Let’s wait and see how it goes.

      Happy weekend

  10. cryptoccurency is the future of money and gradually putting everybody to understand the power of trend in stock market. In my own country Nigeria The Billion Coin(TBC) is the statement and very body is going gaga without thinking of it is not in market yet.

    The sign means that cryptoccurency will go far in this digital era of cashless will are moving onto. It’s right time for me to store of my BTC and other coin..

  11. Crypto currency is no doubt the future of payment. With Japan making bitcoin legal, the price of bitcoin will always appreciate.

    I have invested in both bitcoin, ripple and Swisscoin. I will be buying some ethereum coins in no distant time.

    Whoever fails to invest in crytocurrency this time will definitely be queried by his/her children in years to come 🙂

    • Hahaha you better not give your kids room to quarrel with you over something you can handle right now. Governments are approving btc so we should join the moving train.

      Thanks for the feedback bro

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