Please DON’T CLICK! I don’t want you to know this TRAFFIC secret!

Everyone online wants traffic. Targeted traffic.

The simple reason is that targeted traffic is the lifeline to your online success.  There is this traffic secret I have discovered but it’s mine and mine alone.

Do not Click to continue.

OMG! What did you just do? I asked you not to click but you did!  Are you just being stubborn or curious?

Now let’s get a few things straight…

   Number 1: You are not stubborn
   Number 2: You are just being human

Ok so why did I create this kind of post?

I created this short post just to know why you are going to click. I knew you will not resist the temptation of knowing what’s inside. You want to know the secret right?

Ok here is the point…

-> Curiosity!

People are curious. You too are. That’s why you clicked

So here is the secret. Are you ready for it?


If you want to drastically increase your CTR & TRAFFIC, create curiosity in your post titles.  The more you make the readers curious, the more you get their attention. (But don’t mislead readers)

Human beings have a deeply curious nature.  As a matter of fact,  curiosity is an important trait of a genius. Can you help me name an intellectual giant who is not curios?

Now you know it!

People want to know new things. They want to discover things. They want to know the whys and the hows. Help them discover and they will be your loyal readers.

Let me know what you think in the comment box

Good luck!

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Adesanya Sunday Abiodun

When I saw this post in my mail, I thought that should not click on this post…but it was from you Enstine Sir so I came here…And more over I know there is no secrete to grow a blog instantly. We all have our secretes with which are are improving our blog day by day. Of course it is true that we need to follow some rules but we all know these rules of SEO ?

Thank you for the great article

Brian Meehan

Good article. It does create curiosity. Have to think more about my post titles and be more creative in future.

Thanks for sharing this information with us.


Philip Verghese Ariel

Hi Enstine,
I am back again after seeing the Fb note to check in for some more secrets!!!
Hey hey, that is really wonderful!
You revealed it LOL
I just re-shared in my linkdin, fb, twitter pages!

May you have a great and Blessed New Year 2015
~ Phil

Mazid Irshad Umar

Hi Enstine Muki,

You are absolutely right, people are curious to learn and always eager to know the secrete. And it is human nature , they always do that work, when they get ordered not to do.

I am also going to use this trick to increase my blog traffic.


Once again you make us to understand what power of curiosity means for any success online..

Nikhil Ganotra

Great trick indeed! LOL!

Hahahaah… Really, I must say you are truly awesome in explaining the blogging tricks that works. I am a reader your blog since a long time and I am attracted to your blogs mainly because of your catchy headlines. LOL.

Yes, curiosity is a reason. Truly agreed!

Thanks for sharing this ultimate trick. 🙂


Wow amazing article and the title is too tempting and I can’t resist my self clicking it. After reading it I came to a conclusion that I too can drive traffic by using the tricks in the article.

Sumit Thakur

When I saw this post in my mail, I thought that should not click on this post…but it was from you Enstine Sir so I came here…And more over I know there is no secrete to grow a blog instantly. We all have our secretes with which are are improving our blog day by day. Of course it is true that we need to follow some rules but we all know these rules of SEO 😛


Morning Enstine,
Sorry you told not to but i have to 😉 , curiosity in blog titles attract curious mind, yes ! am also a curious mind, thats human being for you, Putting curiosity in tittles have always been working and will always in as much as human being exist.

Ngwu Chinedu Joseph

Hello Sir Enstine,

That was a nice one, I couldn’t resist clicking when I came across this catchy title. I actually wanted to learn this traffic secret.

You are right, human are very curious which is why we all clicked on this particular post to learn more about generating traffic.

Thanks for revealing this wonderful tip. Indeed you practise what you preach. You really know how to create curiosity in your post.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Enstine Muki

    Human beings want to do just the opposite 😉
    It was boldly written DON’T CLICK but you couldn’t resist clicking 😉 how about that? Being so curious right?

Yvonne I. Wilson

Hi Enstine

I was curious so I clicked and hurried here to find out what it was. Back here in the Caribbean we use terms for people who are curious like this by saying “that’s being nosy.” But I am glad I was, it’s a powerful lesson indeed. Will work on developing my skills.

Thanks for sharing.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Oh No! He said don’t click and here we are, more than 25 people are leaving comments on the post.

Maybe we didn’t read the headline? No,…..Arouse Curiosity and be specific – the power of a great headline.

Keep up the good job, Enstine.

Funmy Kemmy

You really got me there. Curiosity is the secret to customers retention and loyalty. Very awesome and informative post. Thanks for sharing.

Jackson Nwachukwu

Lols… you really cracked the code bro 🙂

Blogging is indeed getting more interesting and funnier. Posts like this really bring people together and make them laugh. A moment of laughter is really something that we bloggers need most times.

Enstine, I knew this post was going to be one of those that get people curious to find out what’s on the inside. You really got us to click 🙂

Have an awesome day!

~ Jackson


Hello Enstine!
really awesome i liked it very much really sounds good keep going on

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the feedback Kiran

Chery Schmidt

Hello Enstine! Yeppers you got me my friend! Great message creating curiosity is a good thing HUH? Thanks & Enjoy the rest of your week. Chery :))

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Chery,
    Good to see you around and thanks for the comment.
    Get readers curious and they will keep clicking 😉

    Do have a wonderful week friend

Monna Ellithorpe

Hi Enstine,

I tried to pass it up and not click, I really did but I had to come back and see what it was about. Great lesson in human nature.

    Enstine Muki

    Dear friend,
    That’s what happens when you wrap up curiosity in titles. People find it had to resist. You end up having traffic and business.

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment 😉

Victor Ome Umukoro

Hi Sir,

You Said Don’t CLICK, and CLICKED, and The Money Start Popping LOL 🙂

Nice Strategic Post Sir

    Enstine Muki

    Please send me part of it. You have my bank details

Sylviane Nuccio

Hi Enstine,

Anyone who knows you long enough, knows that you’re the master of this type of headlines.

Indeed, it’s great to create curiosity, because just right behind cats, we are the most curious beings 🙂 but as you said, it’s also very important not to mislead the readers, and if we are going to create a smart headline that will make people curious we have to follow through with the content as well.

Genius ides, indeed 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Sylviane,
    So good to see you here and thanks for the sweet comment. It’s making me excited and my daughter is asking me questions “Daddy what is it?” She’s too young to read but I’ll explain to her 😉

    Have a wonderful rest of the week dear friend


Hi Enistine,
You hid the comment box? Way up at the top?

I found it, but decided to leave the rest of my comment on my featured post.

Sure love that Harleena! What a worker…don’t know how she does so much every
day.. Now if you could solve productivity for me!

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha! good you found it and dropped a comment 😉

Donna Merrill


Knowing you I clicked and came right over. I admire how cleaver you are and just knew there was a great message that you would give us.

Indeed, people are curious by nature and you just proved this because here we are. And we all came at once lol.

What a great lesson you have taught us today!


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Donna,
    Thanks for coming over and sharing this post on social media.
    I see some item of trust and that’s what makes me so excited. When people trust you, they open your links knowing something is inside

    Thanks for being an awesome and loyal reader

Rahul Patel

Hey Enstine,
Thanks for sharing this awesome strategy. I will definitely try this in my next post.

    Enstine Muki

    This will surely work too for you bro. Just give it a try


Hello Enstine Muki
Thanks for your new ideas to promote site and increase CTR.


    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the feedback bro 😉

Himanshu Dixit

Worth Accidentally Clicking On The Link. Thanks for reminding us that we can use CURIOSITY factor to drive traffic to our blog.

    Enstine Muki

    lol so you did by accident?
    Wasn’t it by curiosity?

Oloyede Jamiu

Hey Enstine and Everyone,

Why did you all click on this LINK when he said you should not?

I can’t imagine that the article is not up to 24 hours and it has gathered all these comments.

    Enstine Muki

    So you too did click? Why did you do it? 😉


Enstine! What did you just do? Lol!

Thanks for the tips bro….. You’re awesome! BTW! Do you know why My URL has been appearing like below on commentLuv enabled blogs???

    Enstine Muki

    What’s the issue with the url bro?

Philip Verghese Ariel

Hi Enstine,
You Did It Again!
Wonderful Man!
Curiosity is diluted in our blood! 🙂
Catch the attention of your readers by that!
You revealed or emphasized that here!
Great Idea My Dear Friend!
Keep Going.
Keep us curious again!!! 🙂
Have a great day. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    What a lovely moment to have you again Philip
    Thanks for the engagement here and on social media


Harleena Singh

Hi Enstine,

Lol…you really DO know how to make us click such links…don’t you? 🙂

And you knew ALL of us would head right over! Yes, curiosity gets the better of us, though we shouldn’t mislead people with a title that does not contain what it says. Yet, title is what makes us visit your blogs instantly, so it better be a catchy one…just like yours.

Thanks for this jump-right-here post title 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Harleena,
    I think the hard part of it is to create a hot title and not mislead readers. If you succeed in this, then you crack the code 😉
    Thanks for stopping by today dear friend 😉


hahaahahahaha….. Curious, When I saw the post on Facebook I was like ‘what’s he up to ‘ you really grab my attention. thanks for the short inspiring post.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for clicking through from Facebook bro 😉
    Really appreciate

Ammar Zeb

Wonderful and yes I agree one should have curiosity in his/her posts to increase their CTR and I liked this point very much. Gotta give attention to curiosity now 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    I’m watching your blog for the next post title with curiosity in it bro 😉


Yeah you made your point Enstine,

I guess I read somewhere about creating curiosity in the post so that readers will be more excite to read and made some action.


    Enstine Muki

    That’s correct! The more curious, the more the temptation to click 😉


Mr. Enstine, when will the blogger widget for broaded be available??

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Edith,
    I’ve got a series of failures with blogger developers. Do you have anyone to recommend?



You are really the master of the game
You always knew how to turn a little tips and strategies into an awesome and glorious result
I love reading your stuff and you are such a wonderful fellow to be very close to when it comes to Blogging Tips because you have it all tucked inside your gut
Nice work brother…..

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the compliment bro and for the encouraging words. Thanks once more for being a loyal reader.
    Truth is, there are better days ahead


enstinemuki That is a fun post But a fact too LOL

    Enstine Muki

    So you clicked? I told you not to 😉


Hey Enstine
You made me click sir. you caught a very important point of human life. yes they are curious about to learn and discover new things. so if you create attracted title post or trick. Thanks for sharing this curiosity with us. i learned it too much from this little point.


    Enstine Muki

    Why did you click when you were told not told? 😉
    Curiosity right?


You are right Enstine. People can never resist the urge to click it.

    Enstine Muki

    You were unable to resist too 😉

Nathaniel Kidd


You make a great point. As humans we are all curious by nature. As bloggers we can capitalize on that and use our platform to teach people something new, interesting, and useful. By doing so I agree you will attain loyal readers. The key is to not rehash what is already out there but instead add even more value, and that can be done by peaking the interest of others and then over-deliver once that interest is peaked. Thanks for sharing my friend.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for jumping on this post so early Natt. Were you curious or stubborn?
    I definitely know you were just being human – curious 😉

    Thanks for the feedback and interaction brother and happy Veterans day once more

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