1 Secret of Highly Connected Bloggers

Highly connected bloggers have a little secret.

This secret is powerful.

Non-connected bloggers have no idea about this secret.

My email inbox confirms this.

Every day I get a steady flow of emails from strangers asking me to do stuff for them. Publish their guest post. Feature them. Place a sponsored post on Blogging From Paradise but forget about my set price; work according to their cheap budget. $25 for a sponsored post? Delusion.

All of these bloggers haven’t uncovered the secret of highly connected bloggers:

Being highly connected happens when you promote other bloggers all day long.

My Story

These days I’m a connected blogger.

But back in the day I blogged in a cyber cave.

I was a nobody from nowhere because I promoted myself all day long.

Not a good look.

Nobody likes someone who talks about themselves all day long. How can they listen to you and your problems if they focus only on their agenda?

I eventually learned; 1,000 is better than 1. If I just promoted myself, I’d rely on 1 person to succeed and spread my word. But if I made 1,000 blogging friends by promoting rocking bloggers without asking for anything in return, friendships would flourish and I’d become connected to a loyal tribe.

1,000 is better than 1.

Or, 5 is better than 1. In the beginning you will make 5 blogging buddies by promoting other bloggers on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Your blog

5 becomes 10. 10 becomes 50. 50 becomes 100 and you slowly but surely become connected.

Becoming Connected Takes Generous Plus Time

What do you most want for your blog?

Help other bloggers achieve that same goal.

Don’t ask for a darn thing in return either; detachment is highly prospering and quite an attractive trait in a friend.

Spend days, weeks, months, then years helping folks without asking anything of them. Be interested in the person and how you serve them; focus not on what they can do for you.

These are the dues every super connected blogger pays to become connected, successful and influential.

If becoming connected was a quick process, every blogger would be a millionaire. But becoming genuinely connected takes months to years so most bloggers fail horribly when they quit on networking and focus instead on only taking care of themselves.

Be generous.

Have fun helping people.

This is how to make friends with top bloggers.

This is also how to influence these top bloggers without trying to influence them.

Why Is it a Secret?

Most bloggers blog from an energy of fear, focusing only on themselves and how they can serve themselves.

They want to network only to help themselves, having little interest in helping others.

This is why few bloggers succeed. How can you become a connected blogger if you focus only on yourself?


But the idea of promoting others seems secretive because most bloggers are ignorant of this concept.

Write some posts. Promote posts on social media. Watch the traffic and money flow in, they say.

No way.

You become a successful blogger by becoming a connected blogger.

You become a connected blogger by serving folks without looking for anything in return.

You serve folks without looking for anything in return by generously promoting bloggers for weeks and months.

Get connected.

Pay your blogging tuition.

Pay your dues.

Put in the time all connected people put into growing large, loyal tribes, one genuine, heartfelt connection at a time.

1,000 is better than 1.

A Few Friends to Connect with

Get to know a few of my buddies.

Read their blogs. Promote them. Help them out.

Build your friend network.

Networking eBook

If you want to become a connected blogger buy my eBook:

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