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Ashley Faulkes  is a friend and pro blogger who helps small and medium sized business get customers online by driving traffic to their website from all over the web. Having started from scratch himself, he knows how hard it is to get anywhere online, and loves helping people do the same.

He never imagined he would end up running his own online marketing business, or that he would be living in Switzerland. Why? Because started out studying Mechanical Engineering in his home town of Melbourne, Australia. But after graduating, he was not sure what to do with himself, so he became a ski bum in Canada.

After doing various jobs, including customers service for GM, Ashley continued his nomadic life, traveling the world and eventually ended up getting a job as a Web Developer in Switzerland. That was in 2001.

This was an amazing turn of events, because he loved the web and mountains. So this combination turned out really well, until he shattered his leg skiing on Valentine’s day in 2013. While recovering at home, trying to finish an online software product he had been developing, he realised that it was going nowhere without serious marketing!

So in the process of learning to market his own product, he uncovered all he could about online marketing (blogging, social media, lead generation and so on). And soon enough the marketing became far more fun, and far more important than the product itself.

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Mad Lemmings was Born

Mad Lemmings was born as a blog meant to teach Ashley all about online marketing. It has since become so much more. It is now the place where Ashley offers his services and advice on everything he has learnt about marketing things online and creating WordPress websites. His focus was originally only Web Design, because that was his strength after 12 years in the field, but his services have since expanded to include online marketing.

One of the first areas Ashley focused on learning was Social Media using platforms like Twitter. And towards the end of 2013 he used this focus on this topic to create a detailed online course for businesses looking to learn and use Twitter for marketing. The advanced course is Twitter for Small Business, which takes things to the next level – showing you how to do everything from optimize your profile and tweets, find great content to share, increase your following and much more. At only $47 this course is definitely worth it’s weight in gold.

He has since added a FREE Twitter for Beginners course, which helps people understand the way Twitter works, including all the strange terms we know, but outsiders get confused about (RT, Tweet, Mention, DM etc). There are now over 4000 people taking this course, with 50 reviews (mostly 5 stars).

Over time Ashley continued learning everything he could about online marketing and expanded his service offering to help bloggers and small businesses succeed online. He now offers the following services:

  • Web Design and Optimisation (WordPress)
  • SEO services (keyword research, link building, content creation)
  • Lead Generation services (email list creation, landing pages)
  • Blogging Advice and Coaching
  • Social Media Advice and Coaching

Some of the Top Blog Posts on include:

Entice Online Marketing

Ashley has recently also co-founded a focused marketing business called Entice Online Marketing with a good friend of his – Brandon Schaefer.

Entice Online Marketing business marketing services as well, with Brandon and Ashley covering the globe with an almost 24/7 marketing services offering.

They focus specifically on:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Lead Generation

all of the things everyone needs online to simply get more customers and be successful with their online efforts.

So if you are looking to grow your business online with an improved website, increase traffic or lead generation, Ashley can certainly provide you with expert advice.

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Ashley can help grow your online business. Get in touch with him through his blog.

Leave him a comment here and he’ll be around to interact.

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