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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, The Huffington Post and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. He can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

How to Make Money Blogging with Integrity


You want to know something weird?

Most people believe it’s more difficult to make money through blogging if you tell the truth.

The opposite is true.

It is actually easier to make money blogging short term and long term if you tell the truth.


Trust is the prime currency in the money making equation.

If people trust you, they will buy from you and hire you.


4 Tips for Growing Your Blog through Twitter

A high volume of bloggers do not get Twitter.

I understand.

I was once in the same boat.

I would tweet my latest post. Sit back. Wait for all of those Retweets to skyrocket. Waiting…..waiting…..waiting.

After a few weeks I noted only a few Retweets and even more scant blog traffic flowing through Twitter.

For good reason; I had no clue what in the Hades I was doing on the network.


4 Tips to Avoid Having the Pricing Posture of a Jellyfish

I just received payment from one of my blog consulting clients.

These days I receive $200 an hour for my services.

It wasn’t always this way though.

A while back I had the posture of a jellyfish.

I foolishly accepted $25 an hour for my coaching services.

I commanded a similar skill set to my current day skill set.

Not much was different.

Except back then I had like zero posture concerning my:

  • blog coaching services
  • blogging courses
  • freelance writing services
  • eBook prices

I ran into some serious financial struggles and worked like an animal just to make end’s meet because I allowed my fears around money, my lack of confidence and other folk’s fears around money to infect my mind, like a mental virus.


4 Lessons from Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers leave you a proven blueprint to follow.

Study the pros to cut your learning curve by years.

It is that simple but your blogging journey becomes uncomfortable at times. Obstacles pop up. Traffic or profit droughts may dampen your spirit.

In moments like these you need to double down on modeling successful bloggers to resist the temptation to engage in failing blogging strategies.


5 Tips to Cure Online Business Burnout

Online business burnout cripples even the most determined entrepreneur.

If you become exhausted, or sick, you can’t be at your business best.

Follow these tips to address and dissolve burnout so you can dive back into your venture feeling energized, refreshed and raring to go.


5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic by Helping Other Bloggers


The 2 letter blogging curse word.

If you think only of yourself, you are doomed in the blogging world.

The most successful bloggers on earth generously give of their time and talents.

Bloggers like Zac Johnson regularly feature other successful bloggers via their blogs, through guest posts and on social media.

This big dawg blogging crowd knows one blog traffic secret: help other bloggers out and you will see a steady flow of traffic to your blog.