Please DON’T CLICK! I don’t want you to know this TRAFFIC secret!

Everyone online wants traffic. Targeted traffic.

The simple reason is that targeted traffic is the lifeline to your online success.  There is this traffic secret I have discovered but it’s mine and mine alone.

Do not Click to continue.

OMG! What did you just do? I asked you not to click but you did!  Are you just being stubborn or curious?

Now let’s get a few things straight…

   Number 1: You are not stubborn
   Number 2: You are just being human

Ok so why did I create this kind of post?

I created this short post just to know why you are going to click. I knew you will not resist the temptation of knowing what’s inside. You want to know the secret right?

Ok here is the point…

-> Curiosity!

People are curious. You too are. That’s why you clicked

So here is the secret. Are you ready for it?


If you want to drastically increase your CTR & TRAFFIC, create curiosity in your post titles.  The more you make the readers curious, the more you get their attention. (But don’t mislead readers)

Human beings have a deeply curious nature.  As a matter of fact,  curiosity is an important trait of a genius. Can you help me name an intellectual giant who is not curios?

Now you know it!

People want to know new things. They want to discover things. They want to know the whys and the hows. Help them discover and they will be your loyal readers.

Let me know what you think in the comment box

Good luck!

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