Get it for $0.00 – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers Ebook!

affiliate marketing for bloggers free

My ebook Affiliate Marketing for bloggers can now be gotten for free and this is for a limited period of time.


Well, yes! You are going to have 100% discount on it today. You normally would spend $27 to get it but I’m completely neutralizing that amount.

I’m not being ugly towards those of you who’ve bought copies. The thing is someone bought copies in huge quantities for the rest of us. But we have to do him a little thing.

Is it even worth it? What’s there in the ebook?

affiliate marketing for bloggers freeIf you ever wanted to make money as a blogger, you need a copy of my book. It’s full of meat and contains actionable steps you need to take to generate over $1000 a month from your blog with Affiliate Marketing.

Don’t be fooled!

Affiliate Marketing works and many of us bloggers are making real money doing it.

What I discuss in this book are my proven steps. I show you blog posts on this blog that generate income. I also step out of this blog and show you things that happen on some well known blogs and how they make they money.

You may want to check out details on the sales page here

So how do I get my free copy?

You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go check out this WordPress Theme
  2. Join its affiliate program here
  3. Grab a banner from your affiliate account and publish on your blog.
  4. Drop a comment on this post what you think about the ebook and Solopreneur Theme
  5. Once you have it on your blog, contact me here with your blog url
  6. I will manually send your free copy of my ebook

affilliate marketing free ebook

This is to help you make money

Now, we are all about affiliate marketing here. You will be promoting a Premium WordPress plugin as an affiliate and you still get your commissions on sales.

At the same time, the ebook will show you how to do the promotion. Every bit of thing you need to succeed is inside.

It’s costing you nothing. On the other hand, you are going to make money with this.

Here again are the instructions.

  1. Signup to FancyThemes Affiliate program here
  2. Copy any banner html code from your account
  3. Drop a comment on this post what you think about the ebook and Solopreneur Theme
  4. Paste on your blog and then contact me for your free copy

Over to you!

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur


Hi Enstine,

It is a great offer for the bloggers who wanna make income through Affiliate marketing.

Do you remember, I have already enquired about your ebook but didn’t get it due to my low earnings these days.

Soloprenaur theme is awesome and just now joined in its Affiliate program. I have already reviewed about this attractive WordPress theme on my blog MyMagicFundas as Devesh is my friend.

Please send me your ebook for free, it would be a great help.

    Ravijit Chavda

    Yes, Soloprenaur is awesome theme. i really like it. 🙂 MyMagicFundas blog also uses this theme. Looks very premium. i am going to signup for it’s affiliate. and Thanks enstine for giving this ebook for free to readers.

    Enstine Muki

    Why not also place a banner as he requires by the rules of this giveaway?

    Great review you’ve done there by the way 😉

Manidipa Bhaumik

Hey Enstine,

Solopreneur Theme is new to me – I would like to check out about their affiliate structure. And this is surely a great way to grab your valuable ebook. Thank you for sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    That’s right
    If you like it, place the banner on your blog and get to me for the book


Chinedu Ngwu

Hi Enstine,

This is a wonderful opportunity for bloggers who are new to affiliate marketing. Thanks for such good gesture.

Solopreneur theme looks great to me. I just joined their affiliate program hoping to make the best out of it. Thanks for sharing

    Enstine Muki

    You got it. Good luck to your Chinedu 😉

Francis Quarshie

Hello Enstine,

I like this theme and would use it any moment from now.

I could not proceed promoting it because there is no PayPal in Ghana.

I only use PayPal to make payments for now. And receives money with other alternatives like Skrill…

It’s a good theme.

As for the book Bro. I’m yet to write a powerful review on it. It has helped me.

The book is a gift even if you sell it for $100.

Thanks for pouring everything out for us to learn.


Tauseef Alam

Hi Enstine,

I heard about Solopreneur the first time from you. Afer looking at it, I find the theme really good.

I haven’t joined their affiliate program yet but If I join, I’ll let you know.


Solopreneur theme is nice and awesome, this theme is good for internet marketers.

This is the first time am hearing about this Solopreneur theme. I will sign up for their affiliate program.

Thanks for sharing about it.

Joseph Chikeleze

Hi Enstine,
Ever since I applied for their affiliate program, its still pending approval. What’s the problem with my application. Is this the way they returns to new affiliate marketers?

Am pissed off with their program. All the same, I will chat with you via email. Have a nice day!

Jay Shah

Hello Enstine,
Such a great awesome eBooks for affiliate bloggers and beginner of affiliate marketer. Indeed awesome articles. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Keep it up.


affiliate marketing is one thing which i always want to try but still i am feared that no one will buy from me i.e when i do affiliate marketing but still i want to try affiliate marketing one day.

Nelson Maimu

Hello Enstine,
Solopreneur Theme is one of the great theme out there since you can easily capture leads and promote any kind of product and if you get an affiliate marketing ebook is easily for you to expand more and learn more on how you can monitize you site.



Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to rake in thousands of dollars on a daily/monthly basis. The only problem I’m having is traffic.

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